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'We Are Literally Sawing Off the Branch We All Live On': Amazon Deforestation Increasing Under Bolsonaro

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/05/we-are-literally-sawing-branch-we-all-live-amazon-deforestation-increasing-under

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We need to find out more. Do they embark upon re-forestation? Do they leave anti-erosion stands?
Is the Lorax in chains and leg irons?

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It’s as though these creatures (Trump and the republicans included) have no vested interest in the survival of the Human Species. As if they are Aliens from another planet and the destruction of THIS one is irrelevant to THEIR survival.


Humanity will never get together until there is an external reason to do so. By external I mean an outside threat or something positive from the outside. ET’s landing the capitals of all countries would be one unifying moment. Announcement of a Planet ending Asteroid on it’s way. The Second Coming (if you think that’s something other than ET) A global deadly virus maybe. Unless we are FORCED to work together and get our heads out of our asses - We wont.

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Whenever I see logs I think toilet paper. What are these logs going to be, and can we buy elsewhere? Can we name specific rainforest-clearing products? Then can we name the bad actors? Then can we name the grocery chains that buy from these bad actors?

Special place on the throne of climate change: Charmin brand toilet paper.

Paul Hellyer, the former Canadian Defense Minister has testified in public to this premise

Ashamed that Bolsonaro did not become incapacitated when someone stabbed him during the campaign.

Yes phred a global deadly virus. Remember the great plague; flu pandemic. Well not just humans either:

And humans:

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Great analogy!

I’ve always assumed, though, that because Trump, the Koch brothers, oil and gas executives and their biggest shareholders are OLD, they don’t care. Even Diane Feinstein (who’s household networth is the 10s of millions at least) falls into this category.

It’s all about money for people with 5 to 20 years of life left AT MOST.

That’s why Feinstein ranted about its cost.

The Koch bros and Trump are straight up sociopaths or psychpaths and don’t even blink as they throw everyone younger under the bus so they can party with their precious piles of money up until they keel over.

The sociopathy and psychopathy of Trump and his ilk really makes them aliens to everyone else.

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The Amazon deforestation is just part of a global problem, said youth activist Greta Thunberg.

From south america to africa:

I stopped using paper towels. China doesn’t sell them. But I still need my toilet paper. Do you know a green brand? Parts of Asia still doesn’t use toilet paper much. India puts a faucet in the toilet stalls.

This deforestation, so bizarre and extreme, not a species there will survive. I remember the first time I heard of the Monsanto company. They were collecting money in schools to “Save the rainforests”. They weren’t going to prevent them from being cut down. They were just collecting species that they thought might be worth saving, mentioning native medicines. What is worth saving in a forest more than the forest itself, I wondered at that time.

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Republicans still wont respond. The problem is that the republican psyche cannot relate to a problem unless that problem jumps up and bites them in their own personal ass. It has to be personal and direct for them,

“2 million risk starving in Somalia…” ? The republicans I know would say “so what?” My refrigerator is full, besides, theyre black

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I agree. My point is absent something THAT dramatic, few events or problems will unify us. My guess is that, unless there is a ‘intervention’ we wont survive to the point we grow up enough to get our collective heads out of our asses

Ever browsed through the Urantia Book?

Hemp can supply all your paper needs ,no chemicals used.
Hemp takes in 4x the co2 as the same area of trees .Plus it’s oxygen positive.
You cut the old growth trees down, that’s good night to our species.
It takes over 300 years for one off those old growth trees in our Rainforests areas to grow to the same size and strength to produce that amount of oxygen. We can’t replace them in time ,we haven’t got 300 years just a few decades at the most .
No wonder the kids are raising a ruckus ,the sad thing is the kids do not even know what Hemp is ? Education must be based on critical thinking Wisdom and reverence for the Sacred .
The adults have no idea either !!
The boomers had their minds mined by profit at all cost. Now look at what that did.
Its the planet’s number ONE Plant .
It can substitute for so many nonrewneable resources at a tenth of the cost.
Conciousness must rise .
We Are All One including our life givers ,the trees .


The Green movement most unified by Greta is not connected with enough poorer countries and Asia. Although rich and industrialized countries definitely pollute the most, all countries can do more to protect and restore a healthier environment. At this point it sounds like a UN issue. But Greta has already spoken there. The UN is working with nations living in the Dark Ages wrestling with war, hate, and trade dilemmas.
Greta, we appreciate you. Please clone yourself.

Greed pays little attention to neither keeping oil as a reserve, nor managing tree stands for a sustainable future for our forests.
But that’s our trade mark. Level off mountaintops and clear cutting forests.

It’s a reminder that there are many “Trumps” in this world. And Bolsonaro is just one more, doing the demagogue-ish job of taking whatever he can for pure consumption from mother nature. This planet, this living sentient creation, gives us so much, and yet we continue to abuse the hell out of her. Who can blame her for what she’s going to do to stop this madness?

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Not a student per se. I was introduced to it in the 70’s and have had a copy since once in a while I pick it up and read a bit. It’s tough reading for me. It reads like a technical manual for an MRI machine or the Universe something. I just find it interesting. It seems to be written from the perspective of an engineer. Even made a visit to the Foundation HQ in the mid 70’s.

This is a right wing fanatical government who believes in unicorns.