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'We Can Do This': Elections Advocate Says Measures Must be Taken to Help States and Post Office Handle Surge in General Election Vote-By-Mail

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/02/we-can-do-elections-advocate-says-measures-must-be-taken-help-states-and-post-office

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We have to call our Sen and Reps in droves and insist that they provide the funding that is needed to set up the vote by mail system …

And we need to check and see which states do not allow votes that are received after election day to be counted! Demand that if that is the current policy that it be changed - Every vote that is POSTMARKED on or before election day should be counted, even if it is not received until after that day - this is important!

Another surge huh? Just like Iraq? At Christmas folks mailed 25-100 Christmas cards each. I don’t remember anyone concerned?


Yes indeed…contacting members of the best Congress money can buy using whatever means plus three bucks buys a cup of coffee.

The BLM and police defunding protesters need to immediately drop those issues until November 4 and shift to demonstrating for the next 90 days to save the US Postal Service (USPS).

The protesters’ current activities are alienating critical voting blocs and playing into Trump’s hand. Demonstrating to save USPS will result in support from those voting blocs, take away the GOP’s most effective voter suppression lever, and make Trump look bad.


American democracy metaphor:


Sure’ll be darn interestin’ to see how the wrecking crews ofTeam DT handle this sticky wicket.

P.S. For those interested: H.R. 6407, passed in December 2006. In part, requires the USPS to pre-fund retirement for its employees seventy-five years in advance.


If FedEx pays Congressmen and USPS doesn’t who’s going to get the business?

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It was arranged per the passage of H.R. 6407 that the USPS would be debt-laden…on purpose.
That is at the root of all the questions.

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My message to Democrats and enlightened Republicans and even the Green Party is that mail in ballots do not automatically benefit a particular party. But high voter turnout, less disgruntled voters and methodical handling schemes certainly benefit the winner of the election in assuring calm after it is over. It is time for actual bipartisanship (or tri- if the Greens can propose new solutions). Both sides should be thinking about how they can make the system better and fast and without using it as an ideological weapon against Trump - that makes it harder for the many sane Republicans (on this issue) to join the effort. There have been several articles on Republican officials favoring vote by mail. It isn’t rocket science to put down the Trump pitch fork, grab everyone from all sides of the aisle and start running. We’ve got less than two months now to be mostly ready with all procedures.

I don’t want to agree with you, but everything you’ve said is true. I do hate the pre-funding yoke put around the USPS neck.
But it’s time to fully fund the Post Office with what they need to come out at least even at the end of the year.

Yeah, I was just explaining why they would do such a thing.

ALL of what you say can be avoided assuming you get your ballot prior to election day. Do NOT mail your mail in ballot . Drop it off at the county auditors office and video record it being dropped into the box , preferably with a witness . I simply do not understand why people are playing into Trumps hand when it is so easy to do an end run around him. I think most people don’t realize that you do not have to mail your mail in ballot and if you don’t receive your mail in ballot you can still vote at a polling station.

They’re not going to.

What’s Plan B?

Why are people talking like anyone involved is trying to do their best?
If we could provide $738 billion to the Post Office, it would still deliver all the ballots from majority minority districts late, if at all. It would use the money to come up with very much more creative ways to lose the mail and screw the election. Does anyone really not get this? Congress is not going to do anything about it unless we threaten their jobs and their fortunes and make them more afraid of us than they are of not dominating the world.
That domination is the most important thing there is to them; what do people think it will take to get them to give it up?

What will it take to get either half of the corporate duopoly to stop destroying the world, let alone both?

As long as they have power they’ll use it for self-aggrandizement and destruction of the world. (It’s a complicated object relations thing about mother. Don’t ask.) It’s up to us to take that power away from them. So far people in the streets are asking to be hit less hard and shot fewer times by police. How can anyone think that will do it? It won’t even get them to be shot fewer times.

The USPS is too busy delivering ‘priority’ last mile packages (includes Saturday and Sunday) for Amazon to be bothered with something as ‘unessential’ as voting.

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Trump is of course aware of the course of the 2000 Election — where
W’s vote lead was whittled down to like 54 votes when they pulled the plug
on the vote counting and it went to the Supreme Court –

Gee, what might go wrong again with the Supreme Court in charge of our Election again?

Part of the 2000 deal was the idea instilled by right wing that we need to know immediately
who the winner is – but that’s not true. Elections used to be “confirmed” days after – and
still in many cases that’s true of many races for office.
What we have with the computer voting is results/winners and loser being announced based
on estimated votes – 1% or even 0% of the vote – whereas pre-the computer, MSM was only
permitted to announce winners based on ACTUAL VOTES TALLIED.
That is also what created the situation in Florida pulling it from Gore and then moving it to W.
Notice how frequent it is that votes don’t only rise with computers – they also fall – huge
blocks of votes are lost for candidates. It’s basically a new world of cheating – and we even
have to wonder if Ginsburg is going to make it to the Election?

I’ve never gone that far, but because I am a big procrastanator and there are always a bunch of judge elections I think I’ll have time to do research on, I drop my ballot in person at the same place where people vote. I might do the same thing this year if my polling place will be open (in my case, I can always walk past everyone and go straight to the big box in the room and hand my ballot to someone who puts it in the box), but i might just use the mail.

I have not ever tried the followup to check to see if your vote is accepted. I think there is an ability to do that in California (and perhaps all states) - maybe I’ll try that this time (though of course my state is not in play for President, but I’d like to make sure my vote for Howie Hawkins is recorded).

The USPS is also a top employer of veterans.