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We Can — and Should — Do More to Help Syrian Refugees


We Can — and Should — Do More to Help Syrian Refugees

Chris Toensing

Imagine that 58 million Americans were streaming into Canada and Mexico, many with only a small satchel and the clothes on their backs. Picture another 102 million residents of the Eastern seaboard seeking refuge with relatives in the Midwest and West.

That terrifying mental exercise gives a sense of the sheer, staggering scale of the Syrian refugee crisis.


Depends. Are they middle class refugees, or poor ones? How much help do they need, and how can we be sure that they will use it to quickly get jobs? How can we be sure that they won't develop a culture of dependency, a sense of entitlement? How can middle class taxpayers afford it???


I have become increasingly ashamed of our country for our failure to instantly pitch in to offer aid and sustenance to the thousands of refugees who are fleeing terrorism that is in part caused by our own policies in the middle east. The billions we've spent on military priorities could have done so much to advance world peace if we could change our belligerent and self-righteous attitude that puts everything in terms of our "defense". We are rich and powerful, but not wise and certainly lacking in compassion. Eventually it will be our downfall. The signs are already apparent.


If you HONESTLY think these priorities are natural to the great "WE," then you're more programmed by the military-industrial-media complex than you can imagine. But then, so many are apparently PAID to repeat this particular Talking Point that one wonders, legitimately, if it's not just a script passed around to all the I.T. kids tasked with manning these message boards.