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'We Are Running Concentration Camps': Images From El Paso Stir Outrage Over Migrant Treatment

'We Are Running Concentration Camps': Images From El Paso Stir Outrage Over Migrant Treatment

Eoin Higgins, staff writer

Hundreds of migrants are being held by border agents in a fenced in encampment under a bridge in El Paso, leading to anger and accusations that the American government is holding people in "concentration camps."

Images posted online by reporters and advocates painted a disturbing scene in the Texas city. Lines of migrants behind fencing, being processed by agents from U.S. Customs and Border Patrol (CBP), walked into a camp area that appeared to be standing room only.

MAGA my ass.


Time for all Congressional reps to be brought to the counter to come to terms with what they are doing.
The realm of the simple “ideologue” has been long left behind.
Since Reagan the true insidiousness of the Bernaysian predation has been building intravenous feeds that are in continual reshaping and inversion for insertion by corporate vampire squid(s) and their mutated arms in Congress aided and abetted by the SCOTUS Citizens United.

The sheer scope of criminality in government threatens to trigger another revolution. Why? Why, indeed.


Make Another Gulag Available.

The Nazis Have Overtaken Us.

Will We Take The Fight To Them, Or Wait Till They Come For Us?


You are right. Soon they will come for all of us. What do we do?


When as a people, as a nation, as a group, we seek solutions in Authority --outside ourselves, we invite ideologues, charlatans, demigods, despotism, fascism. Both Trump and Mueller were looked to as authorities who would solve the same problem: our democracy is broken.

When as citizens of a democracy feel we can relax by voting for authoritarianism, for powerful individuals to solve our problem, we concede that we don’t want the power, that we voluntarily give it away. Power conceded to Authority, removed and unresponsive to the people, creates our own powerlessness --impotence.


“Concentration Camp” “Nazi”

Looks more like Scarface than Auschwitz. Let me know when we start herding them into gas chambers like the Jews…

All these brainwashed people trying to make something evil out of something more or less inconvenient and a bit rough.



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This is simply appalling. Call your concritters repeatedly. As a nation/government, we are truly Ugly.


“All these brainwashed people trying to make something evil out of something more or less inconvenient and a bit rough.”

Not so much - I would tend to disagree. Its more an intense governmental denial that this is a consequence of policy and practices in Central America for over 100 years. By so denying, it seems that mind set is able to rationalize intense dehumanization. As a DEMOCRACY whatever we do to people fleeing the domestic instability and violence fomented for the most part by US meddling, we lay the tracks for domestic practices. Blame the victims and you start to build your own prison. And that has so many historical precedents - yup, you might want to snap awake.

Oh! and I forgot to add: this is being done by private prison operations all too often which is a dangerous and insidious conflict of interest


All these people, forever traumatized…


US mercenaries/military veteran have privatized US prisons and global Gulag system industry. The same folks who set-up, ran and presently run the torture camps in the Middle East use the Veteran Preference in Hiring and rigged scoring system, to control 90% of LE jobs and related outsourced contracts.
At the very least 90% of male white nationalist and male hate group members are ex-military.
Detaining and torturing progressives and Persons of Color is how they choose to make their living and frankly what they live for!


The Republican Party is a criminal organization.

Republicans are creating the next generation of terrorists in these camps. My god they are degenerate creatures


Using the definitions of the FBI and the Southern Poverty Law Center, you are correct. Thank you sir.

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The republicans are the next generation of US domestic white terrorist and white terrorism!


Any pictures of the Obama era detention centers? If we want to fix the problem we need a party in charge that will. So far we’ve ruled out the Democrats and the Republicans. There are so many pressing issues that we People have no representation in Washington addressing that in any Democrat/Republican contest is sure to result in the People losing some more.

We tried voting for Change and got a different party starting wars, ignoring leaded water, laying down for the oil industry, standing with corporations over native Americans and the environment, cutting taxes for the most wealthy and scrimping on the value proposition for ordinary citizens.

We can vote for one of the non performing parties and get more nothing, or we can vote differently. Nothing would be much different now if half of us wrote in “none of the above” last time except there would be some incentive for change in party leadership. What’s going to be different after your next vote?


This country has ALWAYS had concentration camps. The government calls them ‘Indian’ reservations…though the people in them aren’t from India. Ignorance prevails even in the 21st Century because in most respects they are still effectively doing their purpose.

My stepmom as a child and her family were ripped from their home in 1942 and thrown into one. They lost their home in San Francisco due to the inability to pay their property taxes (locked in a cage for years could have had something to do with that I’m guessing) and, when the gates were finally opened, they had nothing and were on the street broke and homeless.

Not much has changed, has it? This country never learns from history.

And the prison/industrial complex is pretty much on-going black concentration camps since those are used the same way for the similar purposes.

Hey, anybody else ever been through El Paso in the summertime? I hitch-hiked through back in the 70s. About killed me. Summer is coming, and with the crashing climate I’m assuming the incredible scorching heat is going to be blasting down sooner than expected because like most every year it seems that happens earlier and earlier. Has anybody else reading this stood under a concrete overpass on asphalt in El Paso on a 115’F days? Care to tell us about how it felt? Empathy only goes so far…

But I’m confident that someone in that vicious federal bureaucracy has thought ahead and already ordered hundreds of body bags by now. Best to be prepared, eh? Your tax dollars at work!!



Congress and the Judiciary are complicit. They have the power to end this (or would like to think that), and we most definitely do not.


Can you say RICO?


We ARE the Nazis …now

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