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'We Are Many': Documentary Depicts Legacy of Global Anti-War Movement


'We Are Many': Documentary Depicts Legacy of Global Anti-War Movement

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

The extraordinary February 15, 2003 march against the U.S. invasion of Iraq, which brought an estimated 30 million people to the streets in 800 cities on every continent, is immortalized on screen in Amir Amirani's acclaimed documentary, We Are Many, premiering in the UK this week.


February 15, 2003 - I will never forget that cold day packed among the multitudes in midtown Manhattan.


Which was way under-reported. A very heavy hearted time.


‘we are many’, should be the rallying cry to shame the corporate war mongers and their presstitute lackeys.


I remember young men in a pickup truck throwing soda cans filled with urine at us demonstrators at the University of Florida. Another pointed a shotgun at us from another truck. The incidents were reported to the police and the media, but they never made it to the TV screen or the local newspaper…


Now we need to examine where it all went. All that consensus and energy for the good was swept away like a swarm of gnats by the powers that be. Why? How? And now, twelve years later, there are millions dead and far more displaced. Much of Arabo-Muslim world is being destroyed. We need to know the sequel to those events of 2003 if we are ever to get that energy back.


A cadre of Peace Wagers…Get 'R Done.


An estimated 30 million people in the streets in 800 cities on every continent and still they could not stop the illegally egregious, shocking and awful attack on Iraq for a horrible lie that Saddam had WMD’s which was true, except you were never told the real WMD that made the .01 % paranoid enough to murder thousands: namely, the threat to the petro-dollar.

What more proof does one need! Amerika is a military dictatorship and the UK is its fawning poodle. The military is a hit man employed by the .01% to protect THEIR VESTED INTERESTS! And the biggest lie of all: The average sheeple still think the military exists to protect them! The only branch that really does that is the Coast Guard.


The problem is we need a political revolution to get rid of the military-industrial complex, once and for all and the oligarchical economic system that controls it. And that political revolution takes more than marches and rallies. it takes continual, sustainable, nonviolent direct action campaigns, to disrupt and undermine the government’s actions and the economic system of the military industrial complex to stop war, wealth inequality, environmental destruction, and discrimination on the basis of gender, race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, age, handicap, We have to stop investing in Wall Street, stop buying goods and services from the big box stores, like Wal-Mart, and big name brand products. We have to establish our own worker-owned and managed cooperatives, We have to stop paying taxes to the Federal government. We in short have to set up our own parallel government and economic system, so the other corrupt government and economics system will just collapse. No government or company can exist without the cooperation, obedience and economic support of its citizens, its workers or its customers. Without our consent and support, the old system will collapse. For more ideas on tactics visit The Global Nonviolence Database at http://nvdatabase.swarthmore.edu/ And for strategies for nonviolent direct action campaigns go to:http://www.historyisaweapon.com/defcon1/lakeylivrev.html and to: http://www.historyisaweapon.com/defcon1/moyermap.html One thing is for sure, “the revolution will not be televised,” but it will be videostreamed and Tweeted from our smartphones.


Good post. Thanks for the links. Yes, if the 99% ever coalesce unite and quit being brainwashed, dumbed down and divided into various factions they would have the power… Once the majority of American citizens wake up and realize the truth that they have been lied to time and time again by the Amerikan military dictatorship (we are bringing them freedom and democracy ) which are nothing but lackey’s for the .01% then maybe America can become a true democracy…


Sometimes, more than “non-violence” is needed:

"In their jungle camps, the Sarayaku leaders hatched a plan. The women of the community prepared a strong batch of chicha, the traditional Ecuadorian homebrew made from fermented cassava. One night, a group of them traveled stealthily through the jungle, shadowed by men of the village. The women emerged at the main encampment of the petroleros. They offered their chicha and watched as the oil workers happily partied.

"As their drinking binge ended, the petroleros fell asleep. When they awoke, what they saw sobered them: They were staring into the muzzles of their own automatic weapons. Wielding the guns were the women and men of Sarayaku.

"The Sarayaku residents ordered the petroleros off their ancestral land. The terrified workers called in helicopters and fled, abandoning their weapons. The oil workers never returned."