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'We Can Be Whatever We Have the Courage to See': New Video From AOC Envisions a #GreenNewDeal Future


Thanks. I watched most of this and read portions of Pall’s study. It appears the conclusions remain less certain than one might conclude from the video. Specifically, Pall’s own study states:

Most, if not all, EMF effects are blocked by VGCC channel blockers

In addition, the WHO states this on its website (emphasis added):

Cancer-related studies: Many epidemiological studies have addressed possible links between exposure to RF and excess risk of cancer. However, because of differences in the design and execution of these studies, their results are difficult to interpret. A number of national and international peer review groups have concluded that there is no clear evidence of links between RF exposure and excess risk of cancer. WHO has also concluded that there is no convincing scientific evidence that exposure to RF shortens the life span of humans, or that RF is an inducer or promoter of cancer. However, further studies are necessary.

I think the NIH makes similar statements, but I’m reluctant to rely on them, given the current anti-science crowd in DC.

I think the jury is still out on this question. But, like I said in my original post, I’m not arguing that EMFs/RFs do not cause cancer, only that the science is ambiguous at best at this point.


Didja get at 6:27 “a society … DIGNIFIED and humane too…”

Cast off ‘pride’ and embrace DIGNITY - it means the delights of pride WITH respect for how one’s actions are connected to others.

Dang this is a good team! You just KNOW Greenwald and and the rest of the gang must be smiling.

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Best Dream I had in Years…


John Lennon had one of simplest messages (and sign) to go with it.

IF YOU WANT IT The same could be said about addressing climate change.
Climate change effects are over, if you want it.


Watching AOC’s video made my day and I felt hopeful. Then I realized all of these great things she mentioned is what we Want, but don’t already Have. In fact we’re not even close to getting any of it, because the Rich who make their billions off of Fossils don’t agree with any of it. Plus our wonderful Politicians support them as we all know. So where does this leave us? Not one Oil or Coal Plant has shut down to get on board with her Deal. The Scientists have already admitted their time frame was incorrect as Global Warming was happening faster than they thought. They say we’ve already past the point of no return. So who are we to believe? The time frame of 12 years is highly questionable and is a long shot at best. We see the results more often as well. Goliath creamed the Midwest and parts of the East. More super storms will come. So what is real and what is a dream?


High speed rail didn’t just die in CA, It was murdered by a highly trained and liberally funded team of professional hit men. Comprehensive rail works incredibly well in countless places all over the world, Only America, land of corporate corruption, could possibly fail at its implementation


The Democratic Party is a capitalist party, and capitalism must end in order for life on Earth to continue.

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This video will serve to further alienate a large part of the voting public from her ideas. Every member of the “diverse” Congress that was depicted was female. The “children” from her district were all female. All of the fat-cat oil and banking and political figures were white men. The message here is obvious: “All the bad guys are white men.” There’s also a very strong anti-corporation theme in this video, even though corporations will build the windmills, high-speed rail, and other equipment needed to actually implement the Green New Deal. This is nothing more than a cartoon representation of a very bad policy idea. A cartoon of a cartoon, if you will.

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Be careful, folks, don’t overdose on the hopium. That slick video isn’t your bathroom lab-made variety, but a really strong industrial-grade hopium.

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I like that. Hopium. May I use it?


Not my term. Hopium’s been around since the Obama years.


Hi1EdBenti: I think you’re wrong, because the white people who trusted Trump, see jobs leaving and GM closing and he didn’t help after all—did he. There are pictures of white people too in the cartoon people of the video —but she is addressing the people who will be impacted the most, and white is becoming a minority in America----so as the future will be she is addressing that now. I wish America would stop freaking out about skin color and gender because it’s what in the BRAIN that counts. : )
There are plenty of white men as progressives too. You are being blind sided by our lousy corporate media, I think. Remember, it’s the inner person not the outside facade that counts: )


Dr. Sharon Goldberg seems to believe there are problems with 5G. And she claims there are numerous studies to back up her belief:

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Hi Atelios----oh thank you, and yes, the answer is there when she spoke of---- look at WHO is funding the study and sadly, the study will usually agree with those who paid for the study. And that this all impacts health—the FCC and the AMA and the science all need to sit down and think!


CAHSR has some options. Swapping the Altamont corridor (Stockton/Fremont) for the more difficult Gilroy route (meant to serve Silicon Valley elite and suburban sprawl) seems obvious. Between LA and Bakersfield, the Grapevine along I-5 is probably the simpler route. Cost overruns on these two segments were due to geography, hill and canyon topography and natural areas. Still, the Amtrak Cascades trainsets (Talgo HSR) would serve most passenger-rail corridors in the US for a fraction of the cost.

As for investments in mass transit, light rail and bus should occur ahead of passenger-rail. The albatross standard 40’ bus does NOT convert very well to hybrid nor battery operation. The paratransit lift van is similarly obsolete. Automobile-related business interests do not want public transit to function reliably, conveniently, comfortably. What technological advancements occur in our basic mass transit fleet, the price will be jacked up so transit agency heads can say it’s too expensive.


Any campaign ad must convince white republicans that their party and its racist, misogynist dictator pig in the White House mean to do them harm, exploit them and laugh at their troubles while raiding the national treasury. Denial of global warming is an act of war with the same grisly results of death, destruction, suffering and misery. Mr45 and his ilk care only about themselves and the world traveler jet set furtively supporting the extermination of the human race.


On NPR’ s late night business news report California transportation experts said U.S. projects cost 2.5 to 3 times more than similar ones around the planet. Plus, they take longer to start and finish because of jurisdictional feuds and bureaucratic " slow walking " by just a couple of unelected officials in local jurisdictions. Not labor or material costs, either. And, none, or one, of of the non U.S. firms were brought in to advise on how to fix this cost overrun issue.
FYI- In 1982 I was part of group whose slogan was " Bring Back America’s Trains ". We were smashed by the trucking and airlines. Now, it’ll be Uber & Lyft doing the smashing…


Yes, we need to dream. To the moon.

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To the best of my knowledge (I grew up with EM theory and majored in Physics, and have kept up to some degree), the claim that " 5G mini cell towers have already been proven to cause “cancer clusters” is simply false as it is presented. Ms. Lee has posted this comment before, also without citing even the National Enquirer.

As Rebel_Farmer says, there have been concerns about EMF for decades both at high voltage and at high frequencies (think bandwidth), especially with digital/pulsed signals (think MORE bandwidth), but lacking either consistent and coherent data or consistent and coherent theory (explanations). There is probably something going on, but we don’t really know what it is or why it is so elusive to pin down.


" ‘We Can Be Whatever We Have the Courage to See’"

That is not necessarily true. What most certainly IS true is that unless we have the courage to see it, we can neither be nor have it.

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