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'We Are the Ones Making a Difference': Greta Thunberg Addresses Extinction Rebellion in London

'We Are the Ones Making a Difference': Greta Thunberg Addresses Extinction Rebellion in London

Julia Conley, staff writer

A day before countries around the world celebrate Earth Day, activist and leader of the School Strike for Climate Greta Thunberg addressed protesters in London who have been occupying a number of major landmarks for almost a week, rallying the demonstrators to continue their fight against the "existential crisis" brought about by climate change.


"Extinction Of The Elites You Say."


This girl has more guts than every American alive, all added up and multiplied by a thousand. Not so much more than her youthful European counterparts. Lets face it, the totality of America is a sniveling and lily-livered trembling worthless pusillanimous coward.


Someone else posted this link on the last Greta story, I’ve tried to find the article and the post in question but after a search of common dreams backstories it appears to have been memory-holded… for this one, anyways. I’ll leave it here for this article. Good read.


When Greta’s smug mug started popping up in the news, all I could think is the following:

When I was 16, I had big beef with what was going on environmentally. Nobody gave me audience with Davos elites or a global media megaphone.

Then I discover she has celebrity parents and ties to big business.

As the C + C Music Factory once observed:

They’re The Things That Make You Go… Hmmmm…


Why don’cha say this to my face, dude! Oh, wait, wait! Where did I leave that semi-automatic? Shit! Where’s my superior firepower?!? I take it back! I take it back!!

Interesting, and devastating to the movement if true.

The paucity of comments on this forum proves that you are correct.

So great Greta is building a nice career for herself backed by her wealthy connected parents. I was wondering why she got the spotlight over any other teen. So since her last uplifting speech promoting Rallies, what has been accomplished? Nothing! Not one Coal or Fossil Plant has been shut down by protesters or anyone. Some retaliation we have going here in response to an Extinction Event! Great post, Cukes!

Case closed on American cowardice. I once believed in a county that would tackle the challenges it faced, that cared for its citizens. That placed the future of its citizens and their families first. I was wrong. This girl is more courageous and ethical than the entirety of the 330 million inhabitants of this most nefarious of terrorist organizations, and all by herself too.


And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why it’s not a good ideea to dig into some things.

Here’s some interesting info by Cory Morningstar about Extinction Rebellion…


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O gosh darn it, Greta comes from a phamous phamily with money and Al Gore is there too training people. People are on board putting money where their mouth is so it’s gotta be bad, right? Sorry but what a crock the postings above me are, geez!


Who gives a shit as long as something/anything is done instead of hitting the keyboard in mom and dads basement.

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It’s about raising awareness of the issues so the people can make informed choices .
To change collective conciousness you have to raise collective conciousness.
Here’s a starter …
Anything you can make from Hydrocarbons in oil can just
as easily be made from carbohydrates in vegetable crops like Hemp.

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Greta uses the best word in the English language (not her native tongue) more than any other in her speech–“We”–such a beautiful soul. Greta, I, and I hope we, applaud you and your brilliant foresight.

It would be nice if you provided some perspective to an intellectual worldview from one we don’t have the advantage of hearing from very often.

We are all, well mostly all, open to other’s opinions here at Common Dreams.

Help us address the paucity of comments on this forum.

I’ve read some of your past comments and it’s evident that you are not bound to either political party and their ideologies.

If you can, it would be nice to hear more from someone who cares about people.

Be sure to share your sentiments with Ilhan Omar and Chelsea Manning. They are but two.


Depends on the movement. If it’s the ‘recognize how we’re manipulated’ movement, it’s a boon to the movement!

If it’s an ‘action on climate’ movement you speak of, please see my forth-coming reply to Guitman.

Your right. Those Americans sure have shown the World some leadership here. God bless America.

I don’t think that’s a fair way to assess the impact of Greta Thunberg and what she’s doing. On the eve of King George II’s Iraq War II, the world bore witness to the largest anti-war protest ever. And what happened? Nothing! (Or, a never-ending war in which millions have died began, depending on how one looks at it.)

Think of how many kids around the world there likely are whom idolize Greta and are inspired by her. Think of all the discussions in classrooms and around family dinner tables about this. A whole generation watched those anti-war protests, and then watched the bombs rain down on Baghdad soon afterwards. And you could say the protests did nothing, but at the same time that whole generation saw the US government’s lack of response to public sentiment, and likely took away a thing or two from that. One cannot measure the effect of something like that, but rest assured, the effect is real. As is the effect of Greta’s latest speech. Might take a few decades to see it, but it’s out there now making ripples. Over vast distances of ocean, ripples become tsunamis.

Dig! By all means, dig. Just do so knowing from the outset that you’ll never get to the bottom of it.