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'We Are Sorry': American Expats in Switzerland Plan Anti-Trump Protest Ahead of Davos

'We Are Sorry': American Expats in Switzerland Plan Anti-Trump Protest Ahead of Davos

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

"He can hurt America but he can also hurt the rest of the world, and as we are a democracy we feel somewhat responsible for that."

Trump protest graphic

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, American “in-pats” plan…well, nothing…aside from maybe a session or two of hand wringing while they describe how anxious they feel about Trump on Twitter…


Surely, Ms. Dufresne was being sarcastic…

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What is Davos, other than a small and rather unimpressive town in the Swiss Canton of GraubĂĽnden, up in the eastern Swiss Alps with a population about the size of Yonkers, NY(190,000), and where it and other nearby similar towns like St Moritz attract the filthy rich of the world to indulge themselves in winter sports and summer Alpine wandering? It is also a place where once a year the super wealthy and/or famous gather to solve the troubles of the world under the auspices and financial and technical help of the the World Economic Forum (WEF), a Swiss nonprofit foundation that was founded in 1971.

Where does all the money come from to support the WEF’s annual meeting. Some, although not a lot, from the creators of the foundation. "Drumpf, the first sitting (or golfing) US President to participate in the meeting in 20 year is chipping in, or rather the US taxpayers - many of whom can hardly feed and clothe themselves - are supporting the presence of the idiot US president, i.e. feeding, housing, and transporting a myriad of hangers on, guardians, and other US support personnel.

The founder of the WEF, Klaus Schwab, will be there and the WEF will possibly provide some of the general support requirements, but it couldn’t come out of his own pocket, his having risen from a middle class German engineer and professor. More likely from his mysterious Swiss wife, Hilde Schwab, who it was told to me by a Swiss friend a few days ago while sitting in front of a television in Basel, came from a very wealthy Swiss commercial family. A “mysterious wife” in that I looked all over the internet for her later and couldn’t find out much of anythings about her origins. The Swiss friend intimated that she wore the pants in the family and was tough as nails. She co-manages the master/mistress of ceremony. If there is engagement between her and the Drumpf, she will likely make mincemeat of him. I just can’t wait.

I was abroad when the election happened. Right, afterwards when foreigners would hear my american accent I would often hear, “TRUUUUMMPPPP” in the near distance. My reactionary response was always, " I’M SORRRRY"