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We Are Not Alone


We Are Not Alone

Ye who enter here unto the coming Trumpocalypse, take heart: Resistance is everywhere. It's painted on the bodies of women in the photo project SignedByTrump protesting the grotesque things he says about half the human race. It's written on the subway walls - kudos to Simon and Garfunkel - in New York's Union Station, where thousands vent their rage and fear and yes hope in a massive tableau of post-it notes. "Have a voice," they say, and "Your hijab is beautiful," and "Resist Every Day."


That is good. Now it is time to organize an Independent LEFT Party.


signedbytrump is priceless art.


Thought we've had them over the years. Dems are worthless. Let them combine with the rethugs. That's what they really want anyway- to take no responsibility.