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'We Are Still Here': Water Protectors Remain in Prayer, Brace for Mass Arrests


'We Are Still Here': Water Protectors Remain in Prayer, Brace for Mass Arrests

Nika Knight, staff writer

Water protectors standing against the controversial Dakota Access Pipeline are bracing for militarized police to descend on their protest camp near Cannon Ball, North Dakota, as the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' evacuation deadline of 2pm CST Wednesday looms.


The contrast between the rightful inhabitants of this land--the First Nations--who resort to prayer and understand and wish to protect the fundamental principle that Life-- water, earth, air and all creatures, all things-- is sacred and the obscene forces arraigned against them by the occupying force who protect corporation's profits could not be greater. Love, respect to all the water protectors.


About the only upside today is that the cavalry can no longer surround a native village and slaughter men, women and children to the last person and justify it as "taming the hostiles."
* On the other hand, we've seen that there is apparently no legal barrier to the "law" and their company mercenaries shooting peaceful, praying and singing, Protectors with rubber bullets at point blank range, concussion grenades, saturating them with tear gas, using tasers, soaking them with water cannons in 20 degree (F) weather, putting them in dog kennels after first being marked on the forearm with black magic marker ID numbers. The list goes on.
* I hope this will serve as a beacon, illuminating a road to resist and destroy fascism. We thought we had succeeded in doing that in the early forties, but here it has risen again in a nation that was once considered a haven of freedom.
* We the People must regain our country and the only way we can is to unite as a people, regardless of "race, creed or national origin." Refuse to follow the orders and do the work of those self-appointed "masters."
* Oppose, demonstrate, BDS the Oilagarchy's products, divest from their companies, make national strikes the norm and shut the Fourth Reich down!
* Above all, we must work together, demonstrate together, suffer together if necessary, but try to share love, respect, food and shelter with each other, for We are the People! And this is our land, our country.
* Mni Wiconi!
* Water is Life!
* Remember, you cannot drink oil
* No Pipelines!


My heart is breaking for these people--for all of us really. It seems we have no recourse but to let Big Oil destroy our fresh water supply.

From the moment the first foot of the invaders touched the ground on this continent, genocide, rape and pillage have been the modus operende.'

The First Nations had something to teach us then, and they do now. Many many more of us have heard you this time Standing Rock!

Let us hope that this becomes a movement that brings up important ethical questions concerning how we allow business to ruin our land.


I would carry that one step further, for I would suggest ethical questions concerning how we stop and prevent wealth and corporate business from stealing and ruining our land and livelihoods.


Meant to write "arrayed"


Yes, the village idiot is indeed bring us together in fierce unity--Total, rolling, non cooperation because of so much that justifies it.


Agree, minitrue!


Thank you for defending the Future.


This is war on US citizens. It's the corporate power waging war on all of us!


Yes, actions against our brave Bothers and Sisters in the Dakotas are actions against all of us, and our Sacred Mother Earth!


The United States Army Corps of Engineers needs to be dismantled. They are not following their mission to protect water. Water is our number one natural resource. Protecting our water is a matter of national security. Call the United States Army Corps of Engineers Headquarters in Washington, D. C., 202-761-0011, and demand they protect water from pipelines. You could tell them you are standing with Standing Rock to protect water for all citizens of the United States. The Army Corps of Engineers has helped clean up oil spills and have first hand knowledge of such disasters. Just look at the United States Army Corps website to view their mission.


Are the protestors willing to go the whole way? Are they willing to fight fist to fist, weapon to weapon against their oppressors?


Hey NBC, you can live stream an empty podium where the Dumpster was supposed to give a speech so how about live streaming the DAP protest site live while the pigs and their mercenaries descend? You owe us that much at least for making all of this possible by helping install a demagogue.


Because that worked so well for the Native Americans in the past. /s


The police state would love nothing more than for the water protectors to fire the first shot. Until then, the police state will use every means of violence available to them short of firing lethal bullets. This is the conservative's idea of non-intrusive, small government protecting freedom and liberty....... bunch of damned hypocrites those conservatives are.