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'We Can and Must Do Better': House Passes Massive $3 Trillion Relief Package, But Progressives Say More Must Be Done

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/16/we-can-and-must-do-better-house-passes-massive-3-trillion-relief-package


The notion that we’re even bothering to discuss Pelosi’s empty, obviously corrupt, klepocratic BS theatrics (in what purports to be a lefty blog) is painful enough? The REALITY, that we’re now basically powerless to do anything about it, to have any say; largely due to our craven, complicit yuppie liberal friends, coworkers and bosses is simply dizzying?







Four things (at least) that need to be changed in this bill:

First, you know when the author’s twist into pretzels trying to come up with a clever name or acronym that the bill has problems. H.E.R.O.E.S. Act is a case in point.

  1. Add Jayapal paycheck protection guarantee. Keep people in their jobs.

  2. Replace COBRA (a super expensive way to extend health coverage to people who have lost their jobs - I know from experience) with Medicare-for-all

  3. Moratorium on rent for people out of work/move mortgage payments to end of loan.

  4. Remove the tax cut for the wealthy - why the hell is this in the HEROES Act in the first place.


But, as The Nation 's Robert Borosage [reported], the bill was meant to send a clear message to the Democratic Party’s progressive wing:

“The real message in the bill was sent not to Trump but to progressives inside and outside Congress. With Congress dispersed, Pelosi and her committee chairs maintained iron control of what went into the bill. And the message to progressives was clear: Not yet.”

Correction, Robert: Not ever. That is the message from Pelosi to progressives.


Wow! Another $1200 check. “We’re in the money, We’re in the money, We’ve got a lot of what it takes to get along.”


What is the concern? Nancy ‘PayGo’ Pelosi will really take care of the working classes in the next bill. In the meantime, PayGo gives the working classes some lip-service and a few bread-crumbs.

The next bill that will really take care of the working classes will get passed ‘tomorrow’. Tomorrow is always the day after today and never arrives.


I took a summer class in 1969 from a Berkeley political science teacher that told us socialism would come to America through the backdoor of the banking system and large corporations. Now in the last ten years two socialized Wall Street, Banker bailouts have occurred. Who would of thunk.


There is a lot of talk about the malignant narcissism/sociopathy of trump.

There is a recent article where Tony Schwartz (who co-authored Trump’s 1987 book “The Art of the Deal,”) says that trump’s repeated premature declarations of victory in the fight against the covid-19 prompted him to “really rethink Trump’s motivation.”

He stated:

“I’ve always assumed— like most people have— that the primary motivation is to be loved and admired and recognized and praised,” said Schwartz. “That is a motivation but the deeper motivation is domination, is to win. And that is a function of the fact that he has no conscience.”

“And let’s be clear. No conscience,” he added.

Definition of conscience:

*the sense or consciousness of the moral goodness or blameworthiness of one’s own conduct, intentions, or character together with a feeling of obligation to do right or be good

A faculty, power, or principle of enjoining good acts

a sensitive regard for fairness or justice

Where is the conscience of the DNC/dems? Nonexistent.

It is clear as can be that there is no conscience with trump/mcconnell etc. AND the dems (see above definition of conscience)

The blame shift by the DNC, neoliberal, status quo/BAU dems to focus on trump’s psychopathology is very convenient for them----they can hide behind his obvious malignant behaviors while they operate with no conscience whatsoever as evidenced by shoving the worst candidate possible to defeat the madman trump in the form of Joe Biden.

Can you imagine if Bernie was the candidate and Pelosi was relegated to a “task force” with the hope that she could move things further to the right?

One can dream . . .


As the bar sign says, “Free Beer Tomorrow.”

Drunks know it’s a funny joke. Progressives are still waiting for their free beer though. What are we on, fool me 8,627 times…and counting…


First you must change the voting public’s blatant stupidity, (I don’t know there must be something in the water). Then the congressmen, senators, and president can be replaced by the voting population, (now miraculously and at long last, being of only moderate or average intelligence, and therefore easily able to see the folly of their previous ways). Now the newly elected government, (with now mentally functional voters - if we even still bother to hold elections by then), can change the bill. That is the only process that will work! This is why Thomas Jefferson instituted public education, to prevent the stupidity of idiotic voters ruining his country. This is why the NAZI, have been trying to tear that system down for 45 years. IDIOTS!!! That’s why for the last 45 years it wasn’t okay for the herd of sheep, that is the American population, to go on being unbelievably stupid, because the political damage that is done cannot be repaired without another war civil! Now, asking NAZI’s to be compassionate and caring is not a good approach, it’s not an intelligent approach…in fact its a waste of precious time. Again derelict imbeciles in action. Since none of this is taking place, we are still waiting to hit the tip of the iceberg, what we see now isn’t even the beginning of the exponentially increasing repercussions we so richly deserve, it doesn’t even measure on the scale.


fact i have not received a check.
trump will see to it the rich are the only benefactor s


Oh. Another 3 trillion for the oligarchs. How nice.


