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We Are On This Earth Together


We Are On This Earth Together

Today we honor the feast day of Saint Francis of Assisi, peacemaker and Patron Saint of Animals who preached the harmony of humans and nature. Around the world, people celebrate by joyfully bringing their (interfaith) dogs, birds, ponies and llamas to church for the Blessing of the Animals, and exalting in the "wonders (that) connect people and animals and God." In this sordid season of rancor, we laud all connection we can find. Job 12: "Ask the birds, ask the beasts and they will teach you."


The idea that some guy from the Middle Ages is a saint and said holy things and all that, is why both the left and right are basically repeating the same story.

The Catholic Church promotes hatred, irresponsible breeding, and corruption. The heterosexual Christian man is superior to everyone else, according to this church.

Why Common Dreams keeps repeating these stories and promoting such bigotry, superstition and hatred is baffling. Habitat overshoot is real. The Catholic Church tells people to believe superstitions and just keep breeding more kids, oh and they accept checks and cash.

Meanwhile they are invested in corrupt, ecologically destructive corporations all over the world, and promote hatred of gays and women.

St. Francis is a myth. Time to start telling some new stories.


A reminder from any quarter regarding the sacred nature of animals and the living world and our place of responsibility and caring in that world is never a bad thing.

And whether St. Francis was a myth or a once living man of compassion in a fouled system, the message is crucial.


Whatever your personal problems......

The Concept that we are stewards of this earth is something to live by, even more so now.

The Concept that we should care for our co habitants of this planet is really quite on the mark.

The Concept of extending peace towards each other is really what the world needs now.

Change one's Heart and one's Actions will follow


To all my relations of the four legs, wings, gills: If we can hear and see then we realize that what you teach is love. Greetings and thanks!


Don't know if it's mentioned in the article, but St. Francis spoke of the spirits of animals akin
to our own spirits -- similar to our own personalities.
"Animal Planet" used to do a lot to make this clear -- showing us the courage and loyalty of
animals -- and also letting us see how in each breed of dog, for instance, each has their own
personality. Just like humans. That program, of course, had to be cancelled so TPTB could
be sure it was replaced by programming which would ensure that we see enough violence to
intimidate us every day.

Organized patriarchal religions underpin patriarchy and its insanities -- and grant the licenses
to exploit animals -- i.e., "Man's Dominion Over Nature" and "Manifest Destiny." These are
two of the great myths which need to be overturned if we want peace and an end to violence
on this planet.

Animal-eating contributes vastly to Global Warming -- and to violence.
Break that connection with violence and stop the violence against animals.


St. Francis was an actual person, actually, who stood for some pretty awesome things.


Well today I got a Job:
Job 12: 7-10: "Ask the birds, ask the beasts and they will teach you."
To have an open heart in eye and other forms of contact with animals, be they human or otherwise, also utterly and completely busts through the repressive myth of "time" ... into the reality of eternity.
Also interesting to think about is that our dream state, which 'at any given time' approximately half the planet is engaged in, is also an integral experience of the sacred engaging full system integrity twisted by the aggregated'mythological' presumptions during the day of modern (a funny notion) life. The wise have always held that balance of these is part of what it means to be a human being. Right at our fingertips. Interestingly enough, in reflexology, the fingertips are a nerve connection to the brain. Gotta love it.


This is a nice touch for today, Abby, in text and photos. Beautifully done!

Francis of Assisi, Presente!


Not to burst your bubble, but "preaching" and "doing" are actually two different things. As far as I know "St." Francis was not a vegetarian (he ate a lot of cows while alive). Preaching is easy, the wold is full with nice ideas that never took place. My question is wouldn't you want to have somebody who actually walked the talk:

The founder of Jainism, Mahavira, which lived around 600BC, this guy and his followers (even before Christianity showed up on the map). Taught and lived not only the concept of Ahimsa (non-violence) towards your fellow humans but towards ALL LIVING ENTITIES. Or you can also name Buddha (more known figure) and his followers (which by the way also predates Christianity).

Is it me or do I notice some (Biased) Catholic church PR in this post?

Disclaimer, I am an Atheist and vegetarian and also studied most world-religions.


What if you come back as an animal?

I guess that echoes the underlying premise of Reincarnation?

Or the fear of it?

I certainly wouldn't want to come back as a child with Autism -- what
tremendous suffering. So many kinds of suffering on this planet -- for
man and beast -- and yet we go out and start wars --

which suggests to me that we are governed by insane people.