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We Are Still Here

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2020/10/12/we-are-still-here

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The Hawaiian kingdom wasn’t overthrown by a government. It was by rich white businessmen. When will America learn.


iconoclasm cica 1945

Yea this means you gotta take down the swastika eagles
And no hitler was not an “intrepid hero”

iconoclasm circa 2020

Yea this means you gotta take down the confederates and the slave traders.
And no columbus was not an “intrepid hero”


Why not Indigenous People’s Day
That’s a GREAT Idea


Now wait just a minute, a lot of native people died for us to be able to think as we do, and celebrate a new day. I hope it doesn’t turn out like some of the other days we celebrate. I guess it is better than the alternative.


Hi im 1 nur12ic:

Howard Zinn’s," book, The People’s History of the United States,’ does a better job of showing the travesty of Columbus better than most school books.
Re: Hawaii— After learning of that travesty, I have never eaten Dole Pineapple products again! : (


What Columbus did is now called “disruptive capitalism”.

As a nation we pray to the god of disruptive capitalism upon his alter of greed.

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Very true! I did not realize ( even though a progressive) how I had been lied to in my school books when I was in public schools and taught that: “COLUMBUS DISCOVERED AMERICA”.

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“They tried to exterminate us. We still rise. They tried to silence us. We still sing. They tried to honor our killers. We took a stand. They tried to erase our ancestral memory. We remember.” - Maulian Dana

My Native American spouse loves this quote! And so do I.

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I saw the discrepancy in the “Columbus Discovers America” story immediately - if he “discovered” it, why were there people living there already? It never made sense - even at my first exposure in first grade. My poor mother had to answer LOTS of questions.


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Maybe when China invades it?..

Not until the Fourth Reich ends up like the Third Reich?