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'We Can Kill It': Over 100 Nationwide Protests Target GOP Tax Plan


'We Can Kill It': Over 100 Nationwide Protests Target GOP Tax Plan

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

"The #TrumpTaxScam would hurt our friends, our families, and our country—and we're not letting that happen without a fight."

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Why would any elected official surrender to his/her party their inalienable right to vote their conscience? It can’t be that they are unaware of the desires of their constituents. Does that mean that their constituents are foolish enough to still believe the Trumpster’s lies? If that is so it indicates that the elected personnel are no more informed then their misguided electorate and as such are cheating the public by not listening to both sides of the argument and listening only to the party leadership. This is akin to the question asked by frustrated parents asking “If your friends jumped off a cliff would you?” I can see no benefit in following a doctrine that irretrievably leads to failure as the past has amply demonstrated and has so recently proven once again.


I live in Ohio and am proud to see the resisters in action. As an active caller, I’ve also found that several regional Portman offices have told me that their voice mailboxes are full . . . only 1-2 hours after they closed for the day. That’s irresponsible and I’ve emailed Portman to complain about that.

And after many calls already to request that Sen. Portman vote “NO” on this monstrosity, I’ve lately worded my call to ask WHY he is still “undecided” or worse, trending “Yes” on the bill, considering that well over 90% of his constituent communications are asking him to vote “NO.” That’s a direct challenge to the adequacy of his responsiveness to constituents. He can’t send me excuses as to why he’s voting “Yes” without explaining also WHY he’s no longer representing the voters who sent him to office.


They surrendered to their corporate donors. They have no conscience.


We better kill the R.s’ tax plan or it will kill the country (and us). Their obvious long term plan is create a budget deficit and then, cut social programs. That’s what kills.


But It will certainly drive the economy back to its 2008 state if not shove it all the way back to 1929. And if they pass it and get it in place and operational, there is no quick easy “undo” key to staunch the damage. If they succeed the drive to privatize Social Security and Medicare is likely to quickly follow suit.

The banking regulations will be quickly changed so that those of us who survive on Social Security and a fixed benefit pension are likely to see benefit cuts in both. We elderly people will quickly find ourselves dangerously impoverished. Those who still have debt will find it being collected, assets not paid for in full will be impounded, mortgaged homes will be foreclosed. And the Conservative Reoublicans will be there to explain why this is good for everyone, that benefits should start trickling down to us real soon if we can keep the faith. As Billy the Kid played by Kris Kristoferson said to Pat Garret played by James Coburb, “There’s some bad times a-comin’”.


The deficit is already in the stratosphere. The GOP doesn’t give a rats ass about the deficit they just want to exempt themselves from taxation. They prefer a two tier society of aristocrats and feudal lords where large corporations own all the land and the economic tools of profiteering off the working poor.


I believe we are at the point where one must question the patriotism of the supporters of this bill- and Trump’s congressional supporters. Because a cold and non-conspiratorial interpretation of what is taking place would support the view that Trump’s “America First” policies are nothing more than Trojan horses to insure Russian and Chinese world dominance. At the very least support for a global network of oligarchs whose principal aim is power at any cost. These policies, of which the tax bill is certainly one, almost guarantee an economic/environmental collapse and global depression. In those circumstances, only the very wealthy will “come out on top.”

The idea of Russian and Chinese dominance- whether arising from economic collapse, political instability, unsustainable debt, irreversible inequality, deep seated corruption, environmental collapse, technological dominance and eventual military superiority- is now the path we are on. It is oddly a path that while not new- we have embarked on with unparalleled alacrity- and for which we will pay a dear price.


If the Republicans were Samurai warriors it would be time to fall on their own swords to commit harakiri, otherwise known as Seppuku. But being as inept as they are, they would miss. Their budget and tax cuts will drive the national debt well over $20 trillion. This is nothing short of economic, budgetary suicide for America.

Here is reality for the rest of us. In 2014 and 2016, non Republicans demonstrated a complete apathy toward voting. We had low voter turn out from non Republicans. So WE created the Trump monster, the most horrific president in our entire history. He is going to give us a government of, by and for the White Supremacist, racists and the rich and super rich. WE need to get up off our dead butts and show up at the ballot boxes in huge numbers. WE didn’t do that in 2016 because WE needed a non insider candidate for the White House, not Hillary. She actually had over 2 million more votes than Trump, but our horrific Electoral College system gave the victory to the most horrific candidate in decades, Donald Trump. There is a Trump backlash forming and we need to backlash Republicans out of control of congress in 2018 and then vote Trump out of office in 2020. If that doesn’t happen we can blame our own apathy toward voting once again.

By the way, the Real Clear Politics website as a page for an up to date polls summary. Congressional Republicans have a very low rating, congress in general has a low rating, Trump has a low rating, and most poll participants have voted yes to the comment that the country is headed in the wrong direction.



Yes, on everything you wrote. We have seen the enemy, and it is us.


One of the signs in a photo in the article says Not one cent from Medicare, Medicaid, the middle class, the working poor. timebr’s comment echoes that. It’s disgusting that even among those fighting off the oligarchy’s end game, it’s not good enough to simply say “the poor”, because conservative memes have penetrated so far into our society that even most people on the “left” have bought into the idea that people mostly deserve what they get–wealth, poverty, oppression, etc. They can’t quite get their heads around the fact that people who are poor because they’re not working, and vice versa, overwhelmingly don’t have a choice. We have such an advanced case of the Wetiko disease that there’s no effort made even in signage protesting the right wing takeover of society, to protect those who because of race, ethnicity, gender, disability, or other reasons can’t work, can’t get work, or aren’t now working. To say this is discouraging is vastly understating the case.