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We Are (Possibly) Better Than This


We Are (Possibly) Better Than This

Another silver-lining-within-a-looming-abyss kind of day. In the latest attack on what has historically been the heart of the black community, an unknown cretin (or group of same) torched the all-black Hopewell Missionary Baptist Church in Greenville, Miss. and painted "Vote Trump" on its side. After the "direct assault on black folks," an online fund for repairs was set up to show that "we, as a society, are better than this." Its hopeful goal was $10,000; in 12 hours, it raised over $114,000.


You can buy this digital song online, and all proceeds go to the Southern Poverty Law Center.


Abby, you did it AGAIN! Seems like every time the ugliness in the news gets overwhelming you slip in something to make life tolerable again. Thanks!


Yes, of course, because Trump's Nazi and white nationalist supporters would never do something like that.


Read the democratic platform, then read the republican platform - then get back with me and tell me they are the same.


If you say so. It sounds more like another attempt to blame Hillary Clinton for everything that happens anywhere to me. I'm also unsure what political parties have to do with this, since I doubt that this was an action endorsed at any level by a party and consider it simply another in a long line of racist actions that take place in the USA. You may be right, but when people proudly proclaim both their support for Trump and their racism, which they do, then I find the simplest answer to be the most compelling.


Since we don't know who committed this crime, we can't rule out a kind of "false flag" attack by Hillary supporters, which is a distinct possibility, given than black turnout in early voting has been lower than expected.


There are few things any more ignorant and self-destructive than racism. Racism is built upon hate. Hate is so consuming that it soon overtakes one's sense of morality and the ability to make intelligent decisions. Hate is a huge motivator that eventually results in the destruction of everything it touches.

Considering that racism is a "learned" trait, it will never be overcome until the root cause is destroyed.

My opinion is that the seeds of racism are planted, watered and fertilized by the elites to keep the masses divided with the sole purpose of keeping the people from becoming unified in solidarity against those who are really keeping them down-trodden and financially distressed ... the elite ruling class.

Keeping the people occupied and focused on their differences among each other keeps them from learning about, understanding, and focusing their attention and anger on those who are really the root cause of their troubles and leaving them with no glimmer of hope for the future.

The elites not only benefit from the chaos and civil turmoil of racism ... they profit from it due to their investments in the companies that provide security and the companies that manufacture and sell the weapons and others "tools" used to keep the people under control when the victims of racism finally resort to direct action.


I have no need to comment after I read your post. Bravo!


Many of the comments here indicate the mistrust for our leaders and our system that many people have. Especially those with critical thinking skills.


Bravo and amen!