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'We Are Undervalued': Target Delivery Workers to Walk Off Job in Demand for Better Treatment Amid Outbreak

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/04/06/we-are-undervalued-target-delivery-workers-walk-job-demand-better-treatment-amid

I wait on CNN and FOX to report that Trump a dictator and that he wrecked the economy via Capitalism and should be replaced by Jill Stein as they use evidence of all those empty store shelves as proof “Capitalism does not work”.

Somehow I doubt this will happen.

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Not just Target, folks. It’s all the big box Home supply stores - Menards, Home Depot, Lowes and ACE etc
it’s all considered ‘essential’.
At Big Orange, the company has done a few things:
PT employees had 80hrs of sick time added to each, FT even more.
stores only open 6-6 rather than 6-10
hazardous pay differential I forget how much, it wasn’t much, and (get this) an additional hazardous pay bump if you’re over 65. (At least until you test positive)
*limited public in the store to 100. *
Only one entrance and one exit
Employees will not be informed (by the Company) if a co-worker tests positive, (or dies , presumably)
“The CDC will inform you”

But still, most of the employees in the store are risking their lives to make sure that things like the shower curtain rods bay is stocked and priced correctly and the Weed & Feed is stacked. But hey, you could quit and isolate.

These workers should all revolt.

Im on the MET team and we have had gloves for several weeks now. Got my first mask last thursday. But that’s only because hte current superv just had a baby and she’s very up on this. The previous suprv was such a nazi he got himself fired. which is not easy at this place

Still , there are mostly MAGA’ts working there so even today most of them were hearing no protection. One ASM was handing out homemade masks that his wife made over the weekend! It’s a mix

This is so exciting! Take back your power! Workers Unite!

Amazon in Chicago as well. It’s good they hit hard now. It’s going to become difficult as unemployment continues to soar.

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Seems the pandemic is waking people to how they are truly valued.

WHen this mess slows down a bit I suspect that any employee that used all of their sick time (80+ hours), will be let go. There will be tens of millions of people ready to take their, minimum wage, place