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We Are The Empire


We Are The Empire

William Astore

Perhaps you’ve heard the expression: “We have met the enemy and he is us.” Cartoonist Walt Kelly’s famed possum, Pogo, first uttered that cry.


That same mentality is on full display in the streets of the USA. Look at the Storm Troopers in the streets of Baton Rouge, backed up by “not conducive to social engagements” MRAPs! People who view non-judicial killings as extremely wrong are viewed as the enemy! As former Senior NCO, three tour Viet Nam vet, I find this behavior by the various police departments both abhorrent, and disgusting. Home of the Brave, Land of the Free, currently neither are true…


I remember looking down a silo at a Minuteman missle at Whiteman AFB in Missouri in the early seventies. Our escort told us not to stand over certain features as pneumatically driven antennae can pop up one hundred feet in less than a second. Riding down the elevator to an undisclosed depth to the launch complex, where the two AF officers smartly dressed in blue, wearing red scarves, with their keys around their necks. On their hips were their sidearms so that they could shoot the other if he would not use his key when instructed. I’ve never been the same and never been so desirous of peace since.


Could we take a sophisticated video editing / graphics program to some of these full-length Hollywood movies, and change the insignia (and other identifiers like flags) on the uniforms, vehicles and buildings of the “aliens” and “imperial stormtroopers,” to be United States insignia and flags? Might help make Astore’s point to a mass audience.

Of course we’d surely be in violation of somebody’s rights if we did that, and our edited version would be suppressed to protect “intellectual property” rights…


Afghanis and Iraqis watch these same films and certainly see Americans as the alien empire invader.


Excellent article, Col. Astore. It looks like our version of Emperor Palpatine could be a woman.


Hearty congratulations to William Astore for his insight. Some of the best are paid for; this sounds like one of those.

Here’s another, one that did not strike me until years after: we are not the empire in the way that the farmer is the farm, but in the way that the chickens are the farm.


“When I saw them in the midst of the Cold War, I never doubted that Darth Vader’s authoritarian Empire in a galaxy far, far away was the Soviet Union.”

Wow, not me! When I saw the first “Star Wars” in 1977 in Santa Fe, NM, I immediately identified the Empire with Wall Street. But then, I had fled to Santa Fe from Wall Street after a full scale collision with the powers that be there in 1973, so I had insider information …


What truly makes this far worse is fact Arabs with boxcutters incapable hijacking get this four separate planes from four separate crews and all their passengers what is the probability of such an incredible absurd series of events I am certain it is not possible and therefore demolition exactly what the leaseholder same late afternoon stated.He added he met with a fire official and together they decided to pull a term used in controlled demolition sole only means to demolish get this three separate high rises the twin towers two and building seven a 47 story high rise.Excuse me fires jet fuel incapable scant time towers alone burned shortest just forty five minutes.This was a crime and the perps read their very own web page “Project for a new American century” ask why in 1999 they wanted USA attacked same as we had been at pearl harbor and by the way we well aware plenty time to have warned base commander to be prepared repel attack. For free great book written marine most decorated marine our history “War is a racket” he nailed it and in case you as I once unaware he prevented elites tried hire him to overthrow FDR.He indeed turned them into congress which sadly did same as would today nothing elites have always been exempted all our silly laws.


Since 1947 or maybe earlier the war machine called "the Military Industrial Complex has been controlled by a cabal called the Illuminati or the New World Order. The less used term is the Khazarian mafia. They control the major international banks and a major portion of the world petrol supplies. They feed on our fear and ignorance. Their long range agenda is to cut the world population by 90% and enslave the remaining population. The North American faction of this cabal is in DC and Wall Street and are known as the Rockefeller faction of the Khazarian mafia. In Europe it is in London and at the Vatican and is the Rothschild Khazinian mafia.


It all started with the Rothchilds.



Alien thoughts: Kill your own people is the name of the game our hyperpower groups to idiots called terrorists play. That is because, we can NOT fight the real Aliens…as simple as that, So, hit your own kinda thing in every aspect from security to health care. Sad bunch of Earthlings.

“We need to take a long hard look at ourselves.” Do NOT expect any real Aliens coming our way, as friends, with the life we live, even with God’s direction. The bad part is the opposite will happen with major Abyss…Commondreams need to add ideas towards a Good Governance for Mankind.


Interesting analogy with the Independence Day franchise. One major difference tho: after the human race eliminated the alien threat we did not turn our planet into a fundie shithole. At least not according to part two of the movie.


George Lucas, author and creater of Star Wars was brilliant. He knew “the Empire” was a merger of the British Empire and ours. Only the MIC empire didn’t know it was lampooning them, otherwise they never would have let Lucas produce those films!

Domestically, We’ve got to get back to our roots. The founding fathers went through all this before. Redcoats smashing their way into the public square and into our homes.

History is repeating itself.

In real life, Science fiction is becoming reality. “The five eyes” is a merger between English World intel forces and we are on the march to stamp out any rebel tribal groups all over the world. Unfortunately, terminators and death stars will eventually turn on everyone, assuring our global destruction in a fiery Global Warming extinction.

I relate to this author. I was actually a real-life Chewbacca/Han Solo. Except that my little company of American Indians got crushed by the Empire and I found myself flying for the Empire to 58 countries a few airlines later. We used to laugh at the Star Wars alien space-port bar scene in the first Star Wars movie since it was like many of the ex-pat bars we frequented around the globe.

No one can stop the Empire, but it does seems bent on destroying itself. TPP and TIPP will supplant the US Constitution installing a supreme Arbitration Board composed of foreign investors who are above all Federal Labor and EPA law. As Ross Perot knew, it will average American Wages with the near-slave wages of the Orient. It really behoves all of us to get to Philly and say:

Dump the TPP
or else I vote for Donald Dump :poop:

Notice the two Dynasty-Family Traitor’s eyes as Ross tells them the truth. As Perot predicted, the Clinton (NAFTA) and Bush Families have wrecked the country.



My brother was a Navy fighter pilot between 1961 and 1969. At one point, he told me that he had been named his squadron’s liaison to CBW (Chemical Biological Warfare) School. I asked him what he learned, and he said that it was classified, and he could not speak of it. He did say that when he went into the school he believed in, “better dead than red”. After being in the school, he said he now believed in “better red than dead.”


That really doesn’t make sense. I don’t know much about these things but apparently the consoles are too far apart for one person to operate, so if one shoots another there goes the launch.


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coming soon, to a small town near you…


$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ all it will take


The idea was that it took two simultaneous key turns to launch. The guns, as I remember, were to override the conscience of the reluctant. So that way, no “nut” could freak out and launch on his own because he was having a bad day. If the call were real (and there were surely many tests), two simultaneous turns would be required to turn earth into glass. It boggles one’s mind, especially if one is an insomniac…