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We Can Fight Trump’s Cuts to Essential Government Programs


We Can Fight Trump’s Cuts to Essential Government Programs

William Hartung

Even as the White House descends into further disarray, the Trump/Bannon administration has continued its campaign of political shock and awe, from its stalled Muslim ban to its gutting of environmental protections to its ongoing assault on Obamacare.


No, it's around twenty years too late to start fretting about that. The Clinton wing took the lead in eliminating those essential government programs, from the bottom up, and even liberal media never bothered to look back at the consequences.

All we're seeing is the continuation of what began with the Reagan Revolution. Think of it as "trickle up austerity."


Ever since Saint Ron (the faux grand champion of small gubmit and fiscal constraint) increased the federal debt more than all of his predecessors COMBINED during the previous 200 years, and ended up with more gubmit employees per capita (by cutting domestic programs and expanding military) than any of his predecessors, the GOP has continued to outdo the Democrats by taking fiscal irresponsibility to ever higher levels.


Just as George W.Bush used a Weapon of Mass Destruction during the American Invasion of Iraq, namely, DU or Depleted Uranium, which created spectacular explosions of light as the shells did their murderous duty to create the 'Shock and Awe' which will continue to kill Iraqis for centuries because the extremely toxic and radioactive properties cause a multitude of cancers, our fearless ''Tweeter' is using his own form of 'Political Shock and Awe', his own 'Weapon of Mass Destruction', namely gutting environmental and safety protections to his continued destruction of our Health, Education, and Social Services systems.

Once a majority of those who voted for him see how negatively they are being impacted by these assaults on our way of life, I think their 'Awe' at having contributed to getting him elected, will change to a feeling of total 'Shock' once they see the devastation of his demented deeds.

Then, Town halls will turn into 'Town Brawls.'


"Suggesting that these programs are wasteful to any significant degree, as Moore has done, is what is really deserving of contempt. This is especially so when one considers the tens of billions of dollars of waste in the Pentagon budget, money that has absolutely nothing to do with defending the country or supporting the troops."

Thanks for making it clear that it really is a lot more than tens of billions of defense and security spending that's a waste. The thuggish CPPS--Corporate Profit Protection Services--provided by the US military all over the world, especially in the Middle East, is a total waste, especially when you consider that it creates fanatical enemies by the millions, when we could switch to a 100% domestic clean safe renewable energy supply, accompany that with similar goals for other industries, and avoid the need for about 9/10ths of the US military. We can only hope we can elect leaders, oops I mean followers, who will pay attention to both us, and sense, and eliminate that worse-than-useless baggage.


Very nicely put. Thank you.