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We Can and Must Do Better: Why I Am Voting No on the HEROES Act

Rep. Jayapal, there is a significant, much better than nonzero chance that the well known stilbenoid polyhenol resveratrol may both inhibit the COVID-19virus replication and act to modulate the immune system offering a very substantial help in many aspects of the illness. Something similar has been done with RESV and a number of other viruses. You are a member of the House and you can get some attention focused on this. If you go to pubmed dot gov and search on resveratrol coronavirus you’ll find some of the reasons why I strongly suspect this, but you will really get a picture of what might be possible when you start searching on resveratrol and the large number of related conditions caused by COVID-19 particularly the most dangerous ones. A huge aid to this disease may literally be staring us in the face, one that is made literally from an invasive plant that grows throughout the world. For example, ARDS, acute lung injury, sepsis, pulmonary fibrosis, and many others. What I imagine being done is something like what has been done with piglets and pseudorabies virus, using it for oral prophylaxis of infection. We shouldnt dive in, we should investigate it - and soon. It could help people all around the world and save a lot of lives, or manye not, but we have to find out one way or the other. Every indication, from how resveratrol behaves with quite similar betacoronaviruses is that it would work to inhibit viral replication, but thats not the whole story, it may also prevent the cytokine storm before it begins.

Also, you should be aware there is a way to make an electronic test for COVID-19 using a graphene based FET, (a custom made field effect transistor) which then can be used over and over - its a permanent COVID-19 sensor, which is very sensitive, very selective for COVID-19 and delivers results in just 2 minutes. It could make an unlimited number of tests available rapidly to anybody who wanted one.

Why aren’t we on top of this?

We need to dump (WTO) GATS (the agreement to privatize everything) for reasons I elaborate elsewhere. It hamstrings almost every single thing we need to do. A million poor people have died while healthcare has been rigged by GATS. Its deregulation (and “reform”) of Glass-Steagall set us up for the biggest financial disaster in recent history. Its turned politics into a fraud on the nation.

Your plan still beats any others I have heard! Sigh

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Next time try it without writing polite letters asking for an extension. I appreciate the No vote and all but remember Ms Jayapal, your constituents voted for you so you go fight for them, not roll over for Mama Bear Pelosi and let her kick you in the proverbial teeth repeatedly while you draft polite softball letters every now and then expressing your opposition.

What she should be doing is go on live TV every single day and expose Nancy Pelosi as the parasite and corporate shill that she is, as someone who prioritized bailing out lobbyists and debt collectors over guaranteeing the workers in this country a paycheck and access to healthcare. That may make her unpopular with Pelosi (and who cares. Fuck Pelosi), but it will make her infinitely more popular with voters and her campaign would just be cashing in as a result.

In order to win and make a stand you have to be willing to play hard ball by holding up legislation, by saying no, by holding pressers slamming Pelosi and the corporate Democrats - even if it means people wont get that one time $1200 check, because you know not doing so carries far worse consequences for those people than NOT getting a one time $1200 check. Take a page from the Freedom Caucus because that is how power works and that is how you acquire it. You are not gonna get it asking polite and playing by the rules with people who hold you and your movement and your constituents in contempt and have used every opportunity to quash you and spit in your face.

As Frederick Douglass once observed:

"Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will. Find out just what any people will quietly submit to and you have found out the exact measure of injustice and wrong which will be imposed upon them, and these will continue till they are resisted with either words or blows, or with both. The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress.


I’m certainly not looking forward to the rigors of the only path left I perceive as available to any of us, and I am open to realistic, and viable alternatives to this course, but given that the lives of myself and my family are dependent upon my decisions and actions, I’m pretty risk adverse.when it comes to trade-offs.

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