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Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2020/08/26/we-are-tired

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The GOP and their ilk have never focused on the real issues. It has been the party of petulant brats since Reagan. They’ve ignored every genuine problem or crime from the Iran/Contra scandal to the spurious Iraq invasion to everything wrong here today, but are outraged that Slick Billy Clinton had adulterous sex, that Obama didn’t have a flag pin in his lapel or brazenly wore a khaki suit or that neither Kaepernick nor LeBron is keeping them entertained, because those things are important. Long ago, Lenny Bruce said that America was screwing itself because we don’t believe in intellect or education. And here we are, the proof of his argument.


WE are Tired, "…
and plenty of white people like me are agreeing with you. When I watched that video the cop with the guns just stuck his gun in Mr, Blake’s back and shot. One shot would have been ridiculous;ous enough----but 7? Then the video where the 17 year old — who came across state lines to shoot people—wow, he finishes shooting, he gets up and puts his arms up and down as he walks toward the police while citizens are yelling rifle guy did the shooting. The police did nothing. And yet two people are dead for protesting!!! The entire police department of that city needs to be reviewed.
I also heard on Democracy Now, that the shooter just left the state with no consequences–but 2 people are dead. Days later the police chief speaks—nonsensically too. But a 17 year old murdered 2 protestors and he walks away free? And too–a man is shot in the back 7 times for no reason, and the police have yet to act.
The entire idea of policing is wrong. Having guns appear to make thinking unnecessary. I also heard on Democracy Now that that the police in that town were supposed to have body cams–and yet several years later—they do not. If not for the citizens shooting their own video----who would believe that things happened this way?. Black Americans know that this happens a lot, but now a lot more of all Americans know how often this happens too.FIRE the entire force. Start over, and for the 1st 2 years on the force…NO GUNS. Learn how to talk and most importantly how to listen----and even more important–LIVE IN THE COMMUNITY that you police. And no police cars for a long time. Walk your beat, meet your community—and then MAYBE THEN, having police might take sense…sadly they police are so often------ just senseless.


Petulant and burdened with whiteness and privilege, Jared Kushner, said that players should move beyond slogans and take action…that they will get paid whether they play or not. He is as vapid as his wife.


I watched that Sterling brown interaction and the guy did absolutely nothing to warrant tasing .

The reason the WHITE officers tased him was because Mr Brown had a very nice car and those white police officers were pissed that a “N*****” made more money then they did and were gonna teach him a lesson.

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“they officially said they would not play, the Magic said they wouldn’t accept the Bucks’ forfeit in solidarity. That sense of a shared trauma and mission”

This is the line we must form.
This is the Linked Arms of Shared Affirmation, that…WE ALL ARE TIRED !!!

We are repugnantly disgusted to the very depths our our Collective Soul
That Police still court the Racism of the Vigilantes, “We are Glad you are here”

There should be NO hearing, NO Explanation, No Counseling, No Second chance for the “good cop”

Who’s “Good Cop”?

Bullshit… Cops Racist “Zero Tolerance” for drugs devastately affecting communities of Color

Should be used pound for pound against the Systemic Racism of the Blue Rank and File.

Zero Tolerance, pound for pound, ounce for ounce.
You Tweet, You Post, You are on Video, Your Felony Murder of Non Threatening People,




He also made the comment that they(NBA players) were lucky to make enough money to be able to walk out.

After watching a (somewhat long, but I was still interested) video by a black police officer at ~https://youtu.be/9IIgBgOgANw, I have come to a different conclusion than you. This officer says things I disagree with, but overall I think I get his main point. Police misconduct is a huge problem and this case recently of police interacting with an armed civilian who I’m sure is a white supremacist asshole is off the charts crazy and heads should roll, but on any particular case of a police interaction, there is a spectrum from one end where the victim does absolutely nothing wrong and the other end where, though the cop’s behavior might violate training and rules of conduct, the victim was clearly not optimizing the situation for him.

In this case of Sterling Brown:

a) He parked across 3 handicapped parking spaces at Walgreens (according to this officer’s video anyway). Ok, middle of the night - probably no one was going to park there anyway, but that is both rude and breaking the law.

b) He got right in the officers face - what, people have no concept of social distancing? Even pre corona, I know not to get within a few feet of anybody’s face who isn’t a friend of mine who I can’t hear very well let alone a police officer asking for my driver’s license.

c) He did not let go of whatever was in his pockets and simply pull his hands out of his pockets when told to do so. And it went south from there.

I have to conclude he didn’t get the talk, or he thinks the talk is bullshit and he is going to do whatever he wants. I give my kid the talk even though because he’s white is never going to have the same probability of having a problem with the police that a black person will have - but that probability is never zero for anyone and every person in the US or any other country better take a hard look at their ego and consider if they want to be stubborn and not adjust their behavior while the police are unjust or instead, view the probability as something they can control and try to reduce it to the minimum. We may not be able to change police behavior ever or it may take decades. In the meantime, I suggest everyone get a hold of their ego - your life may depend on it.


I am white (my sons call our class upper poor). I have talked to my white sons about how to respond to police officers because of my own experiences over the years. I have told them to just do what they are told and to NEVER appear to challenge police authority because it won’t end well. I have told them they have no card to play as far as rights go when you are on the side of the road talking to a cop with a gun. I know I don’t get treated as poorly as a black men but I do know that if I had an expensive late model car I would be treated a lot better. Poor whites are treated like crap by police yet I guess it’s not as bad as blacks are treated so they like Trump?

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a significant breach has occurred in that this moment has reached into the generally lilly white sport of baseball now (not the athletes per se, but the fans). Baseball is notoriously resistant to progressive pressure in the larger culture, and to see them bending right now is glorious.

One word of caution, however: these teams are large corporations, and their commitment to the justice side of this struggle has to be viewed skeptically. But the athletes are doing it right.

Proud of my A’s for doing something totally out of character from one of the least labor-friendly teams in all sports: they’re leading from the front for once. And for a team owned by the heir to the GAP fortune–a fortune made on the backs of virtual garment slaves–this is a pretty big deal.

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I really, really, REALLY hope this doesn’t turn into a kind of candle light vigil or kumbaya moment. I really hope the players aren’t just doing this for one or a few games but until positive change happens. I want to hear owners and politicians get upset.

It isn’t a strike until white people in power feel it.