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'We Are Watching the Ice Sheet Hit a Tipping Point': Greenland Melting Even Faster Than Feared

'We Are Watching the Ice Sheet Hit a Tipping Point': Greenland Melting Even Faster Than Feared

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

While climate scientists have repeatedly raised alarm about the how human-caused global warming is driving "off the charts" ice loss in Greenland that will contribute to devastating sea level rise, a new analysis of a less studied region has ramped up those concerns, revealing that Greenland's ice sheet is melting even faster than previously thought.

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Most of the british msm are reporting this catastrophe. Pay attention climate deniers. That includes you mr. Dump.


‘U.S. Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.), who recently confirmed she’s considering a run for president in 2020, tweeted: “I’ve seen this ice sheet and it is truly massive. We must take action now to reverse climate change.”’

Ain’t nothing going to “reverse climate change”. Perhaps climate change can be attenuated, but not reversed. Perhaps parts of the built world can be armored against climate change. Perhaps humans will survive (at some level) the sixth extinction brought about by climate change. With a proven record of at least forty years of head-in-sand response to climate change in order to feed Moloch’s coffers, the corporatocracy, which includes many governmental components, has to take the mantle for the earth’s suffering. “For the love of money is the root of all evil.” (1 Timothy 6:10)


Even tho it’s important to be reminded about the Ice Sheets Melting, no matter how many Articles are posted, nothing will be done about it!


Saw this elsewhere and it went right to my front page. The thing to be looking at, reading about and understanding is methane hydrates. It is the Monster under the bed, literally.


Yup. I’m just waiting for the 50 gigaton CH4 burp that will make temps rise by 10 degrees overnight. Dystopian hellscape on the horizon.


Bless your heart, you have been reading, please, share with others what you know. Be Kind.


Climate change is merely a talking point for most dims,` all talk no action and apparently no real understanding of this true crisis.


Has any prediction of climate change actually NOT been too conservative?

I’m serious and seek something to hang onto that gives me comfort that I’ll live my life in relative comfort.

I just read an article about Cuellar (D) suicidal promotion of continued drilling in the Permian Basin. We just had our primary electon rigged so we were stuck with voting for a Blue Dog Democratic in the same region in NM. We need to watch what Xochil Torres Small does.

Yes, one has to wonder how bad and catastrophic it will have to get before anything will be done about the climate devastation of our home. Probably not until the greedy, climate deniers have trouble breathing!


That depends on how much life you have left to live — and where.  If you’re near the beach, especially in the southern U.S., you have maybe five to ten years; probably a bit more at higher elevations and/or latitudes — but that’s just climate-wise.  Societal breakdown, as the worsening climate creates more and more refugees,
is inevitable.  Don’t forget that the problems in Syria began with a drought, which led to civil unrest, revolution and war — and more than a million Syrian emigrants seeking refuge in Europe . . .


Not just syria.

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Play a game of dominoes:
30 domino, all fossil fuel uses - transport, household, manufacturing, agriculture, chemical, etc in category or class, 2% and under to 25% for transport, 40% for household/industrial, etc. The object of the game is to guess which domino to tip first, the others to follow: Answer to the game: ONE hint: The first domino is indirectly percieved to be a mere 2% domino emissions count.
Write your guess in simple terms the first fossil fuel domino to tip.
The domino question if carried out: Projection:
Significant reduction global temperatures in 5 years.
Good luck. You made need help to figure it out.

I was never very good at dominoes. Help.

I was thinking the same thing. A “tipping point” here, and a “faster than expected” there, and a “what climate change.”
Isn’t it crazy that one of these days the headline will say “I guess we blew it, Manhattan is flooding.” “How did it get this way?”
How, why ,when, and whodunnit indeed. We can’t say we weren’t warned way ahead of time. Most of which is now behind time.


Yeah wings, not everyone is old enough to recall the Nixon era “Domino Theory.”
Easy to google though.

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Don’t invest in any property in Florida. We’re not far off from seeing Climate Change refugees in our own country. A mass exodus inland from the coasts is in the very near future.

Okay, you need another hint, eh?
How about a lesson? Not a hint, but lesson?
Okay it’s a hint: Here’s your hint:
The 1st domino differs one nation to the next.

I’m hoping others will take on this challenging game.
Copy paste and post the game rules and such if you like.
The game is to figure it out not ask for the answer.
Google it. No! Not the google! Ahh!

Ok. Trying to work it out. I never use google.