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'We Can and Must Do Better': Rights Groups Respond to President-Elect Trump

'We Can and Must Do Better': Rights Groups Respond to President-Elect Trump

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

President-elect Donald Trump's win early Wednesday morning stunned and devastated observers around the globe, who were quick to note the risks a Trump administration poses to the climate, human rights, the economy, and the world at-large.

Agreed. The rank and file citizens will never rise up until they feel the lash on their cowardly backs. And maybe not even then.

This article is all wrong. Trump won because he was an outsider. We are sick of both party’s. We want someone to concentrate on this country. We need jobs that neither side was fixing. We want to stop this immigration until this country gets straighten out. She was talking about bringing in another Million. That this country cannot afford. It is pure economics not RACEISM. She was more worried about the Latino vote over the working class. She got what she campaigned on. I hope this is a wake up call to both party’s

I do not fear a Trump administration. I’m throughly relieved the threat of nuclear war has lessened. We need to secure our borders to keep terrorists with cantaloupe calfs hauling biological or chemical weapons on their backs across. I don’t care who pays for it.
I don’t care about Trump’s denial of climate change. Before his first term is up, Anthropologic Climate Change will be in our faces and undeniable to all sentient beings planet-wide.
I don’t care that the Donald thinks the American worker make too much money per hour. The states are bypassing the feds and passing their own minimum wage law. The same with pot laws.
I am throughly relieved the TPP will be rejected or renegotiated, along with NAFTA, TIPP, and CAFTA.
This from a life long Democrat who pulled the Stein lever. Why do I feel so happy with this outcome?
Because the real evil has been vanquished. The Clinton crime family has been recognized for what it is, and sent packing, forever.
The wicked witch is dead.

All you Jill Stein supporters own a piece of this. Congratulations, assholes. Lesser evil is still lesser evil.

To all the groups: good luck trying to demand anything frome someone who has only known leaderahip as an Authoritarian leader. He has publicly stated that capitalism, an economic design, is more important than Democracy, a govt type. Yea…

A vote for Stein was not a vote FOR Trump.
It was a vote AGAINST Clinton.
Deal with it, twerp.


Don’t confuse Stein with the real spoiler, Libertarian Gary Johnson (who received twice the number of votes Stein did) who told the press “I am a spoiler in an election that needs spoiler”.

Democrats staying home on November 8, just like they did in the 1994 and 2010 midterm elections DID cost Clinton many votes.

A vote for Stein was a vote FOR Stein

Young Turks are telling us that more Murkins would have voted if they had somebody to vote FOR rather than two duopoly candidates to vote AGAINST.

As in past elections, the shills will be kept on the payroll until scapegoating and demonization of third parties is complete. Its money well spent since it will handicap third parties as they enter the 2020 election.

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