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We Are No Longer Taking It


We Are No Longer Taking It

Escalating protests at the University of Missouri over longstanding racism and systemic apathy to it - including sit-ins, walk-outs and a hunger strike - got an electrifying boost this weekend when African-American football players, swiftly followed by the whole team and staff, declared that "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere” and refused to play. Economics 101: See black labor stop the college football industry in its multi-million-dollar tracks.


Hope their defience spread far and wide. Very glad they called out Thomas Jefferson.


This university was only integrated in 1950? Oh my, HST was a little slow on that one, wasn't he? The city of St. Louis was founded in the mid 1600s and Lewis & Clark were eating salmon from the Columbia River in the first decade of the 1800s. The Show Me State should of been renamed The Slow Me Down State. Hopefully these brave students, faculty and athletes start the many needed changes to help end Misery's issues, bringing it successfully into the 21st Century. Talk about the constant State of Misery, indeed! And, this university is supposed to have one of the best journalism schools in the country? Again, what the heck is that all about and who's been sitting on their hands in Columbia? How could this go on for so long with Sen. Claire McKaskill and her good friends in high places; like Bill & Hillary, Rachel Maddow and Mika Brzezinski being such hard hitting, savvy and stand up media stars. And, MSNBC let this story slide for days after extensively covering Ferguson, Mo. with all the state racism, police and political rot that was uncovered in the St. Louis County Attys. Office and almost everywhere else. Shame on this liberal media outlet :wink: Chasing ratings and covering The Trumpster and Dr. Been Crazy, 24/7.


Note, just the briefest casual mention of the way grad students and women were deprived of their healthcare. Let's make this an inclusive discourse, because there are a lot of people being discriminated against in this country--more than half, in fact, if you consider gender.


Those students do us proud. I wish students at my U would rise up against oppression.
What a valuable example. We so much need examples of victories, against the odds, too.~


Yes, the photo was very male, although if I could photo enlarge it, I am sure there are some women there.


News Flash--The chancellor, R. Bowen Loftin, as well as the president, Timothy M. Wolfe have both resigned their positions.