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We Are Mourning…But We Are Marching And Organizing for Democracy and the Earth


We Are Mourning…But We Are Marching And Organizing for Democracy and the Earth

Bob Fitrakis, Harvey Wasserman

In the midst of a terrible national illness, we organize and march for the known and solid cures.

For democracy and our natural planet.

We have clear direction on both issues.

This weekend's massive, powerful women's and other marches rocking the nation have dwarfed the turnout for Friday's illegitimate inauguration.

With them we must demand—-and WIN—-a voting system that actually reflects the will of the people, and an energy supply that comes in harmony with our Mother Earth.


Bravo, Bravo! - from your pens to the Goddess' ears!

"the real corruption of our elections is right here at home" - "corporate Democrats worked to eliminate the grassroots president Bernie Sanders - and sealed Trump's coup" - we must reverse the disease of Trump's presidency. The infection: imperial, greedy, misogynist, incompetent, uncaring, egomaniacal, sociopathic, a destroyer of Mother Earth."

"For democracy: we must have universal automatic voter registration, transparent voter registration rolls, a four-day national holiday for voting, elimination of all electronic voting machines, universal hand-counted paper ballots, automatic recounts at no charge to the candidates, an end to the Electoral College, a halt to gerrymandering and a ban on corporate money in our political campaigns."

"For our Mother Earth: Energy is the key. Our survival on this planet demands a ban on all fossil and nuclear fuels, and an organic economy based on 100% renewables. The Solartopian transition is well underway in Germany, Denmark, Norway, Switzerland, Costa Rica, Iceland, at least parts of China and elsewhere. Far more Americans now work in green energy production and efficiency than for King CONG—-coal, oil, nukes and gas (www.nukefree.org). We must protect our Mother and Her creatures if we are to survive!

Together we are strong - "we are marching, and we are organizing - We have no choice. See you on the barricades!" Hasta La Victoria Siempre!


First off, I just hate that "... in the arc of history that bends toward justice...", though the writer saves the reference by adding "if we make it so." History does not bend toward justice. Whatever happens at any moment is the result of all the different sources of pressure operating at that moment.

Second, thank goodness for Trump! If Hillary had won, I was afraid that the US Left was going to go into a coma from which it would never awaken, as she would have prepared the way for the "Final Solution" for all the pesky little people once they are no longer necessary with Robotics and Artificial Intelligence doing their work in the economy. She would have been an extremely effective agent of the plutocrats who would have calmed the fears and anxieties of far too many on the Left.

But Trump has awakened the US Left. Good for him! Maybe he has inadvertently given us a chance.


Since the election I have thought much about your contention, that there may be a benefit in the election of Trump if he awakes the sleeping giant of the non-deplorable population. It is obvious from the women's march turn out yesterday that the giant has indeed begun to waken. The question of course is will the giant fully awaken and destroy the call boy or will he be killed in his/her sleep. It all depends on the giant.


There has to be a movement to heal and turn the vast red spaces in the country where people die in boarded-up towns, but are more terrified of having "liberal" thoughts than of death itself. Time to hit the road! Words are being stolen and we have to join hands and look at each other. The "populist" label has been carefully trashed just when a prairie populist movement could be a force again. I am not grateful for Trump's win. @#! - History shows that people will make their own chains and love them if they are kept hungry, scared and confused long enough. Fear of Trump will not work. Lower power bills, lower tuition and childcare costs will. But it has to start locally in the hardest-hit areas, both urban and rural. Liberty. Equality. Fraternity!


I hope we will soon protest more than outright misogeny, racism, and homophobia.

I hope we will soon protest austerity, privatization, WAR, fossil fuels, money in politics, voting machines, and more.

I fear that the ire will be saved for Trump and the Republicans and that the neolibcons will even more easily be elected next time.


Excellent article. Let's not forget that non-stop war is one of the largest contributors to our discontent, even if most people are oblivious to that fact. If we would only 'look to where our money goes' to realize what the corporate elite 'treasure'. Without the need to fill a volunteer military, perhaps TPTB wouldn't be so focused on dumbing down the schools.

Money out of politics - money out of war.


Well said, LadyK. Yours is a needed addendum to an otherwise excellent article.


I know what you mean, but I hope the cure isn't worse than the ill. We've been, understandably, demonizing incrementalism, but pulling this juggernaut back from the brink is going to be no mean trick. Let's consider that a general preference for superficial comforts carried us incrementally to this crossroads. We buy all the products that make corporations wealthy and therefore powerful. It might be good to add to the phrase, "Speak truth to power" that we also need to regularly speak truth to ourselves and to each other about how to live fully and creatively without the "stuff" George Carlin joked about.......To divorce ourselves from the corporate complex may require different mindsets, planning, and, quite likely, a lot of delayed gratification........Add to that constant vigilance, while becoming and staying informed via ethical, reliable journalism. Democracy is for sane, resourceful, responsible grownups (and its wannabees).....No wonder it slips away.