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'We Are Proud to Stand By His Side': High-Profile Muslim Rights Group Emgage Endorses Bernie Sanders for President

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/02/20/we-are-proud-stand-his-side-high-profile-muslim-rights-group-emgage-endorses-bernie

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I’m glad to hear of any support for Sanders, but I’m skeptical of Emgage’s claim as “the largest Muslim political action committee in the U.S.” I’ve been engaged with American-Islamic relations for awhile, and this is the first I’ve heard of Emgage. I’ve heard of the Committee on American Islamic Relations, which has a longstanding record of helping Muslims withstand the rising tide of Islamophobia.

(Edit: Thanks for the correction ST. My senescent eyes confuse m’s with n’s – that’s my excuse. When I meditate, I go Ohnnnnnnn…)

They call themselves Emgage, not Engage.

Bernie is by far the best candidate. The evidence keeps mounting. Go Bernie!


Ya… but mayor pete says bernie is divisive so that makes his multitudes of endorsements meaningless, right?


Funny how that works, eh?


Bravo! When we stand together we can prevail!

Now I’d like to see the Nevada culinary union see the truth about universal not-for-profit health care insurance and its benefits for ALL of us outside the predatory insurance industry and their propagandists. Also don’t fall for the lies or trolls trying to divide us! The attacks on many supporters are intended to divide us - Bernie would never tolerate such rot and he never has his entire life!

Dont fall for the lies and deceit!

BERNIE 2020! For all of us!


Emgage hardly represents all Muslim voters, but a word or two on that bloc in general:

Over 1 million registered voters
Very young compared to the US overall
Very liberal
Very open to Bernie, even back in 2016


I agree, but Bernie was also the best candidate in 2016 and we must not allow Bloomberg to be the Hillary Clinton of 2020.


Carl, the700 Super Delegates are soooo corrupt that in my view, if push comes to shove they will accept Bloomberg’s $$$$$$ over Bernie’s nomination for POTUS, but having said that, PLEEEASE! PROVE ME WRONG.


Soooo damn true!

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And the best way to do that is to make sure we do everything we can to help his campaign.

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quite the opposite I would think. Bernie is unifying, Trump is divisive. Way too divisive.

Since other candidates tout , “You can keep your present doctor and hospital,” (insurance), Bernie needs to indicate the same for M4ALL.
You can go to ANY doc or hospital you want. Some will see a rise in their taxes, but only those that can afford that. Lower incomes likely will not pay anything.

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Now that Warren (whom I’ve been dissing intensely since the handshake thing) has apparently aced a debate, and delivered some of the most well-placed political punches (at Bloomy) I’ve ever heard, I’m coming around on Warren for pragmatic (conventional) reasons. Early indications leave me doubting whether Sanders can cross the finish line with > 50%. But if Bernie + Liz > 50%, there might be hope for something tolerable emerging from the convention.

I emphasize might. I can’t trust Warren to pull in the right direction anymore. But I sure savored her feminist challenge to the Bloomer. Unmuzzle the women! What about the NDA’s? Warren exquisitely set up a mode of well-justified counter-harrassment which (hopefully) will stick to this mega-asshole like stinky on shit. Thanks so much, Elizabeth. I’ll try to forget about all that other stuff for awhile.

Best moment: When Bloomy describes his modest portfolio of NDA’s as “consensual”! This guy has an uncanny knack for picking the exact wrong word, and nobody nearby to ever correct him.

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I agree Warren nailed the debate. Yeah, when Bloomberg says consensual he means that any woman that complains that it was not consensual will lose her job!


Hi Atlas:
Pete Buttigieg is a very sad case. He acts like that kid in the 3rd grade who got 100s on all the tests and bragged about it. Sometimes having a good memory appears to make a person seem really intelligent—but using information and just repeating it are 2 different things. Pete is still that 3rd grade kid.
Last night , in the debate, he turned to Klobuchar and in a 3rd grade voice wanted her to name the Mexican president. She turned and said there are a lot of details that people forget when they deal with a lot of information—well that wasn’t good enough for Pete—so LOL, he decided to speak Spanish in interrupting her… OMG, that’s a 3rd grader action.
I am not voting for her, but what a lame thing to do in a serious debate.Sorry Pete, you are no longer that 3rd grade kid with all the 100s on the test—get over it–you are corporate material—not presidential.

I don’t care if Emgage is not the largest Muslim group. I do care that they support Bernie.

I actually gagged when I read this headline. How, in this day and age, anyone can be so blind as these people supporting Sanders beggars belief.
Consider this article recently ; Sanders tells New York Times he would consider a pre-emptive strike against Iran or North Korea
The contents IMHO, speak volumes. It’s not just this article, I have seen and read his utterances in his previous attempts at gaining the Whitehouse, wherein he also conceeded he supports the America version of bringing democracy at the barrel of a gun. Yet Americans are unable to see this for themselves ??? Incredible.

What else can we do, besides the best we can with what we’ve got? We can try to stay truthful, maybe.

I had a very uncomfortable moment during the debate when Sanders, asked about those rude “bros” M$MBS has been whining about, strongly implied some of them might be Russian agents. I couldn’t believe it at first, but they just replayed it on the nightly news.