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We Can Learn a Lot from Dancing Swedish Tampons


We Can Learn a Lot from Dancing Swedish Tampons

Christian Christensen

“We hope to normalize the subject and start a discussion about menstruation…it should be something we can talk about, both girls and boys.”


Those Swedes sure would make some terrible Puritans. :grinning:


Good on the Swedes!

Freud would have given us a great analysis of the effects of psychosexual dysfunction in America.


Thank you, Mr. Christensen for mentioning this. So many otherwise educated men are BLIND to this item:

"Second, it’s not a coincidence that many of the issues defined as “controversial” or “uncomfortable” are simply issues that men do not wish to discuss, or of which they have little or no personal experience. Take breast-feeding. Or menstruation. Or sexual harassment. The parameters for what is acceptable sexually and socially are often set based on clear gender hierarchies."

In the U.S., one could also add in rape and how it's become a virtual constant on U.S. streets and inside college campuses; the role that pornography and misogynistic, violent video games play in the socialization of males; and the pay inequities that make life all the more impossible for single mothers, etc.

Plus the Republican WAR on women's reproductive sovereignty over their own bodies!!!!


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This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.


The mechanisms for gender, racial, ethnic, religious and every other bias lies is the cultural history of societies but also in the cultural histories that each and everyone of us carry. It's how propaganda functions. Mix xenophobia with dominance and sexism, racism and every other 'ism' of perversion comes into being. It's more than just a damn moniker. People have to live with this. Cooperation through rational efforts work. But there's no single template to implement that. In that sense it's not hard to see how religion, with its '10 commandments' approach is used as a method. But of course religion gets corrupted with xenophobic vices as well. Not surprising since religion in and of itself is not rational. Cooperation and rational efforts doesn't appear to have any other contenders for oversight and protection.

This effects everything humans are involved in. It's our very life. Almost all of our major problems as living beings on this world are manufactured problems created by we the beings. Is this the greatest drawback to 'intelligent' life?