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We Can Do Something: One Stalwart Woman Vs. 300 Stone-Faced Nazis


We Can Do Something: One Stalwart Woman Vs. 300 Stone-Faced Nazis

Bravo to fearless Afro-Swedish activist Tess Asplund, 42, and the photographer who caught the moment Asplund ferociously, instinctively charged a march of anti-immigrant neo-Nazis with her head and fist held high, and Nelson Mandela in her mind. In a country and continent where right-wing racism is on the rise, she just knew "they shouldn’t be here and spread their hate...I was thinking, 'Hell no. No Nazi is going to march here. It’s not okay.'”


We need to be a couple of billion brave humans, to face down every group that organizes to violate humanity and the Earth.

Virulent racist NAZI sympathizers, absolutely yes. But also: Banksters, ALEC, the US Chamber of Commerce, corporate boards of directors, the WTO, IMF, World Bank, war manufacturers, etc. etc. etc...


From Bill Moyers:

Here in Northern Vermont the Bronwell Library is hosting three workshops: Building Empathy and Addressing Racial Oppression in Essex Jct, hosted by the Peace and Justice Center in Burlington, VT.

Valuing everyone equally will never be possible under capitalism anywhere because capitalism is inherently about inequality. This is too often missed.


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I was just looking for more information on this Nordic resistance movement. It hard to find a detail of membership so I browsed and located all the photographs or video of their marches.

90 percent male. I can only surmise that the women are told to stay home so the men can go out and protect them from the foreigners. That or it just another male club.


One hopes that the Nordic resistance Nazi females are doing their proper Nazi job of being barefoot, pregant and in the kitchen so that when the Nazi male comes home he has his lunch cooked for him (what the heck is a neo-Nazi? One is a Nazi or one isn't a Nazi).

That photo of that lady bashing the skinhead Nazi with her hand-bag is delightful. Pity it was only with a hand-bag, not that I would advocate bashing anyone but Nazis.

Those Nordic resistance chaps in the photo--are they clones?


The two heads of the same virulence. It was the corporations in Germany which fed the machine which cleared the ground with the brownshirts and the early SS which would replace the brownshirts (sometimes by killing them, nice allies).


Thank you Abby for spreading the news. Yes indeed Bravo to this woman - to both these women - who stood against the forces of hate which should be fought by everyone. It is always inspiring to see courage and especially single individuals standing against the darkness. Now that was a strong fist she raised! I am glad that I was allowed to see it.

Okay the handbag was great too ...lol... It looks like she had great form - extending for leverage to increase the velocity by lengthening the arc of the bag's swing... Why isn't that woman a national hero?

Ms. Asplund is one. Bravo!


The He-Man Everybody Haters Club.


Interestingly, I just stumbled the other day onto the existence of the quasi-racist neo-pagan movement that exists in the U.S as part of the alt-right scene. Also very male-centered and violent — and very much self-consciously so.

They aren't quite Nazis, but they are extremely tribal, culturally insular, white, male, and violent. Kind of like a hybrid of the militia movement with like odinic LARPing.

It's pretty...interesting stuff. This author named Jack Donovan seems to be their kind of intellectual guiding light. His books on masculinity and tribalism are pretty popular, it seems.


But you repeat yourself


IMHO this is world war-fare created by the six or more wealthiest family globally and not so much Nazi vs all others. This is a puppet show that some what seen through.

It is now imperative that globally people stand together. No matter skin color, who we choose to love, what amount we earn, what faith we practice ... must fight against the propaganda that has created this hate of fellow man. It is an illusion and we must research deeply to see who is heading this for their personal gain. It is time to say NO MORE hate, NO MORE war, NO MORE "my way or the highway" thinking.

It is time live, to love,, to grow in maturity. It is time to help one another without stealing from the other. It is time for understanding what is real, and what has been fed to us from childhood to adulthood and past.