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'We Are On the Verge of Something Big': Late Booker Surge Against McGrath Leaves Kentucky Primary Too Close to Call

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/24/we-are-verge-something-big-late-booker-surge-against-mcgrath-leaves-kentucky-primary

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“Last spring, we had 1,200 people request a ballot by mail,” said Ghibaudy. “Compared to 218,000 [this year]. That’s a lot.”

No wonder Trump and Mitch want to curtail voting by mail! They both know they have to cheat in order to win.


“It appears that no one at the Senate Democrats’ campaign arm bothered to talk to anyone in Kentucky about the best candidate to run against Mitch McConnell,” Blest wrote.

Actually, Matt Jones, a popular Kentucky sports radio personality wrote a book titled Mitch, Please where he chronicled his soul searching about running against McConnell. And he wrote about a meeting he had with Schumer in which he told him exactly what sort of person would win in Kentucky. And it wasn’t Amy, who couldn’t even beat Andy Barr. I voted for Booker, although Mike Broihier (another former Marine!) had a platform almost identical to his. I can’t recollect a time when I had two progressive candidates to choose from. It was great!

Also, I can’t speak to the voter suppression thing, not living in Lexington or Louisville, but I will say there was a huge push to get people to vote with absentee ballots. My husband and I got ours in time, and had our son, who didn’t, drop them off at our courthouse (the only place you could vote in our county) when he voted in person. He said there wasn’t a line at all. A LOT of people voted by mail. I suspect there will be a much higher vote total than there usually is for a primary election.


Go Charles Booker!!!


McGrath is McConnell against McConnell…bear in mind the actual total may not be ‘completed’ until June 30. Plenty of time for the DNC to rig it for one of their own.


Good point and if they can get away with it…THEY WILL!

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Hopefully this thing does go Bookers way, if for no other reason than it would show the center/right Democratic Party that yes indeed, there are liberals in the American heartland and south. Areas that your party gave up on two generations ago, and still seem to want to ignore.
The first thing the Democratic Party should do if Booker is the victor is fire Tom Perez. My lord, if the nation wasn’t being ravaged by a pandemic and a subsequent recession, the democrats would have gotten their asses handed to them in November, and all because of a total disconnect between the Democratic Party and it’s electorate.
Hopefully we can toss McGrath in the dustbin of history, and along with her the idea that you can run a moderate Republican as a Democrat and tell the party faithful that’s the best they could do.


I remember a time when someone who was anti-abortion, pro-gun, pro-war, and pro-Wall Street was called a Republican. But now the modern Democratic Party calls folks like that “moderates”.
They think we need more “moderates” like Manchin, Jones, Kaine, Casey, Klobachar, and Harris (I stopped there, as it is really depressing to look up just how many democratic senators aren’t the least bit progressive.)


Yet another glaring example today illustrating why McConnell (and trump) must go:


“Today Senate Republicans confirmed Cory Wilson to a lifetime seat on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit, making him the 200th Trump appointee. Out of the 870 authorized Article III judgeships, Trump appointees now account for nearly a quarter of all federal judges, including two Supreme Court justices.”


So here is a question that maybe one of the smart commenters of CD’s will be able to answer----

Let’s say trump loses to the other horrid candidate. I’ve heard trump will then be open to prosecution for crimes committed while in office having lost the protection offered while being president (which is crazy).

If he is convicted (long shot I know) is there a way to nullify some of his judicial appointments given the fact that he was engaging in criminal behavior at the time of the appointments?

This may seem like a pie in the sky question/notion but you would think there would be some protective measures in place to undo the damage done by a criminal in office. And I know there have been many (most?) presidents/politicians who commit crimes while in office.


I hope I’m wrong, but in a race with sneaky McConnell, dirty tricks done dirt cheap may prevail. Many white voters won’t even look at where the candidates stand. They will vote for the skin color. Please say I’m wrong.

