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'We Are on A Strong Path': Democrats Begin to Celebrate as Warnock and Ossoff Edge Towards Victory in Georgia

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2021/01/05/we-are-strong-path-democrats-begin-celebrate-warnock-and-ossoff-edge-towards-victory


No money for hard working Americans but $500 million tax cut for Sheldon Adelson--------Adelson bribed the Republican party with $200 million to get this payout-----Orwellian speak for campaign donations----I thought there was a $2500. limit on donations???

Who could vote for these richy rich republicans???


Stacey Abrams is everything. <3


They should put Abrams in charge of the Democrat party—I hope she runs for gov again.

Republicans said if these two Democrats get elected it will be a socialist agenda------looks like a mandate for socialism.


Behind every great fortune lies a great crime . Honore de Balzac. Are you listening Perdue & Loeffler?


congratulations Dems. and let’s see if you can get even the 2k promise delivered. You’ll make plenty of friends with that one.

in the meantime, keep an eye on uber wingnut Manchin. Now would be the perfect time for him to leverage his “loyalty” with a threat to go GOP should the Dems do one single decent thing for ordinary people.

I almost wonder if Mitch hasn’t been working on him for precisely this moment.


Maybe for just a few hours, until the next asteroid collides with Earth or something, I can savor the feeling we might be getting somewhere…

Inch by inch, row by row
Gonna make this garden grow
All it takes is a rake and a hoe
And a piece of fertile ground

I mean, come on. Every once in while we’re allowed to dust off the old guitars and celebrate. My country could be worse, perhaps. I don’t want to throw out any jinx. Expressions of optimism require utmost anti-jinx precautions, these days. You can’t be too careful.

If McConnell loses his leadership seat because these shenanigans tip Georgia’s races into the Democratic column, I might laugh for a thousand years. That’s what you get, what you always get, for trusting Donald Trump.



I’m right there with you. I wonder, when the Manchin shoe drops, and it most certainly will, what stinky crap will festering in it.
(Was that too negative?)
I’ve met Joe Manchin, the worst part about him is that he knows his constituents are too stupid to see through him, yet he fleeces them any way. Nobody thinks lower of West Virginians than Joe Manchin.
But hey, I’ll give him a chance. Vote for MFA. Vote for green new deal. Legalize weed. Protect women’s rights. Tax and properly regulate your coal Barron buddies. I dare you Joe. I double dog dare you.


ha! he’d have to start by tossing his rotten offspring into a jail cell if he were that sincere. she’s a piece of garbage. like father like daughter?

Fortunately, the 2k should pass without a handful of the blue dogs. More than a few GOP votes for it.

But this is one area where the KCs of the world are right: --the right wing dems have damn near a veto over any progressive legislation that might get offered up, even if Dem leadership wanted it to pass (although if this were true, they’d also primary the blue dogs out or surrender the seats to the GOP rather than stink up party waters).

So if anyone’s expecting even something as lame as Obamacare Part 2, you can probably forget about it. I don’t think Biden’s going to have a lot to work with, even if he were inclined to do so (which is where I disagree with our partisan friends here). Still, like my Dem friends, I, too, enjoy Mitch getting a kick in the nads almost as much as they do.

110,000 knocks on front doors.
In danger of cantagion.
Result is a very close win.

I recall now that’s when I met Manchin. It was at a fundraiser in the upper Ohio valley for something his daughter was doing at the time. She was an absolute phony. I heard nothing of her for a while, but then again I’m not looking either.

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Exactly right, these two wins (if they’re certified) puts the right wing dem party in a bad position. Who will they blame their defeats on now?

Nah, “bribes” works for me. :))

We certainly are on a “strong path” and it’s Bernie Sanders who put us there –

Get ready to help him fight the corporate-fascists in DP now –



Bernie is merely a version of Harry Reid.

Their guiding scheme is to pretend to be an opposition when they are in a minority, but

when in the majority, they make sure the minority republicans have the final say.

The democrats are always a “win-win” for the republicans.

That is why Bernie insisted that people HAD to vote for Hillary in 2016 and Joe in 2020.

Sanders lost because he was designed to do that. He refused to fight back.

The dems and the repubs are all neoliberal fakers and they all deserve to be repudiated.

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It has to start somewhere…

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past tense.
As of noon, eastern - today, wednesday
both Georgia dem senate candidates won.

This double win is due to the very brave
individuals who did go out every day and
encourage neighbors, strangers and folks
of all ages to vote democrat.