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We Are In Battle, Patriots


We Are In Battle, Patriots

Nobody knows what prompted a Kuwait-born gunman to kill five in Chattanooga, but a Florida gun shop owner has the perfect, zealous response in a florid video: Declare his store a “Muslim-free zone” because "I will not arm (those) who wish to do harm to my fellow patriots,” and never mind the sick white guys 5,000 times more likely to shoot his fellow-patriots. Other gun-toting patriots have taken, unasked, to patrolling recruiting centers, 'cause U.S.A!


Total victims of never ceasing, flag waving, Bible thumping blindly patriotic red, white and blue propaganda that we are perpetually inundated in by all forms of media, in News Papers, Television, Radio etc. The 200 Billion dollar+ brain washing machine has been well oiled and operates 24/7/265- They don’t even need the “subliminal cut” any more…
People are taught and influenced to hate the Muslims, Hate the Blacks, Hate the Mexicans-Hate any one and any culture or religion that is different to ours- These fools don’t even know who the real enemy behind the curtain is- They eagerly buy into the shallow explanation that the George Bush Administration offered up for 9-11, carried on by Obama-
Ask any one of them to explain the hole in the Pentagon, the hole in the ground, the Building collapses and the lunacy of explaining building 7 and you would get A one thousand yard stare and A “gee, I’m not sure, but it has all been “investigated” by our Govmint”-
They don’t have the brains to realize that the true enemy is the MIC/Wall Street captured Government that is stealing 53 cents out of every dollar to “protect” us- What A bunch of total fools I see in the pictures above- This is exactly how things went down in Nazi Germany when the Jews were used as the scape goats for all of societies manufactured ills…
Always question authority, think critically and use constant vigilance in thought and speech- Own your own consciousness, always!


This idiots stand exposes what is at the core of the second amendment.

It is not about “The right to bear arms” as its defenders so loudly proclaim.
It is about the “right of while males to bear arms so as to keep the coloreds in their place”

The first Militias were in fact armed and trained to kill the first nations peoples and to keep the slaves from revolting on plantations. This just more of the same. THAT is the heritage these goons defend.


I believe what you say, but I’ll hang on to my guns just the same-
The article is more about racism than guns to me-


I have no problems with you hanging on to your guns.

But it these same yahoos who claim they have to hang on to their guns to help defend against an oppressive Government and then in the next breath rush to defend that Oppressive Government from “muslims” that THIS guy up here represents.

What would these guys do as they stood guard at a recruiting station if an American citizen came walking up to it armed in the same manner as they were but said Citizen was Black or “looked Like a Muslim”?

They would most likely act on their belief the second amendment applies to white males only and open fire.


Nobody that I know or have known openly (although I’m sure they are out there) believes that the 2nd Amendment only applies to whites- I have known idiots that believe Muslims are the bad guys though, and that is truly sad… But I still believe that this article is about Racism and fools that have bought into Government propaganda- This State where these people live also allows guns in Bars, which I believe to be flat out insane…

[quote=“SuspiraDeProfundis, post:6, topic:11031”]
What would these guys do as they stood guard at a recruiting station if an American citizen came walking up to it armed in the same manner as they were but said Citizen was Black or “looked Like a Muslim”?
[/quote]There is no telling what these clowns would do, but they also don’t represent anywhere near the majority of Americans…


which Is why I refer specifically to these yahoos “standing guard outside recruiting centers”.

Both in the USA and In Canada there was not a heck of a lot of objection from the Public when the Japanese Canadian and Americans were all rounded up, stripped of their property and sent to internment camps, This does not mean that They were all at heart racists. It shows the power of the Government and the media to villify a group of people.

Its the Guys at the top , most of them white guys that are the worst of the lot.


Well, if this boneheaded fool wants his compatriots to call it like they see it and not worry about being politically correct, then…hey, you’re an idiot, and your rabid dog-style approach to intercultural relations can only be characterized as evil. It’s plain to see you’ve been spending too much time playing video games, you look act and talk like one of their two-dimensional figures. Jes sayin’…yee haw, y’all.


The United States is far too gun-happy, and far too dependent on the gun for its own good, as a society and a culture. It’s time that stronger, more affective gun laws were passed in order to prevent more shootings like this. This crazy gun store owner sounds like he’s rather unstable, to boot, and has no business running a gun dealer store.


OK- I follow your drift ad would have to be in agreement-
If you read my other post here you will see what I believe the real enemy to be and how people are led to believe this fear mongering bullshit from our Government-


Looking at that photo of Terry Jackson and his gun reminds me of how I used to so enjoy watching the Keystone Cops in their silent movies. The USA produces superb comedy.


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These fools are standing outside the recruiting centers, not to guard them as they fool themselves into believing, but actually because they are too overweight, old or unhealthy to actually be recruited. They got turned down, can’t get a job and refuse to admit to their shame. They need to tuck their tales between their legs and go back home. The Army doesn’t want soldiers who have already lost most of their teeth to gingivitis or have lost a lung to smoking or have pits in their mouths from dipping/chewing tobacco or have lost half their liver to alcohol consumption.


A functioning democracy depends on people being largely self-led. Unfortunately, the majority of people are followers and are easily led for fear of becoming an outsider, discriminated against so on and so forth. They look towards being told what to think, how to act, what values to hold. If they weren’t obviously told such things, they would feel like a child who lost their security blanket.


Stalin spent six months in Munich in the early 1900’s (may have passed Hitler on the street) His impression of Germans at that early date…“sheep looking for a goat.” Sound familiar?


In the South I remember when I was a kid, the Confederate flag was used as a commercial prop. “Rebel” was applied to businesses, in much the same way as “Colonial” was used in New England. There were Rebel theaters,Rebel liquor stores, Rebel car hops, all sporting the Confederate Flag-and my personal favorite “Rebel Motors” in Norfolk Va. It was a big used car lot, with little confederate flags hanging everywhere, and a big one flying over the office. As for Stalin, I didn’t know he had that much humor in him.


Muslims are sneaky. Ataturk was blond and blue-eyed.


“Always question authority, think critically and use constant vigilance
in thought and speech- Own your own consciousness, always!”

Extremely well said Stubones49. I will use this comment in my college classes if I may?


What’s scarier than paranoid redneck xenophobe militants with guns?
Communists with guns…


На здоровье!


Wimmin commies wid gunz! Arghh!