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"We Are Not Anyone's Colony": Bolivia's Morales Tells US to Stay Out of Latin America Affairs



U.S. Junior Secretary of War John Kerry is the same utterly demented U.S. Exceptionalist who proclaimed that the Obama-régime-backed military coup d'état that overthrew democratically elected President Morsi of Egypt in a 2013 was "a restoration of democracy".

It is not Venezuela under its democratically elected popular government, but the ever-meddling, aggressive and violent USA that should be summarily thrown out of the Organization of American States (OAS) for its ongoing attacks on democratically elected governments all over Latin Am√©rica. Either that or OAS should simply be closed down in favour of the Comunidad de Estados Latinoamericanos y Caribe√Īos (CELAC), an organization which has wisely excluded the English-speaking Hun of North Am√©rica from membership.

The demented Secretary himself will need to be tried alongside the tyrant Obama and his predecessor HRC and others for his crimes against humanity and extensively re-educated in a labour reform camp before he is fit to release into world society again.


Morales knows full well that after the US successes in Brazil and Venezuela and the Honduras, Bolivia and Ecuador are the hit list for the next NED backed coups.

By the way these destabilization efforts are not targeted against Latin America. Ms Nuland of the Ukraine Coup fame revealed that the USA spent 100 million last year in attempts to destabilize Russia. This the amount she admitted to in testimony to Congress and there likely a lot more.


Fuck off yankee imperialists you have killed enough for oil and power. It¬īs time a great wall was built to keep the assholes out


Here we are again on the side of abusive right wing government because it profits the US/capitalists.
There have been predictions that the CIA would be trying to remove Evo Morales before the end
of the Obama administration. It should be the likes of the CIA and Obama who should be removed
from power -- and the Evo Morales anti-poverty, liberal campaign for his Bolivian nation should go on.

Our State Department has long been involved with mischief and racism all over the world for the
profit of the few -- and that goes back to the days of WWII, at the least.

Sadly, John Kerry has done everything he can to show us who he really is -- certainly not the poet
of Vietnam War horrors testifying to Congress in what now looks like another bit of fakery.


It is already happening in Ecuador where I reside as an expat. The mainstream news coverage of the protests that occurred early in the year didn't even come close to the reality. According to mainstream media, opposition forces were ready to overthrow the country and that opposition protestors were being brutally handled and murdered by government forces. That isn't even close to being the truth. I witnessed several protests. The worse things got was some pushing and shoving between the militarized police force and the protestors and some old tires being set on fire in the middle of the street.

Since President Correa's final term is at hand, the U.S. is doing everything it can, on all fronts [*], to make sure that a candidate from the PAIS Party, a democratic socialist party, does not get back into power for a fourth consecutive term.

[*] Funding opposition political parties and candidates, funding opposing protests and protestors, providing false narrative stories to mainstream media, manipulating global diplomacy in the name of "security" due to Ecuador's protection of Julian Assange and Ecuador's offer to provide asylum to Edward Snowden, applying pressure on the financial markets (bonds, etc.) and the global banking system, and the list could go on and on.

After all of this, the U.S. gets all indignant due to Ecuador's (and much of South America) close financial ties with China and Ecuador's preferential trade status with the E.U. over the U.S.

The U.S. does not get it. Countries, and people within those countries, are not willing participants and subjugates to the neo-liberal, imperialistic tactics and global influence of the U.S. Believe it or not, when people have a choice, they will choose to be treated with dignity and respect rather than with the "stick" of imperialism.

I really don't think that most Americans fully realize (or are willing to admit) just how much of a global bully the U.S. really is and their willingness to utilize any and all underhanded, sleazy, and violent means to get what they want.


duplicate post


The corruption of our government certainly runs through all of its agencies
but the State Department has long been a hotbed of racism, warmongering, inhumane policy.

Just feel it's necessary to remind us all that this is the same John Kerry, ex Vietnam veteran
who made such a splash in allegedly throwing away his war ribbons -- but also in poetic-like
testimony to the Congress about the horrors of the Vietnam War.

We are surrounded by many today who would betray us -- pretenders.

Thank you for this fantastic post -- we need to call out the insanity of our government, MIC,
and elected officials.


Hang in there Evo Morales !

"He is strongest who stands most alone" - This would qualify Evo Morales as a giant amongst men.

Where are the men in the United Staes of America, by the way?

Didn't Donald Trump ban both the Washington Post and the Huffington Post from his campaign?

Coming from a Presidential candidate sworn to uphold the Constitution of the United States - does this not approach treason?

Where are the men in the United Staes of America ?

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The hypocrisy of the U.S. telling any other country how to run its affairs seems staggering, but it's the daily norm.


manysummits --

Was thinking that I did lack in my posts to call for action to try to stop any attack on Evo Morales --

And, same for Bernie Sanders if he decides to push this revolution any further.

Phone messages and text messages to White House probably a first step.


There is only one way we can fix our reputation in the eyes of our friends around the globe, including this disgruntled Canadian, and that is by keeping this revolution on track and expedite the dimantelling of our present power structure.