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We Are Radicals at Heart — Don’t Forget It

We Are Radicals at Heart — Don’t Forget It

By Harvey J. Kaye

Progressives could strike these obvious major points:

It is ludicrous to have politicians that represent the 99% depend on campaign contributions from the 1%.

That the 1% is waging war against the 99%.

Direct Democracy


We are not yet radicals. We have that potential but the equation is not the static weighing of quotes from history but by the actions of the PTB such as banning dissent and corralling protests.

On the other hand, we have no place to rest on that journey to our radical roots. Climate Change will put extraordinary pressures on both sides. In fact, historians of the future may trace the rise of the Corporate Coup and oligarchy to an unstated fear by business that climate change is very real and will present the greatest challenge to business the world has ever seen. So here in what many perceive (wrongly) as the fast approaching end of the world as we know it, the reactionary forces sensing the growing resurgence of the American radical, have banded together to maintain control in a topsy turvy future of climate change instability. Trump may be aware of climate change but he rather not admit that fact.

The reactionaries close ranks as volunteers stream to the radical cause that humanity and freedom mean more than reactionary control and undue wealth.

Climate change will reawaken the radical as nothing else ever could mainly because there will be no escaping it!


Radical settler colonialism still sucks.


The Jefferson County Board scrapped their review of the curriculum before they were able to have their right-wing conservative curriculum implemented. Their attempted conservative take over of the curriculum ultimate turn-out to be their down fall. In the 2015 November elections, all the Board Members who attempted to revise the AP curriculum were voted out. It was no accident. The Jefferson County parents and students put together an formidable information campaign and they hit the streets. There radical efforts paid off and the nationally approved AP curriculum remains.


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The following article needs to be read in tandem with this article:

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I would have liked a mention of America’s proud socialist/labor history, the SLP and De Leon, the SPA and Debs, the IWW and Big Bill Haywood …

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What you’re really hinting at is city, regional or state sovereignty in a sense. The collection of federal taxes, fees, etc- most of which is normally collected at the end of the pay period, the W-2 Form, etc. ; being held in a state account. Which is forwarded to the Federal Gov’t only after certain terms and conditions are negotiated. That’s the short hand version of what the author of the article should be clearly stating. A real social contract.
I know both businessmen and academics who actually believe this is what America needs to be confronted with. War resistors of DoD spending ( national defense ) especially think this is an important discussion. They’ve gone to prison for doing just this. Now, that’s the definition of heroic and radical thinking in action.
The Uniparty of the United States of America absolutely hates this idea of the social contract.
I find it compelling.

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I was blown away by Professor Kaye’s eloquent article. He says it all. It is at times difficult for me to articulate things I know to be true but have trouble connecting the dots and presenting those thoughts in a clear, concise manner. Now all I have to say is “Read this.”

This a essay is particularly timely in light of Trump supporters’ reaction to the Declaration of Independence.