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'We Are Not Ashamed': How Abortion Providers Are Pushing Back Against Stigma and Intimidation


'We Are Not Ashamed': How Abortion Providers Are Pushing Back Against Stigma and Intimidation

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

Nationwide attacks on reproductive rights are not only targeting Planned Parenthood, but also the numerous independent clinics that together are responsible for the majority of abortion care in the United States.

Now, many of those independent providers, staffers, and community members are taking action—employing creative tactics, united with a common mission of empowerment—to celebrate the social value of abortion care without apology.


Does anyone hate the abortion debate as much as I do? No middle ground, both sides screaming at each other from the sidelines. Both side have their heads up their proverbial asses.

From the Right....Got impregnated from a rape? We will force you to have the baby No abortions are legal, so back to the alley abortions of the 60's.. (my Aunt died from one..1964) Baby cannot survive? Have it anyway!

From the Left... It's just a piece of flesh! It's a woman's body! No reason needed for even a late term abortion! Mom doesn't want a girl...no problem! New boyfriend that is pissed off you are carrying another man's baby...no sweat! Charging fees for fetus parts...It's the American way!

I truly hate this debate.


Other developed countries have much more civilised debates and laws. As in the warmongering and guntoting citizens, abortion-fighters care about certain "persons" but not others, and push their ideas on everyone. "Choice" is for a woman whose body is essential to produce a baby, and the law passed in 1973 in the USA was for protection of a woman's privacy. This is surely not for someone else to invade, especially when we see the poor health, education and employment chances given to so many already-born Americans. No pro-choice group is forcing anyone to have an abortion (just as nobody has to marry someone of the same sex) but women should be able to make real choices about their child-bearing.


Really? I know you mean well and I am not picking on you...but what civilized debate? Ireland or some south american countries where abortion is totally illegal? Or Russia, where abortion is the most popular birth control? Or the U.S. where abortion activists fought aganst having a person kicking an expectant Mother in the stomach charged with murder if the fetus aborted due to the violent attack, because the fetus was not a person? I'm sick of this debate......


By definition "debate" requires discussion, the right wing's anti Roe v. Wade crusade during the past 42 years can therefore not be characterized as "debate".

The right wingers leading the anti-choice crusade don't give a rip about aborted fetuses, they are masters of creating wedge issues, an irrational, illogical emotion-based crusade that targets one issue, sound bite-limited voters who are either incapable of understanding, or in denial of more complex economic and moral issues that will actually affect the their future. Putting the spotlight on abortion takes the spotlight off of the corporate hordes as they rob anti-choice voters and the rest of us blind.

The wealthy have no problem getting all of the abortions they want, anti-choice laws simply create an ever wider wealth gap by taking choice away from working class and poor women.


Oh poor you! Sick of this debate! Hate this debate! Good for you that you or loved ones haven't had personal experiences that have put you in the middle of it, situations that would've irreparably damaged your life and your ability to function as a productive and responsible member of society. But you barely make it thru only because of millions of people who have fought for women's rights to manage their own health. But yeah, you're tired of the debate. That's almost just as bad. smh


Oh yeah, my father's younger sister didnt die. Oh wait! she did! No answers to the questions that I raised...just more of the leftist, heartless, bullshit attacks. nice....point proven...


1968 in Chicago was a very active time, there were no sidelines, you were in the mix.
The main thing I remember was the number of abortion deaths reported each week.

We are talking abortions in a back alley with abhorrent conditions, most often to low income women of color.

It took 4 more years of death and suffering to bring this into a right of women's healthcare.

I for one am not going back.

These providers are shining examples of health providers who walk the line just like Physicians Without Borders. They need our help and support at every turn.


I agree with some of what you said. But do you agree with the idea of aborting a fetus because it is a female? Or if aborted, no problem. If you wait ten minutes it is a baby with full human rights? Which is it? A baby or a fetus? And when? I think both sides need to reach an agreement they both hate...the definition of a compromise...best regards..


