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We Are Not Going Back: Elizabeth Warren Is So Sick of the GOP War On Women Her Head Is About To Explode, and It Is Wonderful To See


We Are Not Going Back: Elizabeth Warren Is So Sick of the GOP War On Women Her Head Is About To Explode, and It Is Wonderful To See

Elizabeth Warren has evidently had enough. After another mindless, endless, doomed GOP effort to deny health care to millions of women by stripping Planned Parenthood of federal funding - an effort spurred by hysterical wingnuts claiming bogus leaked video showed "the savage butchery of an organization that kills our children and sells their organs" - Warren launched a fabulously fiery tirade against a bunch of misogynistic idiots who live in the wrong century and get all their facts wrong. See righteous rage in action. Rejoice.


3-month human embryos, which are at that stage not distinguishable from the embrio of a dog or mouse, are not “babies”.


go ahead and post away. then i can post pictures of our veterans parts and pieces PLUS their stories on how easy it was to get sent off to kill innocent people by a lying president but almost impossible to get the health care they deserve months and even years after they came home. then id post the pix of the peoples body parts laying in the bombed out ruins of parts of their ex-homes thanks to our insane govts policies .

finally i would post the details of these policies like :

1.our military budget is larger than the NEXT SEVEN WORLD POWERS TOGETHER. 2.We posess over 40% of THE WORLDS ARMAMENTS. 3.the CIA, by itself ,has caused the deaths of over 6 MILLION LIVING HUMAN BEINGS (post fetus,you remember them?) and an uncountable amount of destruction to third world countries at a tax payer (thats you and me) cost of BILLIONS OF DOLLARS while causing every conflict we have gotten embroiled in since 1947, but i dont hear any Rite to Lifer krischuns bitch about those facts,have you? lets not forget that its ok to kill those doctors and burn down their businesses so why dont you all kill some warmongering ceos and senators while burning down their businesses? of course,thats not YOU doing those ‘not so horrible things’ and of course YOU duly protested their actions…didnt YOU?


thanks.you made me laff.i needed that.


The lady has too much compassion and sincerity to be in politics…
You can only wish her well nonetheless.
One real problem for Planned Parenthood lies in a point she covered briefly: they are open for not-for-profit. How dare they be popular?!?!?


At 3 months, the child is a fetus, not an embryo and is fully formed and therefor looks human. I suggest you look at some pictures of a 3 month old fetus and then tell me if you think it still looks like a dog. At about 6 weeks, the two embryos are difficult to differentiate visually, but the human baby has human DNA and the dog has dog DNA.

How is this 3 month old less human than a newborn baby delivered at full term?


At three months, the neurological development of the fetus is such that it certainly is far less sentient than an adult deer or cow, and we legally kill them (provided the most humane method available is used) all the time. The sentience of a fetus at 3 months is probably comparable to an insect. Are we going to consider the killing of insects to be murder too?

Now there is certainly a point in fetal development that the human life should be respected and I think that the original Roe v. Wage ruling got it about right. Abortion can be legally banned except to save the mother in the last 3 months, restricted in the 2nd 3 months, but should have no restrictions in the first 3 months.


Unique - you seem to be trying to pick a very not-unique fight here, in non-unique ways. You might be surprised that many here share your compassion for developing fetuses, but also understand (or are at least sensitive to) some of the many complexities of the issue. And ultimately, rather than trust their own absolutism, most people here prefer to allow an individual woman to make her own decisions about her own body, which her embryo/fetus is actually still a part of (as acknowledged in that graphic about “a part of me”, and as one point where your oak tree seedling analogy really doesn’t work.)

And did you miss the only thing that Warren actually said about abortion in this article?: “The federal government doesn’t fund abortions. Period.”

Also, as a recent Washington Post article pointed out: “Saying “abortion should not be funded by the government” as an argument for [defunding] Planned Parenthood is like saying that because some supermarkets sell beer, food stamps shouldn’t be able to to be used at supermarkets, even though food stamps can’t be used to buy beer."


Over 90% of women who have had an abortion do not feel lifelong remorse and regret. And, Planned Parenthood does the work for poor and minority women, our gov’t refuses to. While it may take 2 to tango, it is readily apparent that women are asked to dance with the same, small partner (s) for 18-20 years. Men really need to keep their noses, and other parts, out of women’s business unless they are willing to stay through the whole musical program. This " for the babies " propaganda is really getting old and stale. Casual observation around us shows this to be a complete farce perpetuated by people with a kitchen and a church to fill. Tell them to pucker up, Elizabeth, and show them just where they can kiss it.


