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We Believe This "Dark Money" Group Illegally Spent Nearly $5 Million to Destroy Sanders 2020 Campaign

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/05/07/we-believe-dark-money-group-illegally-spent-nearly-5-million-destroy-sanders-2020


How much do you want to bet that if you turn that rock over, you’ll see “DNC”?

This was just one arm of the many-armed racket (including the DNC, the media and wealthy interests) that swooped in against Sanders.

That is why (among other reasons) he should renounce his support of the mortally wounded candidate Biden, and reactivate his campaign.

The mortally wounded candidate, Biden, should step down!


John or Johnathon Kott? One used to be a personal concierge for the Manchin family; Sen. Joe of Ol’ West Virginny and his daughter EpiLou Penny ( Epi-Pen ) Manchin. Is he the figurehead?
The article needs to be clearer. There’s a John Kott of Skunk Den Holler, Kentucky. He’s a 15 year old runaway from there, who’s being held under sealed court orders, indefinitely. Not formally charged with anything, of course, but not being turned over his foster parents, The Paul Family, either. Or, by family court order, until he can play a bango and sing My Old Kentucky Home while sitting on top of a racehorse named Coal Fired.

In CA that racehorse is called wild fire…a real duzzy too.

Big Tent Project has not run ads under its own name since Sanders lost the Michigan primary, and has not run ads under pseudonyms since Sanders lost the Arizona primary. Its executive director has halted his media blitz, and the group has not updated its social media pages.

Because at that point, they got the message that others had taken over taking Sanders down. Those others using direct vote rigging which is much more effective.
Note that at beginning of the above video, he says “there’s no smoking gun” regarding vote rigging. However, if you watch the first few minutes of the following video, I think you might agree with me that that statement is questionable:
Listen to this woman Katy Beebe. She made 2 screen captures 2 minutes apart. Guess how Sanders votes changed from 10:07 to 10:09? The host shows the screen shots starting around the 3 minute mark of this video.


I worked as a security guard at a race track. They do change a race horse’s name, and move them around, to fleece the innocent. I’ve seen that and got a hot tip, or three, as well. Never acted on them, of course, being an upstanding member of the para-rent-a cop community of sort of law enforcement and stable guarding.
Maybe Wild Fire and Coal Fired are connected? Like within two law degrees of separation.
Who would of guessed?

From the CNN link:
Big Tent’s executive director Jonathan Kott, a former aide to West Virginia Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin, told CNN Monday he started his group when Democratic donors approached him following Sanders’ win in the New Hampshire primary. Kott says he’s already raised close to $2 million, and plans to spend it delving into Sanders record and views.

So, yeah, establishment Dems were behind it. It’s got the stench of Gov. Tarkin, er, I mean DNC all over it. Yeah, so it’s illegal, Kott will pay a $10,000 fine (or not), and walk away, having destroyed the planet. Oh, well, all in a day’s work.


You just might be right about that. Time to call in the Maritime lawyers and get in on the sea horse races. Always wear a disguise of course. Yeah, we’ll be a blaze in no time. Still I’m thinkin’ how can you have a disaster center if the center is a disaster too. Someone needs to write a book.

The big mystery is why Sanders, both in 2016 and in 2020, felt that he was unable to raise questions about the apparent reallocation of votes by computerized voting. What do they have on him? Why has he continued to turn a blind eye to the charade? Why run, solicit donations, pretend you’re in it to win it, when you have no intention of defending your own campaign against cheating? There is a BIG story here, whatever the explanation.


I want to know how much Sen. Sanders had left in the campaign kitty when he capitulated…er, suspended his run for the POTUS.
Maybe during the time of COVID-19, or other of lifes’ many considerations ( health, family ) came up. Hopefully, he uses it for the Sanders Institute.

i hope they succeed in the filing, but from a systemic analytical point of view, power made no secret of the fact that it was “knives out” for Sanders, so whether or not we uncover the donors is largely academic. they’re rich, and the rich oppose new deal liberalism.

this is a bigger problem for voters and their persistent lack of sophistication and agency, as well as their dependence on opinion leaders with questionable motives and corporate media for information.

the behavior that has to change the most isn’t power’s: it’s ours.


Good article! More evidence of the intellectual and moral bankruptcy of our duopoly.


Ho Chi Minh’s statement about knowledge and actions doesn’t fit into the American political system. 200 brilliant and honored professors; all knowing the system is completely dysfunctional, can only voice their opinions in a strongly worded letter. Or, vote, peacefully protest and give $2750 in contributions. A unknown group of billionaires can buy $5-500 million dollars of opposition propaganda and change things on the ground entiely, in less than a month.
The big lie, aided by the big media and with no accountability; since knowledgeable action is politically impotent v. the PTB & $$$, wins the day and captures the corridors of power every time, pretty much. All the best knowledge and all the legal remedies ( actions ) by the 70-75% majority of the voters amounts to " pissing into the wind ", pretty much.
We are screwed, pretty much, as a result.


You make an excellent point. If I knew Bernie had no chance in 2016 or 2020, Bernie who is a lot smarter than me…HAD TO KNOW IT! The big story is why Bernie…WHY?


Whether or not he won – Bernie has shifted the issues debate (Medicare for All, Green New Deal, Income Inequality…)

I’m still hoping for at least some pressure on the DNC in terms of platform, but also am working toward electing some of the many progressive candidates currently running for office – particularly those running for the US Congress.

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Yes, I agree, but that is not my point, my point is the way Bernie acquiesced.

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Not a single article on CD featuring Joe DiMentiaggio front and center unless you include Norm Solomon’s article on Bernie winning enough delegates to have influence on the d-party platform, as if that matters.

So the d-party nominee is so obviously being sequestered (where he can’t display his utter haplessness and receive questions about the ever-more-credible Tara Reade fingering) that he’s earned the new nickname, The Invisible Man.

What does that have to do with this dark money group? It just underscores the fact that a lazy, no-show campaigner like Joe “I’m in a Cave” Biden can skate by without actually doing much besides not being Trump. Problem is, Uncle Joe’s poll numbers are both negative in terms of favorability and worse than Hillary’s were in 2016. Rank-and-file Democratic voters wanted the safe choice – and they’ll blame hippies when that choice goes down in flames.

One of the interesting things about this is the Sanders and Warren support for co-determination, and Biden’s lack of it.

Co-determination is a socialist agenda item. It is the placing of labor reps on corporate boards of directors, where they should have been from the beginning. 50% stockholders and 50% labor interests on all corporate boards of directors would solve many of the problems facing labor, the most pressing is inequality.

This makes me believe that Biden is more beholden to corporate interests than Sanders, or Warren. IMHO, even though Biden is far and away a much better pick than Trump, he is not the optimal pick for labor.