May these brave people advocating for the health and well-being of ALL women and their families be safe from harm perpetrated by antiabortion hate groups like Operation Rescue and the Army of God whose members think nothing of TAKING LIVES to get their distorted, hate-filled message across. Irony at its worst.


Wow Bligh, you have clearly demonstrated that you have no clue whatsoever what this debate you hate so much is about. Pro-choice advocates are not asking for late-term abortions or sex-selective abortions. Go ahead and find me even one example of a pro-choice organization advocating for either one.

You are part of the problem with this debate because you are spreading misinformation and skewing the facts. You're championing ignorance just so you can stand on the sidelines and comment how "awful" the debate is and how both sides are really in the wrong--even though you have to put forward totally over the top ideas that no one actually supports like elective late term abortion and sex-selective abortion in order to make the pro-choice side seem just as unreasonable as the pro-life side.

Standing around saying how everyone should just find a middle ground and be nice is a waste of time. This about the rights of living human beings. What about the debate over gay rights? Isn't that debate just as hate-filled and angry? How are you going to attempt trivialize that debate by making the pro-gay marriage crowd sound just as unreasonable as the hateful people trying to deny them their rights? "If only those gay people would calm down and stop being so gay right out in public in everyone's face trying to push their agenda to make everyone else have gay sex too!" would be about the equivalent level of ignorance to what you're saying about the abortion debate.

Please keep your mouth shut if you hate the debate so much and can't even be bothered to spread facts instead of a bunch of bull you just made up on the fly. This isn't a discussion we need to waste time softening and trivializing by pretending there's a middle ground between following the constitution (Roe vs. Wade) and guaranteeing a woman's right to control her body and taking that right away.


Nixon: I am not a crook.

Headline: We are not ashamed.

As in all our arguments, we have to stop framing things in our opponents' terms. The signs in the photo do it better. We need to frame things in straightforward/positive terms, not trying to negate frames, which only strengthens the frames we're trying to negate.

Read Don't Think of an Elephant and other books by George Lakoff.


Oh yeah...the pro choice side ( of which I am a member) has ALWAYS been the voice of reason. If late term abortions are a non issue...then why is every bill restricting late term abortions fought tooth and nail, when every European country other than Holland have those restrictions? If aborting girls does not happen then why is China running 123 boys to 100 girls in live births?

I am for a woman's choice to choose. I also do not think that the 90 % of americans and europeans that want some restrictions are evil idiots.

Stay on your high horse. Demonize folks that have reservations and questions they would like addressed. Keep a closed mind....good luck.


Thank you.


"I am proud."


"If late term abortions are a non issue...then why is every bill restricting late term abortions fought tooth and nail, when every European country other than Holland have those restrictions?"

Because the political fight over each aspect of abortion rights has been strategically used by the anti-choice lobby as part of their strategic campaign to eliminate choice.

It's great that the rights side is fighting back with this new proactive framing.


How can that be? Heather just said that no pro choice advocates are asking for late term abortions. So what arguments are they using against the right wingers that are trying to restrict late term abortions? They must SAY they are against something that they really are not against, so the other side does not get a foot hold to be against more than they say they are against. Makes perfect sense to me, don't see how anyone could be confused and ask questions. nope. You guys win.


My understanding is that the argument is primarily that there are rare but critical circumstances in which late-term abortions are medically indicated, but the anti-abortionists craft bills that omit such circumstances, with vague language designed to be used to further restrict choice beyond the supposed focus on late-term abortion.

This is not "asking for late-term abortions." It is defending women's right to abortion. And i very much appreciate the new tone, pride, and public campaign outlined in today's article.


There are too many human beings for the planet to support. Having a higher Male to Female ratio is better. Women should be made more precious & rare as a means of creating population reduction. Consider that in both wildlife & human populations that are stressed, naturally commit femicide. It is a fact. As Climate Change overwhelms, femicide will become prevailent. Better to be humane & orderly than the cruelty & chaos guaranteed w killing vested women.


Abortion is a moral choice & birth control is honorable.