“thanks.you made me laff…”

Nothing like parading ignorance and/or illiteracy. The word is laugh.


Somebody ask Bernie if he needs a good recommendation for a running mate.

Elizabeth Warren would be such a great Vice President (and then president in 8 more years)… Sigh!

If only…


Abortion is not the main protocol or objective of Planned Parenthood.

The right wing Christian outfit that’s paying for you to sit here pushing THEIR Talking Points of course leaves out the FACT that Planned Parenthood covers all sorts of women’s health issues.

Never any theological resistance or financial objection to paying for Viagra and all those groovy drugs that make 70 year old zombies think they’re still Neanderthal teenagers.

By pushing the anti-abortion factor while also pushing the LIE that Planned Parenthood capitalizes on fetal tissue (which just might be used to cure the disease that you or one of your loved ones one day succumbs to) you leave out the deeper impacts and dimensions of this matter.

And lastly, males have no business telling women what to do with their bodies. The world is in the warfare state and ecocidal state that it’s in due to males depriving women of agency for centuries.

This little item is priceless for its unspeakable hypocrisy AND misogyny:

Unique said:

“When people become objects, they become disposable.”

Note how the adult woman is not recognized as truly what’s objectified in this stance–as carrier of the unborn fetus. To this idiot, only the fetal tissue–not yet organized into a living person (with a soul!)–is what he views as “the item objectified.” The woman is not considered AT ALL!

Males like you are no different from zealous Muslim extremists. BOTH want to control women entirely and both groups are retarding the progress of the human race. No wonder they hate each other: it’s 100% projection!


Surveyed by whom–Christian right wing soldier boys or their patriarchal commanders?


Thank you for your very insightful comments. It has always been the organized religions that slaughter the most in the name of a god that loves us so much. Do as I say or I will kill you, but I love you. A christian nation sent me to Vietnam to kill commie bastards. Now the bastards in Vietnam are Microsoft, Nike, and the like. The pigs in charge want the earning potential of that birth certificate so they can borrow against it. Once your born then who needs you anymore.


well said!


Then why are you conservatives against birth control, the best way to prevent abortions and STD’s?

Why do you want to control women’s bodies?

Why do you want to save blastocysts but are so eager to go to war and kill men, women and children, to sell the organs of the people you kill?

Why do you want to defund the only free healthcare poor women can get?


At least you give me credit for getting one correct.

As far as the rest, the Pope was right about the Iraq invasion, but how can I learn about sexuality and morality from a celibate man, head of a church that protects its pedophile priests?

Where does he get off giving women commands under threat of eternal damnation in hell’s fire with demons sticking them with their tridents? If that’s not trying to control women’s bodies what is?

Obamacare has met some success. That’s why conservatives haven’t been able to kill it. It never promised free health care for all. That’s what we wanted with Single Payer, but conservatives killed that too.


mrsannhitts, I agree with your post, but I want to expand on it a little. Planned Parenthood helps not only poor and minority women, it helps uninsured* women as well. Years ago, I used them for cancer screenings and birth control because they offered a sliding fee - based on your income. I didn’t have insurance, and it was a very affordable option.*


Taking this discussion in the many directions you and other posters have ignores the crux of the matter:

Most of the family planning services Planned Parenthood provides contribute to reducing the number of abortions that would otherwise occur if nobody was providing those services. Based on the GOP’s track record and their ever more Taliban-like agenda are you willing to bet a nickle that the GOP will make any effort to assure that providers other than Planned Parenthood are providing those services that reduce the number of abortions?

The more abortions that occur the more the politicians are able to keep the abortion issue front and center, thereby distracting voters from all the regressive legislation that is transferring the nation’s wealth out of the hands of the 99% and into the hands of the 1%.

Those who profess to be pro-life need to look beyond the soundbites and determine what actions result in reducing the number of abortions and what actions result in more abortions.


Why is it that no talks about the millions of human zygotes that are killed and babies aborted in the name of creating babies in fertilization clinics each year? This is a much bigger issue than abortions, if you really care about human life as you say. The reason that it is never talked about is because the republican base are mostly the only ones who can afford fertility clinics. It amazes me how people can take a strong stance on things that they really do not have the facts about.