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'We Can Beat This Guy': Sanders Urges Mass Mobilization Against Trump


'We Can Beat This Guy': Sanders Urges Mass Mobilization Against Trump

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

As he tours the U.S. in the wake of Donald Trump's devastating electoral victory this month, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) is using his growing influence within the Democratic Party and among the voting population at-large to outline how the country can prevent slipping backward and in fact can move forward—even with Republicans soon in control of both the White House and Congress.


Money corrupts politics everywhere, but no politician wants to get money out of politics. The people must set up a system that money and power can’t reach and corrupt.

Direct Democracy


But until Bernie can solve the main thing that prevented his gaining the Democratic nomination, reaching older people of color in diverse states, his effort may well fall short.


You’re impenetrable.


Is THAT the main thing that prevented him gaining the Dem nomination?


It was one of the primary contributing factors, though the DNC shenanigans / super delegates did not help. I was at the Bernie event @ the LA Sports Arena on August 10, 2015, and the main troubling observation my fellow audience members & I had was the noticeable lack of people of color in the crowd amongst us. That issue was never effectively addressed (though not for a lack of trying), and is still extant.


Big money out of politics, and represent US.


I do agree that one major item on the agenda is to side with those that we may not necessarily agree with on every topic, to rid ourselves of this evil. As one post mentioned, Bernie lacked support from older people of color; this is in my opinion, due to the mindset of people stuck in their party affiliation and blinded by it. There is a much larger picture at hand, but regardless of how enormous an issue is a blind eye will not see it. I pray for this to be an eye opening experience and mobilization to be the order of the day.


Bernie tried to reach all types of people and still does. However, it is very important that elites and college protestors stand FOR something not just against Trump. Also, the elites have a nasty history of looking down on and excluding the working class as they call them (us) including labor unions. Perhaps if people in general could have a platform like saving the environment, and bringing back more jobs to the states, more will join in the struggle. People cannot just be against something, they have to stand FOR something. Even during the protests ( anti War) elites tended to exclude labor until near the end. Imagine what a force this will be if people reach out and listen. Plus, many people are still very angry that the recession happened, and the Ceos of Wall Street did not even go to trial. At least in the 1980s they did, and they went to jail. Why was it so different this time? The government does not want to talk about that ( except for Bernie and Warren), and instead talked about distraction issues such as who’s using the right bathroom. And now we have a mess,. Have you heard that there are some rallies where people are shouting heil Trump?


We are stuck with reality. As Sen. Sanders knows, most voting choices come down to economic issues. The Dem voting base had long consisted of the poor and middle class, workers and the jobless, for the common good. The Clinton wing split this base wide apart in the 1990s. The poor – and those who get why it matters – voted for Obama as a last possible chance of ending the Dems’ war on the poor, getting back on track to rebuild the economy/country. It was worth a try, but it didn’t work. Liberals still imagine that our deregulated capitalism is so successful, that everyone is able to work and there are jobs for all, therefore no need for poverty relief. They are wrong. Then Democrats picked the most anti-poor candidate they had.

The Dem Party is over for the foreseeable future.


Be careful what you wish for. If you expect people to hug each other and sing it would be nice, but it’s better to be vigilant. People are angry. The government and the oligarchy did not want to put Wall Street in jail, and millions of people lost their jobs. Over 5000 committed suicide, and the powers that be ( including the president) do not want to discuss it. Millions of people lost everything. What happened to them? Yes, we talk about War, refugees, and other issues, but what about corruption and power? How about the outsourcing of jobs for the last 30 plus years? That is not a racial issue- that’s greed and corruption! Bankers committed fraud in the 1980s, and they went to jail. Why didn’t they this time? How can we have faith in a government that cannot even control greed, avarice and fraud, and only works for the one per cent?


