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We Beg For Your Forgiveness


We Beg For Your Forgiveness

What a sight. The extraordinary coming together of Natives and veterans at Standing Rock culminated with a deeply moving forgiveness ceremony where vets sought atonement for U.S. military aggression against Natives. "We came. We fought you. We took your land. We signed treaties that we broke," said Wes Clark Jr. on bended knee. "We've come to say that we are sorry." From one observer, "This is how healing begins." Many vets will reportedly move on to Flint, where vital water is likewise threatened and "people are suffering."


This gives me some hope that all is not lost.


This is the first I've heard that the Vets plan to go to Flint. That would be massively encouraging. Flint is a national disgrace - it's past time for the many to proclaim that fact loud and clear. Go Vets!


These vets are modeling where our nation needs to go.


Godspeed to all the braves! We need a new America! Could this be its beautiful new beginning?This is how atonement begins, then we put lasting foundation under it.


These words are meaningful and are powerful. If these Veterans can "come clean" so too can the rest , one would hope , and for those that will not , there little hope.


All change for good comes from small beginnings and this event, which brought tears to my eyes, is definitely a great beginning. There is hope and promise in the air of better things to come and all because indigenous peoples and American veterans came together in meaningful and peaceful dialog against oppression.


I have a very serious case of rain-in-the-face.
Just, wow...deep gratitude for this humble and heartfelt action.


As soon as a Second Generation-er gets involved, especially with Name Recognition and a Spotlight in a Feature Story, like THIS, I immediately have to worry : "Please don't let this be a set-up for Wesley Clark Jr. to have future Resume Cred, as a CIA Trojan Horse."


Me too! I second your emotion. It's not often that news moves me to tears.


My thoughts exactly. We will know for sure if he is still around in the future. Car crash, plane goes down, suicide.


When will we stop being "we", "you" and "they" and only become "us" as in one. A nation as a whole could ask forgiveness but that nation includes the Native and African Americans. Obviously these veterans have seen beyond the division of "you" and "we" because they have gone to be one with the Native Americans at Standing Rock. That really says it all. As humans we have to claim our heritage as all people - the good and the bad. As Americans, our ancestors are Native Americans, presidents, slaves, abolitionists, scoundrels, slave holders etc. - no matter what our race. I think we need to accept that wholeness as one not that separateness. In rejecting that identity of separate, we also have to reject the benefits that have accrued to some because of their abuse of others. Those benefits flow to this day. How do we take those benefits and make the available to everyone?

Unity is so important now. Unity needed to lift up all people and to respect mother nature and stop the abuse of all creation for material gain.


Indeed, I am tri-racial. What do I call myself? White? Native? Black? I am all of those. No matter what shade our skin is we are all human and that shade confers no special superiority or inferiority. We all have our own unique family stories and books have been written about mine.


Beautiful. I'm really proud of the vets for taking this opportunity to make such an expression. I hope the event gets broadcasted far and wide on the msm. That should give people pause for thought. At all of the powwows I dance at, we always start with a veteran's dance. All veterans are invited to participate in the dance regardless of their genetics. Its nice to see the sentiment returned.




Nice try at misdirection.