The Pelosi/Biden Democrats are repeating the same failed positions of 2008 - 2016. Rescue their rich donors at the expense of the working class. This did not lead to democrats voting for Trump in 2016. It lead them to stay home because their was no presidential democrat on the ballot worth the trouble.

Items 1-3 will never get into a democrat bill. Item 4 is a given since that is the purpose of the bill.


If the Left takes any lesson from the experience of 2020, it should be the essential hostility of the Democratic Party to any progressive ideas regarding wealth inequality, war, capitalist exploitation or climate justice. In other words, justice for most of the human beings that live on this planet is off the table permanently. Democrats have done far more violence to those ideas than Trump and the Republicans could ever do, because they claim to support justice and then try to convince you it isn’t actually possible. The only reason not to support the CPC’s proposals on a symbolic bill that everyone knows won’t get past the Senate is to lower the public’s expectations as to what is possible.

That is why Joe Biden is the nominee. At least half of his primary votes are from people who want Medicare for All and a Green New Deal - but who voted for him because they are convinced they can’t ever have those things.

This is how progressive movements die.

The politics of begging Democratic leadership to be decent people - though it seems to be the general philosophy of reporting here at CD - is the politics of suicide.


Didn’t read a thing about there being a penny in this legislation or any other, for NIH or CDC researchers, going back into medical data and finding when and where COVID-19 started its death march across the planet. The well-oiled-machine of commerce, industry and profit above all else, moves relentlessly ever forward.
Meanwhile, back at the ranch ( work farm )…
The AP is now reporting French ( NIH/WHO-like? ) national medical researchers, through chest ( lung ) X-rays are seeing COVID-19 symptoms in patients as early as November of 2019.
If we’re going to politicise COVID-19 against other countries ( China ) and allow it to be used to escape responsibility; for a bunch of very bad actors ( Trump pun ) and the Federal Government, we ought to try to discern this truth.
The cost of not doing so has ramifications that dwarf a $1200 check from the U. S. Treasury.
In the last 48 hours the Federal Government ( thru the Trump Adm. ), and most state governments to some degree, have given about 70-75 million U. S. workers an ultimatum. It has stripped off the veneer, the pretense of concern. Work or starve, it’s your choice.
Just as in 2008, when the Obama Adm. and then Speaker Pelosi said, " forward, no probes, no prosecutions ", we’re burying possible evidence and important political context, along with thousands of our fellow citizens and their families, etc.
" The Chinese did it, The Iranians did it, The Cubans did it, the Venezuelans did it… It doesn’t matter since it served the greater good of the Corporotocracy "; well, alrighty then.


One response we can make to the failure of human societies to govern themselves competently, let alone wisely, is to take a Buddhist-like posture of acceptance. If we abandon the unproven expectation – one that has been propagated since the Enlightenment – that our species is rational and driving toward ‘progress’ – then we can better accept the real-life stupidities and foibles of Homo sapiens sapiens.

Like so many other things, we can intellectually imagine a better world, better humans – but the fact that we are able to imagine something does not automatically mean that we can achieve it. Detachment and bemusement are much better for the individual nervous system than a continuing state of despair and irritation – as we watch humans tank the planet’s biosphere.


I love the caption picture with Pelosi and her mask. Robbing the poor to give to the rich.


It is true a spiritual and human revolution must underpin any real lasting progress if we are to survive, nothing at all like the kind we see in evangelical megachurches, but as you say along the lines of compassion and acceptance. Not an easy transition when you are a slave to capitalism and fascism, I wouldn’t even know where to begin. Perhaps after the apocalypse, the few humans who survive, if any, can rise from the ashes like a phoenix and embrace this approach. You can see what happens to Buddhists in places like China, and India, right? America one day in the near future might do even worse than these places, and a national religion will likely be adopted, brutally enforced, like Rome did with Christianity, to prevent dissent from their capitalist and fascist paradigm and institute a measure of control over the sheeple.

So how many bills is this now? I’ve lost track

This is Neo-liberal Pragmatic Triangulated Incrementalism at it’s destructive worst.

The New Democrat Party motto: "Taking care of the 1% first"


Correction: “Taking care of the 1% first.