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'We Can and Will Overcome This Season of Darkness in America': Joe Biden Accepts Democratic Presidential Nomination

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/21/we-can-and-will-overcome-season-darkness-america-joe-biden-accepts-democratic

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This isn’t a season of darkness Joe, this is an eon. Trump isn’t some aberration that suddenly appeared to corrupt the American body politic. He is the culmination of decades of unchecked capitalism and libertarianism run amok. The problem isn’t Trump you fucking meathead, it’s the system that not only created him, but placed him in charge with a minority of support.
Joe and his capitalist handlers at the DNC want us to believe that trump is just some cruel oddity that magically appeared in 2016 and waved his wand, dropping a dark shroud over the USA. They want you to believe that, once he’s gone, the sun will break through the clouds and all of America’s problems of the last four years will disappear without a trace.
Give me a fucking break.
Without the bold systemic change that is needed to turn this ship around, away from the Capitalist construct by which the nation was founded, and now flounders under, the USA will become a segmented county of feudal estates, where serfs with cars and cell phones will struggle to survive in a landscape blighted by drought, drown in floods, and baked to crispy golden brown by global warming. Those are the problems that you face Joe. And last night didn’t exactly make me brim with confidence. Unless you understand what the problem is Joe, you’ll never be able to fix it.
Joe doesn’t get it. But in all fairness, neither does the democratic electorate.


“As progressives and leftists, we are not going to minimize our disagreements with Joe Biden,” declares the mission statement of a Vote Trump Out initiative organized by RootsAction, a group that backed Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) in the primary. “But we’re also clear-eyed about where things stand… We have a moral responsibility to defeat Trump.”

Let’s be clear-eyed about the fact that by neutering themselves this way, these sellouts to “lesser” evil are not progressive, nor leftist, at all.


Extremely well said BigB. Things must change dramatically or we will sink farther into the abyss as a country and likely the world. The time for incrementalism and collegiality have long passed.

“The reasonable man adapts himself to the world: the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man.”

― George Bernard Shaw


This ole boy has been in the basement too long…times have changed.

Joe talks about Trump taking ObamaCare away from twenty million people and how to ‘defend’ it. His plan is put some lipstick on ObamaCare and call it a major victory for the American People

Joe: What are you going to do for the twenty seven million (27,000,000) that lost their jobs and healthcare insurance that was not ObamaCare? What are you going to do for the uninsured thirty million (30,000,000) that cannot afford ObamaCare? What are you going to do for those that have ObamaCare and cannot afford to use it?

Come to think of it. Just what the f*** are you going to do that would cause me to go totally mad and vote for you? Hint: I don’t expect you to do anything different than what you have done to screw working people all you political life.


“Struggle to survive in a landscape blighted by drought, drown in floods and baked to crispy golden brown”

Like this photo essay:



Excellent comment! How nice it would have been for some hacker to have “tickertaped” those words at the bottom of Joe’s video feed last night.


I knew I couldn’t be the only one who saw this (the Guardians reporting on climate change is far and away better than anything being done in America’s MSM) Here in the USA last two years in particular have been goddamn awful in the context of global warming. Even here in the upper Ohio valley it’s literally been too uncomfortable to be outside the last two summers. And the other three seasons just seem off, at least different than I have experienced in my 57 years. A friend of mine said it’s like we now have six months of summer and two months each of fall, winter and spring.
Anyway, if we don’t hold the democrats feet to the fire prior to the election, by February they will have long forgotten any aggressive action on climate change. You can’t make a political change after the election. Especially now.


Yes, many will vote out the existential threat that is Trump Inc. but you, Biden, capitalists and neoliberals of every stripe, should not rest easy for the existential threats–yes threats to the very existence of life on earth–of ecological collapse and nuclear war will have to compel us all to do whatever it takes to reverse what we can still reverse and adapt where we must.

Our lives depend not only ridding the world of the Trump menace but the entire capitalist, consumptive western model.


And now the convention is over. In all the epic and glorious speechifying of the existential threat posed by this evil aprocrophal POSPUTUS did I miss the part where they fire up the suffering masses by promising to support M4A??? Anybody else want my vote?


Thanks. I confess I didn’t watch it, but read it accompanied with my coffee at 530 this morning.
The most telling thing that I believe he said was when used that phony old quote he claims was from his father, something about, I don’t want the government to fix everything for me, but I do want them to empathize with my problem. Talk about conservative/libertarian drivel. If I may paraphrase what Joe means. No, the government isn’t going to, or can’t fix your problems. But we promise to feel bad for you when you’re living in your car.
Just makes you well up with pride, don’t it?


So Biden, calling Julian Assange a high tech terrorist, is going to take the American populace out of the “darkness” of Trump’s corporate state rule? Hmm, seems like the Democratic National Committee’s choice echoes Banquo’s question: “What, can the devil speak true?” (Macbeth,1.4).


I suggest that the dempologists around here save their slogans to recycle in 2024.

“The most important election in history”
with nothing less than an
“existential crisis”
at stake, in which
“we don’t have time to reach for pie-in-the sky revolutions”
“we need total Democratic control of government”
to preserve RomneyCare.

And yes, I’ll point a finger at you when the Cruz/Rubio ticket wins.


Very well said as it was rather depressing to see Biden lauded by former representatives from the military industrial complex and billionaire Michael Bloomberg. And the elites were comforted to hear that they have nothing to fear when they heard Biden say, in words which echoed what Obama had said [“we need to look forward not backward”], that he had no intention of punishing anyone if he were to become president. It is a little unnerving when Bernie Sanders said with a straight fact that Joe Biden was going to produce more radical social changes since FDR. And naturally there will be no genuine leftist candidate who will be permitted to point these things out to the American people when the television “debates” occur a few weeks from now.

George Carlin had it right when he noted that this is the best which America can come up with, a statement which is just as germane in 2020 as when he first uttered it back in the early 1990s.


…that phony old quote he claims was from his father, something about, I don’t want the government to fix everything for me, but I do want them to empathize with my problem.

He’s channeling Reagan. And it demonstrates how far to the right and out of touch he is. The chance of getting any meaningful solutions from this guy are slim

BTW you’re initial comment in this thread… Damn Well Stated!


Thanks for nothing lying dementia Joe. The USA has been a nation of darkness since the beginning having been founded on genocide and slavery. And you are only too happy to ensure that it never changes, which you literally said to your Wall Street owners a few months back.


Republican and Deocratic administrations come and go, but the Pentagon stays. And no candidate can go against the Pentagon, or he simply won’t be a candidate; and if elected, there are risks, maybe grave risks, to any elected official who seriously criticizes “defense” spending.


Joe Bidet

Regarding Trump this article sums it all up perfectly:


Stop speaking in code Joe. Tell us what we want to hear.

Tell us you’ll bring the masses things essential to life, like “Medicare-For-All,” “Free Public Education and College,” and “Peace” to our world that has glorified the perpetual Military buildup in place of investing those funds in the infrastructure of the country and systems that serve the masses.