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We Are Here With Peaceful Purposes

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2019/08/01/we-are-here-peaceful-purposes

Once McConnell’s minions settle into their new court jobs, this is what our city streets will look like, too. We really need our President to go to bat for global civil rights, here and in Russia. :place_of_worship:

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Dear Olga:
I totally believe in what you are doing and why you are doing it. Reading laws aloud serves to remind those who have forgotten—what needs to be remembered. I am sad and sorry that you were beaten. It happens here in America too. I remember watching a video of women in NYC at a protest who were suddenly surrounded even though they were non violent---- they were still kettled together----and a NYC policeman maced them all.
Sometimes Russia and America are very much alike. Although, we have a woman in charge of our torture program—her name is Gina----that just doesn’t sound like a torturing person’s name , does it? Oh well, you did the right thing by speaking up to remind people that if they don’t use their freedoms, they forget they have them----and unused freedoms are no freedoms at all. : (


Will look like? Weren’t you at any of the Occupy protests when Obama’s thugs beat peaceful protesters all over the country in a coordinated effort to crush the movement? The Obama administration heavily armed police forces all over the country with military grade weapons and body armor.


you mean our next President right?

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THe US-centrism of the comments here are amazing. Just so you know, things are much worse in Russia…

                                      Too Bad

Too bad the mainstream media in America is not reporting this.
Too bad the American people cannot see the pictures.
Too bad, they cannot see people standing up for their democracy.
Too bad the American people do not pay attention.
Too bad, they think this cannot happen here.
Too bad, they are fooled so easily.
Too bad, they do not study history.
Too bad, they expect a good world handed to them without sacrifice.
Too bad no one in America stands up for what is right.
Too bad America will be lost because we are cowards.


But he is batting down civil rights here and abroad!

We are seeing brutal militarized power against protesters all over the world. The worst being in israel against Palestinians. It appears that all nationalistic dictators are now adopting this method to attain total control over their citizens, journalist, and the news outlets all in the name of “national security” and Amerika is no different.


Cops gonna cop. Doesn’t matter where they are or what they claim to believe.

Как вы это знаете? Вы там был?

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The cops were so cowardly they had to wait till she was alone and defenseless to arrest her. #copsarecowards