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'We Are in a Climate Emergency' Warn Experts and AOC as Greenland Ice Sheet Faces Possible Record-Breaking Melting

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/30/we-are-climate-emergency-warn-experts-and-aoc-greenland-ice-sheet-faces-possible

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Not inches, FEET! Surf’s up in Orlando! Kowabunga!


Not if. When?

And at this point, when is pretty much now.

Climate chaos, baby, coming to a formerly nice planet near you, half a millimeter at a time, then a foot, then a meter, then, fuck it, shit’s off the rails.


Johnny Cash lived it. Twenty years later he wrote a song about it.
“Five feet high and Rising.”

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The concluding factoid about Greenland’s entire ice sheet amounting to 24 feet (7.2 m) of sea-level rise might cast more shadow than light in this context. That’s a long-term threat, which pales in significance compared to what’s more immediately in store for us (including sea-level rise, only some of it from Greenland).

The greatest threat to the stability of Earth’s climate in 2019 is the meteoric instability of the Arctic icecap. For the first time ever, the whole icecap broke off above Greenland and the Canadian Arctic. Earth’s icecap is now an ice-island! Greenland meltwater mainly flows off its north coast. There’s vast open water there now (absorbing sunlight still), where we expected the thickest, oldest Arctic ice to hold out longest.

Another redoubt of very old, thick ice is Greenland’s NE coast, which looks likes it’s exploding today in Worldview. (That’s the Fram Strait, melting as quickly as it fills, to the right.) Opening up all this dark water, all over the Arctic, is turning up the heat very quickly right now. Maybe from now on. That’s the concern.


Arctic-News Blogspot has some interesting video and a gif of what is happening…Climate reanalyzer has interesting grahics…look up Paul Beckwith concerning the coming Blue Ocean Event coming to you in real time…I have reluctantly posted some to my front page as well…the take-away is your world is on fire and there is no fire department…if they don’t talk about our planet being on fire tonight then you know what the hoax is…the main thing is Do Not Panic, there are plenty of others that will do that for you…remember…only love remains.


For the (45 rpm) record: today’s rate of SLR is officially 3.1 +/- 0.4 mm/yr. So you can start higher. From there, physicists speak of the doubling rate you reference.

We are now all of us Emperor Nero.


I have been following ice melt in Greenland and the Arctic via cci-reanalyzer during this current melt season. The melt in Greenland has been consistent for the last several weeks, especially on the East Coast. Arctic sea ice, as most of you know, is well below record year 2012 levels. If we don’t have a Blue Ocean Event (BOE) this September, at the very minimum we are on track for a new record for minimum sea ice extent. Roll the dice! Any way you look at the situation, it’s very serious and the ensuing consequences spell a dire future for life on this planet.


Roast Greenland on the menu today, from ClimateReanalyzer.

The temperature anomalies going on there currently are horrific! I can only imagine the metric tonnage of water that is entering the North Atlantic from this current melt.

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MAybe too little too late but worth trying

Ellen Brown, The Web of Debt Blog

There is now a cheaper, faster and more efficient alternative to complete reforestation to mitigate climate change: the widespread cultivation of industrial hemp. This non-intoxicating form of cannabis grown for fiber, cloth, oil, food and other purposes grows to 13 feet in 100 days, making it one of the fastest CO2-to-biomass conversion tools available.


If you go to my site there is a gif covering the last 30 daze…you’ll get idea from watching the gauge drop…the color of the ice indicates it’s age as well…there most likely be a BOE by mid-sept…

Thank you for the link. I found it very informative and will check it out further when I get home later this evening. Thank you!

I like the animation of the icecap to greet you on the site you link.

With fair warning (many links to large assets, so it might take awhile to fully load) the ultimate collection of Arctic sea ice graphics is Neven’s.

Whether the BOE comes this year or not, it’s coming quite soon. That’s what the ice is telling me.

Thanks, it’s my site…be sure and read all 7+ climate emergency pages for the full picture.

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You are most welcome…as noted below it is my site and please read all of the climate emergency pages for the full view.

That arguably makes this situation even more concerning. Ultimately the best climate scientists can do is ballpark when all these things will unravel. We are dealing with planetary systems far more complex than we can imagine. I believe I read something that the Navy predicted a BOE would occur in 2016. The arctic news blog predicts we will become extinct by 2026, and maybe as early as next year. And then you have the more official sources saying we have 12 years to get off of fossil fuels and we won’t see human extinction till mid century. Whoever is right, what is obvious is that stuff will hit the fan sooner or later and even if it is ultimately pointless we should try to spend the time we have left battling our coming extinction. And of course, we should love and care for one another.

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This article explains what I’ve been seeing on the Environment Canada jet stream map these last two days (now three, Jy 28,29,30…) The link below is constantly updating, bear that in mind, but on the three days mentioned, by eye over half the Greenland Icesheet was color coded at or above zero.

It now feels like it is getting away from us.

Glad to see this comment by Alexandria Ocasio Cortez in this article - the first time in my recollection a politician has recommended drawdown of CO2:

"Setting climate goals for 2030 isn’t due to some arbitrary political rationale—it’s there due to scientific consensus," said Ocasio-Cortez. "Simply put, we must draw down carbon by 2030 to stave off climate disaster on levels yet unseen."

Just to be clear, Jim Hansen and his paper “Target Atmospheric CO2 - Where Should Humanity Aim?” was the one where 350 dot org got its name. It was a query from Bill McKibben to Jim Hansen which apparently caused Jim to author the paper.

There are natural ways of drawing down CO2, tree planting for example, but it is my feeling, and more importantly it was the late Wallace Broecker’s feeling, that Direct Air Capture by machines, millions of them, would eventually be required.

I am thinking that time is already here, or just around the corner.

The ironic thing is that she says criticizes though who say her plan is “too much, too soon”. Though if you go by the predictions of those such on the Arctic News Blog even this “too much, too soon” plan is way “too little, too late”. If the Arctic News Blog is correct we won’t even live past the mid 2020s.