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'We Are In a State of Insurrection': Deep Inequality and Macron's Dedication to Elites Fuel Yellow Vest Uprising in France


Worth an additional remark that France has the highest tax burden in the OECD, at 46.2%, beating out Denmark the past few years, but without the level or quality of government services that the Danes get. :slight_smile:

And there is documentation that each year there are several, up to a few thousand, people in France who have been assessed taxes effectively at a rate > 100% of their income. (Their stupidity, in not arranging their affairs to avoid liability for such taxes.)

For amusement as we near the end of the tax year, Astrid Lindgren, 102% taxation
What follows is a free translation of the famous publication, which was published
pomperipossa in the Swedish evening tabloid Expressen on March 3, 1976.


Just curious: In the US, we have simplified the “inequality” discussion by simply excluding the very poor from the discussion. Is it the same in France?


Those we call “progressives” in the US have been unaware of our poor since at least the 1990s. My impression is that they think the worst-off any American can be is a temporarily homeless (but not on the streets) worker.


How about if you engage in a debate rather than in ad hominem attacks?


Slavery has been a part of practically every economic system that there ever was. So don’t hang that on capitalism.


The system that has impoverished, disenfranchised and killed more people than any other, by far, has been communism. And everybody knows it.


What? What does that have to do with sleepy people?


Yes! Those in the ivory tower. Finally someone else gets it. Hate when pols ( federal state and local talk about the middle class.


Including those in suburban and rural areas just like the trolleys of yore.


The specific forms of enslavement that developed in the 16th and 17th centuries, that included the enslavement that was integral to the founding of the USA, were also integral to the founding and development of capitalism. The same forces that fought for their “rights” to develop these forms of enslavement, and the slave trade, were among the people who fought for “free trade” in general, for trade liberalization, for political liberalism, and for the repubilcanism (small “r”) that led to 1776.

The development of the slavery of those times, is intimately entwined with the development of capitalism, and of the republican form of government that provided the base for capitalism to develop. And very importantly, the slave trade, enslavement, and the merchant shipping and international trade that they promoted, provided much of the funding for the initial “primitive accumulation” that formed the initial capital upon which capitalism was developed.

i very highly recommend “The Apocalypse of Settler Colonialism” by historian Gerald Horne, subtitled “The Roots of Slavery, White Supremacy, and Capitalism in Seventeenth Century North America and the Caribbean.” Cuts through the denial about both slavery and capitalism embedded in your comment and your ideology.


Laughable ideological twaddle. You are blinded by your ideology.


Too much apathy in the USA for that. Also with over 3000000 guns here trust me you wouldn’t want a revolution.


In the logical construction of the above sentences, you can see the ideological necessity of white supremacism, to enable and maintain this confluence of historical forces – liberalism, republicanism, enslavement, free trade, capitalism.