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We Can Beat Back the Reign of Trump


We Can Beat Back the Reign of Trump

Jim Hightower

Buckle up, friends. Most Americans are about to be detoured onto a rough and rocky back road called "Trump Way." The autocratic tycoon was unabashed on the campaign trail in promising his victory would ensure millions of people a dire future, including mass deportations of immigrants, refugee bans and frontal assaults on women. But they're not the only ominous prospects.


"We need to recognize that racial and economic injustice are inseparable."

MMMHHHMM.... I've got my rags and polishing compound at the ready to make this lens crystal clear for critiquing history as written by the "winners"; the present as spun by the marketing arms of the multiple elements of the system of predatory capitalism; and for visions of the future in which cooperatives integrate the diversity of natural reality with healthy communities.


The trump regimes hidden or marginally-definition proposals by and for the super-rich will destroy millions of lives (as well as our Mother Earth) and are hanging offenses - in a just world...................


To reintroduce the controversial but somehow empowering Chinese character for ' crisis', perhaps one way of considering it is to take the interpretation of 'opportunity' and remember that the experience of the Chinese language is different from that of English. The interpretation of ' imminent moment' brings it back into personal experience, sort of posing the question of what to do in the imminent moment.


Clearly there is an urgent need to take on Trump. Everyone who writes and reads here seems to be in agreement about that. But the HOW is really missing. Saying that groups need to join forces makes sense, but how does it work really? There won't be a lot of people joining in a march in deep red North Idaho. I can, and do write letters and telephone my legislators. That has produced very little over the years, but I am certainly willing to continue. The number of organizations asking for money these days is overwhelming - and my dollars are quite limited. For those that are available, where is the best place to put them?

My frustration is undoubtedly apparent. All of these articles say pretty much the same thing, with no specific proposals for HOW. I'm pretty tired of reading a bunch of articles saying the same things that we already know. Tell me something I don't know.


Exactly! I've asked the same question. I was given a link by "Jaded Prole." Check it out to find a Progressive group near you--focused on "actions."



one of the few truth tellers left in Amerika! Thanx for reminding us of who we can be and must be now.


The flaming orange Satan will inevitably implode, explode, or otherwise disintegrate while being torn from limb to limb by his anointed jackals who have sucked out the life breath of and extracted hard labor from the "lesser than's" throughout their entire lives.


I've always liked Jim Hightower. But damn! I'm getting so tired of being the one who has to say something about climate catastrophe to get any mention of it at all.

All the issues he talks about are important. All are completely meaningless and will be lost posthaste if we don't avoid climate chaos and the imminent collapse of civilization and ecosystems everywhere that it's causing already. Equality (racial and economic yes, and gender, and political and otheral) are probably going to be needed to get what we need on climate, but none of those is going to end civilization and risk the extinction of humanity and millions of other species. Climate cataclysm will. Nuclear war? (also not mentioned) Made phenomenally more likely by conflicts caused by climate degradation. Let me hear you say it: What's the only issue that matters for the next 5 generations? Climate! Climate! Climate!


Thank you!


You're welcome!


Sorry people but it's too little, too late! You should have thought of pushing back on Trump while the primaries were being fought. The very fact that the Democratic Party used underhanded and anti democratic methods to prevent Senator Sanders from fairly contesting the Democratic primary, showed me that the Democrats would have been the worst choice. You only have yourselves to blame. Now just lie back and enjoy getting what you deserve.


I think we should have a class action lawsuit by all of us!


You are ILL informed. Get educated on the subject.


"It's time for us to double down on what can be seen as the progressive community's shared campaign for populist justice." No, that point came eight years ago.

While we were busy marching in solidarity with middle class workers, the overall life expectancy of the US poor fell below that of any developed nation.