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'We Are Protectors': After DAPL Decision, Tribal Members Look to the Future of Pipeline Fight


'We Are Protectors': After DAPL Decision, Tribal Members Look to the Future of Pipeline Fight

Nika Knight, staff writer

After celebrating the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' Sunday decision to deny the Dakota Access Pipeline a permit to tunnel under the Missouri River, the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and their allies opposing the pipeline are sure of one thing: the fight is not over.


Wow, what a strong people. We are with you. I sent some clothing. Please give me address again for Birdhorse Family/


Hmm, wonder if these folks are helping make prayer respectable again ... a word, or concept you hardly ever see on "prog sites" - usually if someone were to say, "I shall pray for you", they would be mocked off the page ...

So here's a prayer for that ,,, (smile)


Some ways to help from Boycott Injustice:

On the day this nation calls Thanksgiving, I asked you all to donate essential supplies to the Water Protectors of Standing Rock. In 24 hours, you sent a mind-blowing $3.1 million dollars worth of supplies to Standing Rock. I couldn't believe it.

Now, the conditions on the ground there have deteriorated. It's a blizzard. The temperature is often well below 0 degrees, but here's the thing - the people honestly believe, and I agree with them, that if they all pack up and leave, Energy Transfer Partners will start constructing the pipeline. As you may have seen in the emails I sent you yesterday, or in many recent news articles, Energy Transfer Partners fully intends on constructing that pipeline and they have openly said they intend to build it right through Standing Rock.

They have invested billions of dollars and have billions more on the line. Many people believe that once Donald Trump is elected, or perhaps over the next few weeks, they will actually continue the construction of the pipeline. People inside of the energy industry have written me and begged me to tell you that letting up would be a huge mistake. I believe them and you should too.

Our closest friend on the ground in Standing Rock is an amazing man named Chase Iron Eyes. He was born there on the Standing Rock Reservation and is accountable to the local leaders and elders. Chase is directly managing all of the emergency supplies that we sent to Standing Rock, but he and his team desperately need better transportation to manage and transport the supplies.

For instance, we sent thousands of propane heaters. We sent thousands of industrial strength yurts. In a single car, they can only transport 2-3 heaters and one yurt. They need to purchase several trucks that they will use daily, around the clock, to transport supplies to and from the camps. This isn't a one time thing either. Every single day, they need to shuttle new supplies in, and send broken or heavily used materials out. You have to understand that this camp, and this community, supports thousands of people.

Chase Iron Eyes and his team have started a fundraiser that will allow them to immediately purchase several trucks, including 1 pick up truck, 1 moving truck, a flat bed trailer, and 15 passenger van to shuttle volunteers in and out every day.

Here are your actions for today:

  1. DONATE now here.

Please give your best gift. It's tax deductible. Chase and the team will also provide immediate evidence of the purchases they make with your donation once they receive the funds.

  1. On Twitter, write the following tweet, or your own modified version that includes the link to the fundraiser:

In #StandingRock @ChaseIronEyes & his team need a pickup truck, a flatbed trailer, a moving truck, & a van. DONATE:


--- OR

Please join me and donate TODAY to purchase 3 trucks & a van for the people of #StandingRock. We can do this!


  1. On Facebook, please post the link and make your own personal plea to your friends and family to join in. Feel free to include the plea below as well:

The fight to protect the water and land in Standing Rock IS NOT OVER. Anybody who is telling you that has been misinformed. Energy Transfer Partners fully intends to build the Dakota Access Pipeline on the same path as always. As the weather there has turned to blizzard conditions, the people there need our help.

Chase Iron Eyes and his team are raising funds for a pickup truck, a moving truck, a flatbed trailer, and a 15 passenger van. They need these things right away.

I've donated and hope you will join me. Chase and his team will report back to all of us once they've purchased the trucks. Let's Stand Up for Standing Rock



"We've built a movement of movements,", yes you have and you have galvanized the conscience of a nation and beyond by your example! Thank you!


I read on FB or somewhere that they are purchasing a truck, etc. with money they received today.
Thank you for your moving plea, and more clarity on why some people need to stay there at Oceti Sakowin. I was only camping for four days in mid October, but was moved by the spirit, the prayer and the people. thank you.


The full Guardian article linked to in the article is impressive, so I post it again:

It underscores the main achievement, at least for me, of this movement - the return of some semblance of common cause community - focused - on the land.

However, there is a larger picture as well -

I think it is becoming crystal clear, as Michael Moore's protest of the inauguration movement sets out - that the United States is not only an empire - but internationally, a rogue nation.

Since the coup d'etat which eliminated the Kennedy brothers, the descent has been gathering speed and momentum, until finally - we are here, metaphorically standing in a blizzard - and set to lose big - for the umpteenth time.

Salvation, if there is such a thing, resides in the remaining remnants of whatever international community still exists, with its admittedly dysfunctional institutions.

I think there is little prospect for success in attempting to reform the United States as a country - it is in fact a failed state.

This will be hard for Americans to accept.

Let me just say that shaking one's fist at an onrushing avalanche has never proven effective.

You must fight where you can win.