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We Are Out of Time... We Need to Leap


We Are Out of Time... We Need to Leap

Naomi Klein

The following remarks were adapted from a speech by Naomi Klein on Monday at "Now is Not the Time For Small Steps: Solutions to the Climate Crisis and the Role of Trade Unions" at Salle Olympe de Gouges in Paris, France.

Here is what we know about what to expect from the official climate negotiations.

The deal that will be unveiled in less than a week -- likely to much fanfare and self-congratulation from politicians and an overly deferential press -- will not be enough to keep us safe. In fact, it will be extraordinarily dangerous.


...and the Republican Congress just voted to do nothing about climate change.


It's really hard not be cynical at this juncture. The sad truth is whatever deal comes out of this conference it's not very likely it will ever be implemented anyway. If anything is to be done we're going to have to do it ourselves instead of hoping that the World's leaders and elites are ever going to. The simple truth is they have no intention of ever doing anything more then talking. The Fossil energy sector owns most of them ( the pols) and its not about to let go of it's strangle hold on our civilization. Change will come , but it will come piece meal and from below as things start to spiral downhill. Sadly, by then ( now) it will already be too late to stop the cascading changes built into the planet's various systems. Drowning coastal cities, barrier Islands and beaches are already baked into the coming calamity. Mega-droughts and radically altered patterns of rainfall are also baked into this disaster. Add to all of this the "black swans" in the equation and it's certainly going to be interesting up ahead that's for sure.


"I'll take why not to have children, for $1,000, Alex."


Mission Innovation

The elites have sucked all the air out of the room and left those working on solutions with no voice. Those with visions of the future have been excluded by all sectors of society. I think it is because they are potentially dangerous and disruptive of existing industries. Visionaries threaten the wealthy with change. Individual innovators have destroyed huge industries and will do it again. They are a clear and present danger.


www(dot)harbornet(dot)com/sunflower/wp1(dot)html for Mission Innovation message.


While it certainly looks like we are heading to catastrophe but if we can limit warming to 3-4C that would be some type of accomplishment. Scientists question whether humans can adapt beyond 4C so if we can stay below 4C at least it seems reasonable to assume that we can adapt. It has been assumed for nearly a decade by many scientists that given the politics it is likely we will reach 4C so maybe we will at least avoid the greatly feared temperatures of 5C, 6C, and above. But I think it is very possible we will surpass 4C. Slow positive feedbacks such as melting permafrost and methane hydrates could certainly add a couple of degrees beyond what is added from additional human emissions so holding emissions to leave us at 3-4C could really mean we could reach the unthinkable 5-6C range which itself could trigger further more positive feedbacks. Rich and poor countries are both in jeopardy. This crisis if very far from being solved and there is a good chance it will never be.


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Sat. Dec. 12th at 12;00. 12/12/12 What a day to LEAP.
According to well placed sources, energies are streaming in from the Universe on this day to assist all humans to link together in Spirit to embrace the next step in human social evolution. And, I (universal I) BELIEVE it, So it's settled. Let's do it.
And THANK GOD for Ms. Naomi Klein, and all the other brave souls preparing to LEAP at this time. Even though rationally it seems almost impossible it could all come together as Naomi laid it out, the seeds will be sown on Saturday and will rapidly began to sprout and grow. Powerful and systemic change is at hand. Embrace it, and by doing so Bring it into this World we live in. Remember to stay centered in the HEART, and, keep a smile on your face . This is going to be a lot of fun.


Say, Monty, what do we have behind door number 3? Why, it's a brand new 4 degree rise in global temperatures!!! Congratulations to every one on the planet!! Thanks to greenwashing and corporate slight-of-hand, these Paris talks are gonna make things even worse! , Soooo, sit back and watch for more Katrina's in your future, say, maybe another Sandy, too!! AND for a bonus feature, let's watch Key West and Miami go under, whadda ya say?!?!


While we may have a "once in a century chance" to leap, the 1% ARE taking their once in a century chance to leap and snag us with TPP, TTIP and TISA to finish off the middle class and the climate in one fell swoop.


They'll use that ammo you mentioned before they give up or change anything of consequence. If you thought it was tough on protestors in the '60's...


We will, at least in the USA need a new government before this or any other problem can be dealt with.


If the warming hits 3 degrees above the pre-industrial era then we might as well just shoot ourselves. We will not adapt to that. Lifeforms that take longer than 5 months to gestate, or longer than a few years to reach sexual maturity will not evolve fast enough to adapt to the expected conditions.

Adapt? No, at 3 degrees we die. How the death actually comes can't really be predicted, but adaption wouldn't be possible. Not for us.


Most important of all, we need to LIMIT HUMAN POPULATION! Make birth-control resources available to every woman on the planet. If you did that, population would be self-limiting.
It might be too late for the tipping point of climate change, but it should decrease long-term consequences.


No matter what the label, i.e., 1%ers, uber rich, elitists, the result is the same. Psychopathic personalities have no conscience or morals. They care not about climate change because they feel entitled to take what they need, when they need it. In the case of global warming, with sun heat unbearable, water shortages and all the horrible realities of global warming, they will have no problems stealing whatever they need because they know they are entitled to do so.

Why we people cannot get into the realities of an overheated planet is not understandable. Earth will no longer nurture and care for its creatures, including humans. You could say a scorched earth will exist. Scorched because we humans have leaders who cannot empathize and imagine themselves in a helpless place under the burning sun. These leaders could not feel or understand atmospheric depletions and disappearance. Co2 does that, it unbalances our protective atmosphere and causes the gasses that protect us from sun's incredible heat to pass off into space, nevermore to protect and nourish a living Earth. It's time to read what learned people like Naomi Klein say, learn from it and stand and change the equation for survival. It is that serious, survival of Earth as it is, green, fertile, lovely. An egalitarian society can do this without fighting, and killing. Solve the chemical equations to change the damage fossil fuels, toxic fertilizers and insect control chemicals have caused.


Supposing what you say happens, then parts of the world, such as the Arab world, and the subcontinent of Pakistan India Bangladesh (much of it) will be uninhabitable. The rest will be warmer but still habitable.
-- Keep in mind Malthus and Dr. Paul Ehrlich. A smaller world population is considered GOOD by many. :smile:


Naomi Klein wrote in the article " It needs to be better than the present -- a present of catastrophic levels of austerity, ..."

Keep in mind that elsewhere she and others are advocates of radical de-growth to save the planet. Under a de-growed economy we inevitably will have 'catastrophic levels of austerity', and all Ms. Klein and her friends can do about it is to ensure that the austerity is socially fairly distributed, and that the 'enemies of the people' suffer from it worse than others.


So boy, it sure is a good thing we're going to be in the midst of permanent droughts and dustbowl conditions over 1/3 of the surface of the Earth, eh?


The problems we have are overwhelmingly caused by the rich (on a curve, not in 2 groups). The richest 7% of people on Earth emit half the greenhouse gases; the poorest 6 billion emit only about 20%. The only place population growth is happening is among the poor, and it's already slowing and is projected to stabilize at about 8.9 billion by 2050, although the effects of warming will almost certainly make it level off sooner and lower.

Simply supplying contraceptives doesn't reduce population growth as much as equalizing, empowering and educating all, especially women, and ensuring security in sickness, old age and hard times. Those are all good things anyway so we should do everything we can to help them everywhere. That means opposing the US empire, which destroys those things everywhere. But we have to oppose the empire anyway, if we want to reduce human greenhouse gases enough for civilization to survive.