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'We Can Be Whatever We Have the Courage to See': New Video From AOC Envisions a #GreenNewDeal Future


'We Can Be Whatever We Have the Courage to See': New Video From AOC Envisions a #GreenNewDeal Future

Eoin Higgins, staff writer

"Before we can win a Green New Deal, we need to be able to close our eyes and imagine it. We can be whatever we have the courage to see."

That was Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) expressing one of the messages behind an urgent video on climate change released Wednesday by The Intercept.



"Now That’s Progressive."



Believing is seeing…way to go sister !



Wow, that was really good!



AOC REALLY has a future at the head of THIS party!

we will have to dump the Corporate dead-weight ASAP to clear the way.

The video is a 10 on a scale of 5 and is proof that the CEO’s of the fossil fuel companies should be brought up on charges of Crimes Against Humanity - now!

It’s a damn shame that the current Dem “leadership” are soulless, visionless fossils.



Clear, concise, engaging, yet informative, and totally inspiring . . . this woman defines what it means to be an agent of change.

Her message resonates across generations, especially those whose future it is waiting for them.



The future awaits! This video was so well done. Wish everyone could see it–like on major news channels etc. But alas…it’s likely only the choir will view this excellent video. I’ll try to do the best I can to spread it around.



Too bad that 95% of the party she belongs to is not on board with her, let alone the Republican Party. But I admire her optimism and energy. Not only are the establishment Dems not on board with her, they HATE her. It’s going to come down to putting our bodies on the line, in the form of massive, relentless protests and revolution if need be, before anything changes. It is a minority that rules over us but they are a VERY powerful minority and they would rather die than give an inch to anything considered to be liberal or progressive, which they conflate with “communism.”



So damn true! There is approximately 50 years of age difference between AOC and Pelosi and Feinstein…fossils indeed! Time for the new FDR, AOC!



Hope they can get this video to hulu and or netflix as we know mainstream media wont have the courage and decency to air it. I saw another video yesterday about tactical framing which turns every idea (especially the green new deal ) into a political debate about which side wins or loses support, Never mind the substance of the idea that never penetrates the average person’s skull. While many may have heard about the green new deal, very few know what it is all about. So sad and self limiting.
Hats off to AOC !!! She is truly the right person to implement change and her leadership is amazing.
I am 62 years old and have said for years we need all of the young people we can get into politics.
The only old politician that gets my approval is Bernie



Video should be shown on MSM, very well done OAC! What a lady!




ok this sentence is so our grammar police will allow this to post - LOL



It’s pretty hilarious that the film’s picture is of “high-speed rail” when CA’s own attempt at it ended so terribly. And yet the idea is to expand that concept nationwide? Good luck.



Thanks, missed the typo and corrected it.



So glad she didn’t promote “smart grid” technology which, ironically, never thought to test its products for health safety. 5G mini cell towers have already been proven to cause “cancer clusters”. Not the way to go if we truly want to live in a clean healthy environment.

Green New Deal proposal for “smart grid” installation, pg. 7. Sec. (D)

YES, we need a Green New Deal, but let’s remove the bit about deploying 5G.



Yeah, that happens when the people who agreed to pay for it, pull the funding. Funny thing about that.



While I’m not saying that 5G towers don’t cause cancer, parental suspicions or allegations do not constitute proof, nor do anecdotal instances of people getting cancer. To my knowledge, the studies haven’t been done on this topic, nor has a scientific assessment been made of that particular school of the children involved. If you know of one or more such studies or assessments, I’d love to get the URLs to read them.



AOC’s heroes seem to be women and minorities and her evil bad guys seem to be white men. Isn’t that how Hillary Clinton lost the electoral college in the midwest, by ignoring working class white men entirely? I ink the green new deal is a great idea, but AOC is already on public record saying the new jobs it creates should go to “front line communites” and people of color, as if white men don’t need to feed their families too.
This is one reason why we have a fascist in the White House folks, because the progressives have stamped on their foreheads “No Party for White Males”.

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Yes, they pulled the funding. You left out the part about the massive delays in meeting completion checkpoints, the fact that the plan ended up coming in way over budget, and that the idea of it didn’t even make sense, as it forced the state’s taxpayers to subsidize a very small percentage of the population, mostly upper-middle class and above people.

But yes, they finally pulled the funding.

The definition of insanity is failing at something over and over again and thinking you’re still doing it right.



Rocky, this issue of cell towers and other EMF devices causing health issues has beern going on long before this 5g roll out. It has something to do with the nature of intermittent pulses of this beast.

Here is a video interview of Dr. Martin Pall that I watched about a year ago that really got me concerned about EMF radiation by a recently installed electric company smart meter. I found this video and the research compelling. Check it out: