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'We Are in a Constitutional Crisis': Groups Deliver 10 Million Petitions to Congress Demanding Trump Impeachment

'We Are in a Constitutional Crisis': Groups Deliver 10 Million Petitions to Congress Demanding Trump Impeachment

Jake Johnson, staff writer

A coalition of grassroots progressive advocacy groups on Thursday delivered 10 million petitions to Congress demanding that House Democrats uphold their "constitutional obligation" by immediately launching impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump.

Why is it only u.s. and u.s. territories able to sign this petition? I, as a citizen of the planet want to see an end to this aberration.


Pelosi is about as useless as a white crayon. It really is a constitutional crisis when she does nothing.


Most members of Congress listen to their corporate funders, not us. We must vote out the Corporate Tools.


Steaming Shit !!! get this done !!!
“This adm” the creme de creme of constitutional crisis initiated many decades ago


That’s BS

Trump is a rogue courtesy of repubs

It’s mcconnell that runs cover
Republicans constantly cover

And Dems ran a lousy candidate

But to say Rep=Dem is a myth

Get them both in a room together and you will see that


wingsofadove, your request as a ‘citizen of the world’ seems entirely reasonable since you, your children, and grand children (if you’re my age) could very likely be adversely affected or killed by the insane actions of faux-Emperor Trumpius — who fully believes, and is working toward being, the sole Emperor Of the World.

Trump really wants MEGA (Make Empire Great Again) not MAGA.

As my only demonstration, march, and protest sign simply say on one side:


and on the other side, more importantly, and under the image of ‘our’ American flag:

“We can’t be an EMPIRE”

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I feel really bad for Pelosi.
Think how much work it will be for her to shred all 10,000,000 petitions.
She will be up half the night!


What would impress me, and probably Trump and his cronies too, is a petition calling for the US to leave Iran, Venezuela and Cuba alone. The constitutional crisis has arisen because neither the opposition party nor the Congress has ever had the guts to lift a finger against executive over reach when it was directed at foreigners or the poor.
A petition against the American Gulag, millions in prison living as slaves, many of them innocent, might mean something too.


Pelosi’s tougher than you think…she doesn’t shred them, she uses them for toilet paper.


I have little doubt that there are reasonable grounds for impeachment of Trump. It’s always been fairly reasonable to conclude that he’s been in violation of the emoluments clause, for example. But that’s not what much of this is about. Instead, as the Wash Post article cited

, arguments for impeachment are still misdirected . For example, Paul Waldman opines in the cited op-ed,
Vladimir Putin very much wanted Trump to become president of the United States, and undertook a comprehensive campaign to make sure it happened . And he says that is “fact”; when of course it is only an assertion…one by the very same spy agencies that have a history of disinformation campaigns - including Mueller’s lies about Iraqi WMD.

So while bringing Trump down would indeed be great catharsis … it would provide only temporary relief. And that would be more than countered by the fact that it was purely a machination by a pro-imperialist / corporatist establishment embarrased by Trump; and abetted by shallow partisans who really believe that Democrats actually believe in democracy - even as most of those D’s applaud our abetting of right wingers in Venezuela, in Ukraine , in Saudi Arabia, Israel and elsewhere, and look the other way when constitutional rights of free speech (and protest) are trampled on by fossil fuel companies or by police officers who willingly violate civil rights at the behest of the powerful.


I kept hoping that the countless more civilized societies on the planet would collectively do something about the growing fascist Threat - like globe wide economic sanctions, or trade embargoes, but they don’t. Its not going to come from any of the lily-livered sniveling cowards on this side of the pond, I can assure you of that


Quite so
See Ray McGovern’s post on this: https://www.facebook.com/ray.mcgovern.90/posts/2166730170089829 . While lots of liberals liken Trump to a fascist, it is interesting to read the parallels between the rise of Nazism and today’s situation, where liberals do very little to stand up to the real wrongs. And McGovern’s piece doesn’t even begin to address the degree to which government is captured by corporate interests and cash.


We are not in a Constitutional Crisis.


Yes, of course, they are both bastions of the capitalist system.

But the Republicans do more damage to working people than the Democrats.

Better to take whatever small steps are possible to save the planet rather than sit around waiting for the revolution.


No, I vehemently disagree! That is not the remedy or the solution to the constitutional crisis because from my perspective, impeaching Trump gives us Pence! Who is just as corrupt, but a lot smarter. In my estimation, AND NOTHING WILL CHANGE. what is needed it seems to me, is for the 10 million people that signed the petition is to do what Trump is doing at the Venezuela, Embassy…SHUT THE WHOLE CESSPOOL IN WASHINGTON DECEIT …DOWN!

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thanks for the advice. I read McGovern’s fine statement at CN another indispensable website


I hope Bernie is wrong on impeachment or there goes Medicare for All media attention.

I agree. But many countries are afraid of the big bully on the block. Maybe general strikes against the corporate interests would be effective. But I am not sure workers are desperate enough at this time. Maybe a recession will spur the masses out of their apathy and slumber. Too many people are pointing their anger wrongly, against immigrants, foreigners, people on state aid, ‘socialists’ and so forth. Great propaganda job by corporate controlled MSM. When will the message get through about the real villains?

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Yes, this is the issue for many, isn’t it- and an age-old quandary - whether to try to make some improvements in the short term and just pray that maybe it’ll get better in the long term that way, or to work/fight for the systemic changes now.

I can only say that after more than 4 decades of voting (I couldn’t vote 'til 21), most of it holding my nose, and despite decades of personal direct activism (including in electoral politics), I looked around and saw that all my nose-holding had actually accomplished was to enable the D’s to become more like the R’s of my younger years; a state of perpetual war and draining of much human capital towards it, and the collapse of both democracy and much of the biosphere.

So while I have some sympathy with concerns about immediate harms to the working / poor, immigrants, etc… I also observe that soon enough none of that will have mattered. It certainly won’t matter to our fellow creatures, and in the end, not really to humanity itself.