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We Are Human Just Like You


We Are Human Just Like You

The plight of a record 60 million refugees, with up to a million this year alone seeking safety in often inhospitable countries, has sparked both vile fear-mongering and many righteous acts of generosity - people honoring their shared humanity by offering to walk for, house, feed, transport while singing and donate their wedding expenses to those in desperate need. This Giving Tuesday offers a chance to do more, "because all there is to catch us is each other."


Well of course your are.

Just as human as the Africans you ignored, just as human as the Pacific Islanders you ignored, just as human as the Burmese Muslims you ignored.

Your failure to address ideas that today destroy your country gives you no right to come to my country.

If you think you have some special reason that you should be granted favor for immigration, please convince all those Indonesians, Filipinos, Chads, Nigerians, Mexicans... of that before you suggest it to us.