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'We Are Unstoppable. Another World Is Possible': Hundreds Storm Police Lines to Shut Down Massive Coal Mine in Germany

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/22/we-are-unstoppable-another-world-possible-hundreds-storm-police-lines-shut-down


The system references only itself and practices of extraction (in ALL senses). It is already in cannibal mode with financialization bubbles of unprecedented - EVER - scale.

We have entered the phase of exponential feedback loops. Nothing in western domination patterns of society even recognizes the premises and documentation much less the changes to praxis that are required NOW.

AI is not a future paradigm - it is active now. Algorithms are involved in EVERY essential aspect of western life. Yet no one documents the vast lacunae in these applications - and again, much less the consequences - also integral to the exponential nature of the feedback loops…

The police forces are largely ex-military and increasingly governments want militarized criteria governing local police forces. I pray for a ‘tipping point’ in the consciousness of these men and women. As the old bumper sticker used to say: Its much easier to simply become one of us.

The closest you want to get to coal is something like coconut carbon as a gut protector.


No watching Kardashians in Germany.


What’s shocking to me is how vast this coal mine is already.

And that’s Germany

Now look at fracking and the ground water. Invisible vast expanse


Unless some sort of handle is taken on this then it’s simply one step forward and 3 steps back !


An inspired group, and then some. I could take a lesson from them as to their commitment to action


You can’t consume what isn’t produced.

Today, tomorrow and the next days foreseeable Ende Gelände blocks the production of [fossil fuel] energy and alternatives are inadequate. Tomorrow thousands of German hausfraus will flip a switch and nothing will happen. There is no electricity and nothing lights, no heat is produced.
– Then what happens?




Tesla supposedly had the problem licked. Get your power through the air with a tower or antena to receive.

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Now picture Germany 15 years in the future after continuing to burn Fossil fuels.


Compare Germany now vs. 15 years ago: Not much different, (except for somewhat more ‘foreign born’ persons).

What might we expect, Germany 15 years from now vs. today? Much the same, including somewhat more ‘foreign born’ persons.

No, we should pay attention to the science and expect much worse.
Comment: https://grist.org/article/600-environmental-orgs-say-this-is-what-they-want-in-a-green-new-deal/#comment-4285915404


Damn! Thought this headline was happening in this Country… Shoulda known better.

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"Not even all the armies in the world can stop a movement who’s time has come. "
Victor Hugo
It’s just a matter of when we reach critical mass.The first Domino has fallen .

All For One And One For All.


This is June. They won’t be there in January. They will be home enjoying the heat from that coal and from the gas supplied by the Russians.

You must be just some guy enjoying his air conditioning who wants us to do nothing. These people have little control over where they get their energy. At least they are starting to do something about it.


We should be blocking the coal trains to UNC Chapel HIll.


In this country, there would be a few dead and at least a dozen injured.

That said, don’t we need coal for steel manufacturing?
No need for these massive mines though.
Carbon is small part of steel manufacturing, and I am not sure if we can get it from other sources.

A group of volunteers like this in every state of our nation willing to take on fossil fuel fuckups would be unstoppable.

It could morph into a political movement, a political party even, drawing in millions of those who see the science and dispel the lies the industry sells to us.

We could all belong to the "Freedom From Fossil Fuels Fuckups Forever Party."