I agree! The Clinton wing is so phony- all about fundraising and how anyone can get ahead. President Clinton signed Graham Leech Bliley which is effect deregulated Wall Street. I know dems personally who are professionals . The dems have a lot of thinking to do however. They are not the FDR and Kennedy dems that I remember. This is a new neo liberal outsourcing privatizing breed that cows to Wall Street. It does not mean we have to give up though. We are never stuck. If we all thought that way, women would never have had the right to vote. The dems if they want to be real party again, they have to be like FDR and Truman. Sanders and Warren are there I believe. Hillary tried the “woman” card and it did not work. I do not think that she knew what minimum wage was until Bernie told her. BTW I am liberal but I believe that capitalism no longer works for most of us only the invester class. I have not taken a class in economics , but I have watched a lot of presentations. We need more coops and worker shares instead of wealthy investers who do not care about the workers. We need dems to stand up for unions again, not to stay asleep at the switch.


No, actually, the middle class – those who enjoy such advantages as labor unions, etc. – is now less than half the population. Real poverty (not the same as low income) has significantly increased due to a range of factors, though we have no way to determine how many Americans are poor. We used to get an estimate by adding UI statistics to welfare statistics, but actual welfare ended 20 years ago.

Sanders used to speak out powerfully about US poverty and the need for legitimate poverty relief programs. This issue doesn’t appeal to today’s liberal bourgeoisie, so he dropped it. Warren, too, first gained public attention by speaking out about American poverty, but quickly realized that a lucrative political career requires appealing to the more fortunate.


Superdelegates and that idiot with a spray tan Wasserman Schultz. BTW I understand about the lack of people of color that’s one issue- but how about corruption no matter what color people are?


Decades of research have shown that most voting choices come down to economic issues – not race. We’re 20 years into a war on the poor, brought to fruition by the Democrats. The years of this administration were widely seen as the last possible chance to end the war on our poor. The Dem Party effectively divided and conquered itself.

The poor, and those who get why it matters, didn’t vote for Trump OR for Clinton. They voted third party or withheld their votes. Only a little over half of eligible voters voted this time.


Which speaks to my point, screw the hugging and singing, as you said, the one percent is to whom the govt. caters too. We are the majority, and I don’t need to belt out we shall overcome to see unity. People are angry, and rightfully so, now if that anger can be channeled for a common purpose we have a chance. Easy…hell no. Possible…yes. All I wish for…requires no precautions.


The DNC was an institutional impediment that was decisive in a relatively close contest. Dump faced similar impediments from the RNC (his carping about the Colorado primary as an example), but was able to garner enough votes to simply overwhelm what Bernie could not but came a lot closer to doing than what most of us thought possible when he first announced his run. In the end, it is about who gets how many votes and who counts them.


It’s much less that half and dropping, and today even educated people are living on the line at times. You sound like you’ve studied this a lot. You’re right actual welfare ended 20 years ago when Clinton was in office and the economy was better. More people are in poverty because millions of people have lost jobs . I do not think Sanders or Warren have dropped poverty relief in fact they are behind raising minimum wage . Warren even went so far to raise wages to 22 an hour. I remember protesting the War in Viet Nam when I was in college. Yes, we were for peace, and so much else and still are. However, this is interesting. The college students (men) had 2S deferments. Of course they had to maintain a certain grade average or they were out the door. Then they would be 1A. The interesting part was that the college students were not fighting in the war. Of course there were always fears. The people who were fighting, dying, or coming home with crippling injuries were not in college. Some veterans later joined the anti war movement because they had been there. There was another disconnect between working people, the labor movement and the elites. I see the same kind of thing happening again, but it does not have to be this way. We could reach out to each other. Think about it. The OWS movement consisted of college students and recent graduates. Guess who else was furious besides the general public? The tea party! Instead of labeling each other, we need to reach out when politicians do not have the will.


Right on! I am with you, and have been like this for decades. The common purpose can be climate and jobs with justice and whatever else we find. Of course it is not easy. Some people give up in five minutes. It’s over they say. Did the civil rights movement go away? Of course not! BTW a group called Represent US has been getting some real results with knocking down big money out of politics read the website. We do need leaders who will really be with us . Could it be Sanders? Warren? Someone else who is not on the stage?


Yes, money only corrupts the corrupted. Are we consumers? Yes, but we do not have to overconsume.