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Thank you and your fellow Veterans For Peace for your service to PEACE!

I would say your probably wrong. My guess is it will be the state dem party, under the control of the DNC that will do any “dirty work” that gets done. Hopefully the recent BLM protests, where many whites have joined, even here in the deep south, will keep the majority from voting by skin color only.


I agree with your post. The quote from the story you referenced is assuming the dem party wants to beat McConnell. I’m not sure that’s true.

You know one thing I haven’t heard discussed. What if Trump sees clear indications that he is going to lose the election up to just before the election. What do you think he will do? Well, from past experience, isn’t what they do is … start a war? I know this is horrible to think about, but that seems to be what to expect. So watch out! Is there anyway we could prevent this possibility?


Given the general consensus among psychiatrists/psychologists (and the thinking part of the population) that trump has severe personality disorder it would make sense to be talking about this because he will not retreat gently into the dark world of his soul and shuffle off with Melania to mar a Lago forevermore.

There should be serious conversation among all leaders of the world related to the existential threat of climate chaos/breakdown from AGW/habitat destruction and the threat of mentally unstable leaders in power now— including and especially trump.

Psychiatrists warn Trump becoming more mentally unstable, putting US, world at ‘extreme risk’


Trump right now is getting walloped by a series of narcissistic injuries and we need to be prepared for the fallout as they continue---- with the ultimate narc injury of (possibly) being defeated by biden.

The tips on how to protect oneself from narcissistic injury in this article below focus on one on one relationships but some could be applicable to trump as narc president:
There should be foresight into this. It isn’t a joke or laughing matter. We can’t say we weren’t forewarned.


My humblest of opinions is that I don’t care about the steel bars erected around me by “white” men 400 years ago, polished to a fine finish in the penmanship of the US Constitution. Why oh why do we keep trying to shoehorn some limited, sort-of, just-pretend democracy from a concertedly anti-democratic framework? (My buddy @Maineac has been a terrible influence on me lately…) Fuck that, seriously.

We know we’ll need to start over from scratch. Now is the time. We get to rewrite the rules however the heck we like, because there are more of us than there are of them, and because we’re sticking together lately. Wherever some founding fart-heel (or a statue thereof) stands in our way, we’ll figure out a way to knock it over. Gosh-darn it all to heck!


Hard hitting stuff you write Aleph N. but you usually soften the blow in your delivery and make me chuckle, thank you. And I agree with you though sometimes I sound confused. Hard not to be confused in this day of over the top crazy making.

Do you see those like AOC, Booker, Jamaal Bowman, Mondaire Jones as those that will be part of the starting over from scratch even though right now they are trying to work within the ongoing, ruthless “pretend democracy”

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Absolutely. We have some fighters on our side out there. Chesa Boudin, DA of SF, is a prime example of someone who got elected because people have had it up to here with the police. We can welcome allies joining our cause, so long as it’s not the usual obvious co-opting reformist bullshit. (I can’t believe anyone thinks “choke-hold ban” is a clever selling point anymore: Both Eric Garner and George Floyd were killed that way in open violation of choke-hold bans on the books already.)

Here in the Bay Area, we’re kicking the police off-campus one county after another. With the school district of my own opposite-coast county proudly leading the freaking way: No more SRO’s. Get police the heck out of all campuses, for goodness sake.

On one hand, there are victories. On the other hand, there are staggering genocidal attacks such as the virulent mega-bomb they just made out of San Quentin Prison, just across the Bay. Ka-booom!

In another month an eviction tsunami hits this country: impossible to predict. Election day is still a long ways off, at the pace history races these days.


I’m really hoping Booker wins the primary because it will be a real kick in the balls for Chuckles Schumer. I actually think Chuck backed McGrath at his buddy Mitch’s request. I hope AOC announces her primary challenge for Schumer’s Senate seat soon.

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I agree — But at 12:48 EDT CNBC projects McGrath to have won.