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'We Call BS': As Saudi Claims Khashoggi Killed in 'Fistfight,' Trump White House Issues 'Laughably Weak' Response


'We Call BS': As Saudi Claims Khashoggi Killed in 'Fistfight,' Trump White House Issues 'Laughably Weak' Response

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

"We call BS," declared CODEPINK co-founder Medea Benjamin on Friday after the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia finally confirmed that Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi was killed in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul—but also claimed he died in "


This is just more Democrat nonsense that they are rolling out becasue their Russian-Putin-bogeyman-gambit is not working! These imperialist liberal capitalist Democrats want to invade the sovereign state of Saudi Arabia! Stand strong with Trump and his anti-imperialist friend Mohammad Bin Salman!

(…did I really have to explain that to anyone?)


Seriously, these people wrote 1001 Nights the stories of Sheherezade. That’s the best they could come up with?

I guess they totally lack imagination there.


Corbett sez: “Saudi Arabia has now set up a commission that is reportedly being led by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman …”

He really oughtta see if Chump can spare some of those FBI investigators who looked into O’Kavanaugh LLC to serve on this commission. They’re quick, efficient, and won’t find anything you don’t want them to find.


No POTUS has worked as hard as Trump.

Unfortunately Trump’s work has been mostly focused on attaining the power that the despots and dictators he loves already have. Trump is jealous because he needs ro work hard to get it while they had it handed to them.


Salman gets away with murder, Trump gets his deal and four more years without having to cancel the elections.


This is beyond B.S. and a laughably weak response, this is murder, plain and simple, What is b.s. and laughable, but not funny, is how they are going to pin this on some poor schmuck, and then carry on as if nothing happened. And trump will continue to wreak havoc on the truth. And continue his attacks on the press. Look for more journalists to be killed in "fistfights."And this begs the question…how does one become beheaded in a fistfight? That’s one he’ll of a punch. Trump is now complicit in a murder, or is he really dumb enough to buy this? Either way he is not looking good on this, but the party will cover his extreme ineptness, and or corruption once again while hammering in another nail in the coffin of democracy. We are watching the end of morality and human decency on prime time. Sad.


Why is there no mention in any of the reports over the past week about producing the body? If he simply died in an altercation, then show us his body. But of course they can’t. And we know why. And the dump’s response should be all we need to impeach this *ucking monster who inhabits the White House.


There you ago posing as a loyal American wrapped in the American flag and standing on the Christian bible defecating on both. Next thing out of your mouth will be “FAKE NEWS” and alternative facts. You have been .outed .


Somebody on NPR said: “Who brings a bone saw to an interrogation?”


That was going to be my question too. What did they do with his bidy? And why so long to come forward with this fucking surreal statement.


Meanwhile another fearless journalist is still languishing in london because of his decision to speak out and reveal the corruption and mayhem caused by “rogue” governments.


WTF does this idiocy even mean? You write seem rational comments and then come up with this? The “sovereign state of Saudi Arabia” is a fucking “religious”, “royal” dictatorship of bad taste and criminal crimes against humanity and Journalist Jamal Khashoggi! Not to mention being, along with the other atrocity-committing war-criminal, Israel, a subverter of OUR sovereignty! Screw them both and their scumbag leaders!

Please…a little reason, common sense, and commentary worth reading!


WHERE IS KHASHOGGI’S BODY!!?? Without that evidence and more - even with it - this claim of a “fight” is fantasy rubbish, and all obvious cover-up BS!

Why did the murder crew go to Turkey and leave the same day? Why were the embassy staff reportedly given the day off? Why a forensic “specialist” with a fuckin bone saw? It all a pre-meditated plan to assassinate a voice MBS and his mental illness hated? Who directed the hit-squad to go to Turkey when nothing goes “rogue” in SA?
MBS is the fuckin perp and no amount of white-wash cover-up or fantasy BS will change that! If the world, Turkey, and the trump regime scum allow this assassination of a world-renowned journalist - and the vicious war-crimes committed daily in Yemen to continue, we are done as a planet of law, reason, and at least the appearance of justice!

trumps craven groveling, overt lies, blatant deception, and “boys will be boys” response to the murder to secure the $110 billion sales of death and more dismemberment in Yemen, makes the US complicity to the assassination, and Yemeni war crimes by the US, SA killer regime, and the other members of the "coalition!..perhaps the idiot of orange was complicit to the murder from the beginning, at least tacitly, and that makes him guilty of treason and murder!

Is all this madness and insane love of money and nothing else, the best this nation can do to create “jobs” …to slaughter people!? WTF!? I call BS!

"Amnesty International has called for an independent probe into Khashoggi’s killing and demanded Saudi Arabia “immediately produce” his body so an autopsy can be performed by forensic experts “in accordance with international standards”.

"The investigation findings by the Saudi authorities claiming that Khashoggi died as a result of a “fist-fight” inside the consulate are not trustworthy and marks an abysmal new low to Saudi Arabia’s human rights record,""


This could be a new Saudi Arabian Cage Fight Sport, the loser of the Fist Fight gets Dismembered and the Body parts dispersed throughout the Principality never to be seen again.

By the way Mr. Trump I have a Bridge in Brooklyn…


that’s our story for now, but we’re working on a better one! :slightly_smiling_face:


Why is this even up? The Turks released the audio of the event and it clearly shows their original assessment to be correct. How they obtained this audio in the first place is an interesting question for diplomats in Turkey. But in the context of this story, there’s not much else to be discussed. Kashoggi was kidnapped, tortured, and murdered.


Althought SOP the Turks are not going to openly admit that they bugged the Saudi consulate.


“We” call BS.

“They” could not care less.

Now let’s all go out and pretend our vote matters (since the topic is BS).


This looks like a new slant.