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“We Are the Masters,” Says Israeli Mayor, as 3 More Palestinians Are Killed


“We Are the Masters,” Says Israeli Mayor, as 3 More Palestinians Are Killed

Charlotte Silver

On Monday, Israeli forces shot dead three Palestinian youths, bringing the total number of Palestinians killed since heightened violence erupted on 1 October across the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip and inside present-day Israel to 27.


Fucking genocidal pigs...


Yet we can be sure that no US presidential candidate anywhere will come close to condemning Israel and the murdering settler thugs.


So ... are you ready to join the BDS movement yet?


I must admit, you are quite persistent. To your misfortune though, you are posting on a discussion board in which the posters know the truth.

You might as well pack your bags and go home because what you are attempting to peddle is not the unbiased reality of the situation ... or the truth.


The supreme irony of the "master" racists


It goes to show that the Democrats, for the most part. are Democrats in name only; meaning that they're little or no different or better than the Republicans in their positions on the various issues, especially war.


What crap. Scram Zionist pig.... Peddle your genocidal hate somewhere else.


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Of course they hate you. I hate you, and I'm not even living in your giant open-air prison. Israel as a nation is a body completely worthy of utter contempt. I have a rule against condemning entire countries, because usually the notion that you can make meaningful judgements of millions of people at once is laughable. And six months ago I would have refrained from making sweeping statements about all Israelis. But then you reelected Netanyahu, embraced hate and madness, and demonstrated what a completely vile, dark-hearted nation you are.

I reiterate: of course they hate you. But you act as if this hate emerged from a vacuum. Poor little innocent, kindhearted Israel, inexplicably hated by the evil Arabs, channeling some kind of unthinking primordial antisemitism (funny word, since Arabs by definition are also semitic). No, it's a hate decades in the making, with its ultimate origins in the theft of their land and expulsion of their people in 1948, and a more recent and specific origin in the occupation and imprisonment of an entire population post-1967. Welcome to the Third Intifada, motherfucker.

Run home little hasbara shill. You'll find no gullible takers here. Your disgusting nation's days are numbered, and you have only yourselves to blame. And when the day comes when your nation disintegrates in an orgy of hate (most likely in a civil war as the numerous internal fault-lines finally rupture), few of the worlds Jews will shed a tear. You really have no idea how out of touch you are now with the Jewish youth of the world. Your uncritical, hateful foreign support base is literally dying off.


I'm not an Arab, you idiot. And I'm well aware of the racism that permeates Israeli society. It's apparent from the second you arrive at the airport and are subjected to the most insane questions about your ethnic background. Israel convinces its citizens that everyone else wants to push them into the sea, while the reality is that all the power lies with Israel and it is the Palestinians in places like the Gaza Strip who are facing a coordinated campaign aimed at either eventual expulsion or outright extermination.

You could start by actually reading the writings of your countries founders.


Great post Noodle. I agree on all points.


No it is what people do when they have no other weapons with which to fight their vile oppressors. You deserve everything you are getting you clueless twit.